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  1. Id tune in the hear a lubed up **** Rivers call a game. Edit: haha his first name got deleted. "Richard"
  2. Its nothing more than just media feeding our ever more desire for bi-partisan "information" He is just feeding the toothless fan base that wants that message.
  3. Yeah that sack was a complete miss call. CF was obviously tucking the ball when it popped loose. No way was he passing it. West semi win in their house. West final win in their house Next year grey cup win in their house...has a nice ring to it.
  4. Wow, did not see us pursuing him. Should open up alot on O if we get him. I still dont see us chucking it 35 times a game, nor him leading the league in yards. But if he is wanting to win, collect playoff money and a real shot at a cup, will sign. Heres hoping he joins the family.
  5. Makes sense, the mods there completely control the talk around there. If not them, they have few well trained ankle biters that do thier bit to tow the line. Its been a butt hurt place since november...🤣
  6. Huge getting Willie back. C. Evans and D. Wynn would put this offseason over the top. The Mafia is rolling...
  7. If Drake walks I would like to see us grab D. Wynn. Guy is a beast.
  8. The only way those rankings make sense if they were factoring the teams current level of sobriety??
  9. The longer we go without signing either Nichols or ZC it will be pretty clear we will go after one of the other FA qb's Im cool with either JM or MBT
  10. With a new OC hopefully we will see Drew in the slot more. Good signing!
  11. That site is ruled by two game masters and a few peasants that chirp in all forums to keep the masses in line. The open forum used to be fun till it was "shankman'ed" As for us, I really feel its time to retool and go after Masoli for the right price. I love matty but having masoli and strevs behind him will set us up for years to come. ZC gave us the 4 game run he needed to. He will be forever be in Bomber lore. We cant hook our train to him. He wont last 20 games. Just aint gonna happen, even with our oline.
  12. Since when did you not want to argue? Alot of people who stuck with this regime and players( unlike you) deserve some credit. Just that...
  13. Oh believe I am. Took me all of 8 seconds to call out you and the other killers...
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