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2021 Blue Bombers Training Camp/Pre-Season Stuff

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6 hours ago, 17to85 said:

Getting old sucks.

I agree, the same that happened to Harris just happened to me mowing my lawn this morning...Crown may start flowing a bit earlier than usual today...lol

3 hours ago, Mark F said:

good job on this stuff, thanks. 


also, site says I am a collaborator. not sure I like that. better post more for a while

don't turn me into the Germans!

4 hours ago, 17to85 said:

Good to see Demski having a strong camp. I was a bit meh on him during the regular season but he was huge for us in the playoffs.

Demski played like a man on a mission in the playoffs.  He definitely displayed another gear and the heart of a lion during those 3 games that I'm sure Osh just loved to see.

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