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  1. Late to the party, but John Rush (and Thomas Miles) went on a trip with the Grey Cup to Northern MB. As someone who used to live in northern MB, that's a pretty huge thing to do to include them as part of the celebration. I think he also participated quite a bit in the program that brought kids from the north to bomber games. I can't think of any professional athlete who has given more of his time to good causes.
  2. 30 cases in the southern health region, 26 in Winnipeg. It would be really interesting to know how Manitoba would be faring if we didn't have to contend with Southern health. Surely the southern cases are underrepresented. Roussin and other health experts have said multiple times that pockets of unvaccinated people will threaten anything close to herd immunity.
  3. I hope you're right that it will lead to something, but I'm extremely pessimistic at any effort to hold either big oil or organizations that spread disinformation accountable. There's so much money at stake and that money has bought a lot of friends over the years.
  4. The worst part is he could literally say Trudeau created Covid so he can implement a communist regime and turn the country into China and he would still handily win his seat. I'm not even sure if that would cause more votes or less votes.
  5. Southern health almost double Winnipeg? Wonder what's up with that anomaly.
  6. Disagree. We were fortunate to have delayed waves multiple times and this forth wave appears to be the only time we've somewhat listened to doctors who said we can't relax restrictions. We've paid for not listening to experts with crises in personal care homes and ICUs that required sending people out of province and left people with non-covid conditions dying because of lack of capacity. We removed health care positions during the pandemic, I can specifically think of in Southern health region before their first big wave I believe. Even when Pally removed mask mandates and vaccine requirements recently (despite experts saying don't) he said "We are not like other jurisdictions and yahoo for that". We have been fortunate, I'm not too sure why, to have waves be delayed in Manitoba, yet we've never, with possible exception of this 4th wave, taken the steps to ensure we are prepared, but instead ran victory laps. Other areas have been hit hard as well, but we've consistently been unable to learn from their example and not do it. This started last summer when we refused mask mandates and spent public funds to attract large scale events. Continued with the horrors in personal care homes and they've consistently criticized medical experts that speak out and "biased" media that report on their shortcomings. I give credit to sensible Manitobans for the higher vaccination numbers, but partial credit to our government for going back and implementing restrictions and mask mandates. Yahoo for that.
  7. My initial reaction will probably always be anger as well. These idiots have significantly affected my career, my side business, the birth of my son and ability to have relationships with family who have developed difficult health conditions. Not to mention my personal mental health. Being able to share anger and disgust through this board has helped me to realize I am not alone and that it really is an exceptionally vocal minority. Unfortunately, there's very little I can do personally to stop these people from dragging society back with them and extending the pandemic further. Once they've built up that wall of arrogance around them, arguments don't tend to work, no matter how logical or fact based. What we can do is hold politician's feet to the fire to ensure vaccine requirements and mask mandates are held up and insist on the protection of those who cannot get vaccinated. As much as I'm feeling pandemic fatigue, I'm also feeling the fatigue of being kept in a state of hatred and I am likely extending that to those around me more than I'd like.
  8. All valid points and feelings I share. The combination of misinformed views and hubris is truly sickening. As bad as it sounds, what helps me to try to scrape together some compassion is to see anti-vaxxers as victims. They are generally the poorest educated in society and have been taken advantage of by elements that do not have their best interests in mind. They are being manipulated. My guess is many of these people also come from families with poor education as well. I don't blame a kid that comes to my classroom weak in reading and comes from a disadvantaged home. The analogy is admittedly a huge stretch and I definitely feel a ton of anger and that is my primary emotion in regards to anti-vaxxers. Anger doesn't do anything good for me, it actually has made me a less compassionate person to non-anti-vaxxers and less happy overall. I really don't know what the personal solution is for myself, but living in anger and frustration is not healthy or beneficial.
  9. I know I, and some others on here, have lamented losing empathy for the unvaccinated. I found this story touching and hopefully helpful for not covering the unvaccinated with a blanket of hate. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/icu-doctor-letter-to-patient-1.6171187
  10. Especially disappointed with the lack of action on telecom giants. That's one thing that I think separates the NDP and Libs - NDP is really pushing telecom reform and I think they would actually fulfill a lot more of the green talk than the Libs as well. I do like that the Libs actually instituted a price on carbon though.
