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  1. Strev Dline grants return HH to Medlock for rebounding on his punting!
  2. You have to like Strev. He may not be a polished passer yet....but the guy has mojo and what is he 24. If you can gain pocket awareness even if it takes a few years he seems to have a bright cfl future. #27 runs well, he could be a little more patient at times in the hole but really he has filled in for Harris really well! Peterman just balls, the guy deserves more time. Bailey looked good, he ran hard, one mistake bubbling back that he is lucky on the outcome with but his small body of work graded out well I’m sure. Defence was awesome! Our slime even with massive rotation is good, heck even Hanson was in creating havoc. Lots to be proud of today
  3. I feel the hit to our long snapper was dirty but.....by the "rule of the law" it was not. it is what it is and hopefully we won't see that again as I don't want to see any long snapper on any team hurt on a hit like that again. Jefferson DID make contact to the head and again by "the letter of the law" it is not allowed so he was fined for it, I personally have no issue with the fine, just keep it consistent. I am very interested to see what reffing crew this game gets and if we will see a few more holds called on the Riders o-line. I was not watching ours specifically so perhaps we also got away with holds as well but I was watching Sask's and they did get away with many holding calls last game. This next game will two very good teams that match-up well and have a dislike for one-another, I can't wait this should be a he11 of a slugfest!
  4. And how Reilly is still standing is a miracle.
  5. and that appears to be all we can do.....IF Nichols misses time it will be Strev. time. I stand by my opinion that the way this offence is designed he probably not be as effecient as Nichols, but he will run it just fine. Your opinion differs and that's cool you explained why you think he will struggle, and now as you said we must just wait and see.
  6. With our run heavy, high percentage pass game we are designed for Im not to concerned with Strev. going in. My thoughts are he will make more mistakes and have a worse INT. to TD than Nichols but will also sustain more drives than Nichols due to his superior running ability. Honestly IMO we have not been winning based off our passing game, we have been winning with Harris, special teams and defense, this won't change.
  7. Harris the entire offence Grant 300+ and 2tds Sayles everywhere all game hh Rose with the game winning pick goat Nichols passing game
  8. I believe 177 tonight. Not good enough. He had the deep ball, he tried twice both were good throws and very close. It was there as Cal was playing aggressive. I don’t know if it’s Nichols or LaPo but we need to push it down field more than we have. Harris was inhumanly good the last two weeks, but we need a passing game.
  9. Nichols was given a gift wrap golden chance to win the game with our defence forcing the fumble. With the game on the line he engineered a 2 and out. simply put a good QB makes runs out the clock. Some blame possibly to Lapo for not running on 2nd down.
  10. Willy Jefferson gave Nichols a chance to win the game. Yes we had issues throughout the the game but inside 2 minutes our defence stepped up and got the ball back by forcing a turnover. 2 first downs would have sealed it, 1 would have come close, and Nichols engineered another two and out. Good QB's find a way.
  11. 3 stars; Jefferson Harris Medlock Goat; Nichols
  12. Sturgeon, just something about catching a dinosaur
  13. Grant looks decent, we certainly recruited speed this year
  14. What is impressive is our LB core without Biggie
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