  11. Disagree. The measure of a quality broadcast is how much time they are willing to devote to promoting an "up and coming" musician.
  12. That's basically her only angle to getting support. Pretty obvious Stefanson is hand-picked. Similar to how Bernier is using vaccines/masks on the federal front. That's an issue they know can actually attract voters so they really play it up.
  13. Definitely thought BQ being there was pointless and would have been much better to give the other candidates a chance to give us something substantive. Not that it would have happened, but hearing Blanchette complain about the amount of time he received while not actually using the time because he had nothing relevant to say about the topic was especially annoying.
  14. I never realized it until you said it, but definitely this. I think it comes down to them believing that the game is entertaining as is, without the need to be provocative and add intrigue. Even the segments they have pregame, its rarely about identifying one big thing about the game and amplifying it. Merely setting the stage for fans who enjoy football as is.
  15. Pretty smart actually. Initially avoid a big expense that doesn't bring in any money. Leave disaster and then get paid to clean it up later and claim to be bringing jobs to areas that need them. Governments can look like they are doing something for the environment and the economy.
  16. I don't know if it was the moderating or just the format overall. I legitimately got a headache from it that has lasted until this morning. Didn't hear anything substantive from anyone really. Just launch a quick attack and then try to get a quick defense. I can't imagine that debate was useful for undecided Canadians that care about policy.
  17. I thought he should get fined for that. Deliberately swearing into a camera. Classless guy, classless group of dbs.
  18. It really depends how you identify incentives. Sure, the CPC plan gives people all the money back they use on things that destroy the environment. I think that clearly is not a working plan to address climate change. You could see the Liberals plan for a price on carbon providing incentives to live a lower carbon lifestyle. Things will also be more expensive under the CPC plan, that could be considered penalizing. If you really want a plan that doesn't penalize for carbon producing, see the PPC. They're still in the camp that science doesn't agree on human climate change and we shouldn't do anything about it. Under the CPC plan I continue merrily along my way as normal, there's not really any reason for me to adjust my lifestyle (kind of the point). When I get enough money on my carbon points card I can spend it on... well, they don't really say, but maybe I can buy a new bike or whatever they eventually decide will be a good green item. Yup, that'll fix things. Even the Canadian Taxpayers Federation claims that the CPC plan "isn't a real solution". Under the Liberal's or most other carbon tax plans, people face daily incentives to live a less environmentally damaging lifestyle. I'm not promoting the Liberal plan, I don't think it goes far enough. But the CPC plan is a joke.
  19. I think that's a big part of it. But where do their ideas originate in the first place then? I imagine its a little bit of both.
  20. Brown used to bother me a lot, but hasn't as much this year. One annoying pet peeve of mine is that he continually responds to questions or comments with the same damn laugh. Maybe only annoying for me, but I shake my head every time I hear it.
  21. I listened to a rebel podcast last fall or so that was from summer 2020. I wanted to hear first hand what people hear from outside mainstream media. I was surprised to hear how many predictions or claims they made that within a few months were easily confirmed to be false and it made me really wonder how they maintain followers. Do they just forget what they have consumed being obviously false. Or is this how the ultra-wacky conspiracies develop like Covid being a government hoax? People accept what Rebel & Co. say, when presented with credible information that clearly contradicts it, jump off the deep end to preserve their self-esteem by refusing to accept they were wrong?
  22. Don't worry, the governments will spend public funds to clean up the mess that companies have left behind😒
  23. So what you're saying is that they agree that climate change is real, but are unwilling to do what is needed to solve it? The party has a history of strongly rejecting climate science. They rejected a motion that would clearly separate them from their history of denying science. Real question - do you really think their carbon savings account is a better plan to address climate change than the Liberal or NDP plan?
  24. The one good thing is that, after years of peddling bullshit and reaping the rewards of blind followers, conservative provincial governments are starting to have to deal with what they have sewn.
  25. Bottom right pic where they are indoors and there's a few seniors around, some masked. She's the one furthest from the camera pretending to care.
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