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  1. brett_c_b

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber team

    Interesting thread. I'll observe more than participate. I got into football in the Milt era, so I know I don't have the knowledge to contribute. However I'm interested to see how the thread goes and how some of my favorites rank. Doug Brown - one of the guys who got me into football other than Milt, how does he rank? Charles Roberts/Mike Sellers - loved watching those guys in action, curious how they do all time for the bombers Stegall - ok this one isn't a discussion Khari Jones - just kidding, I hated him (waits for 17to85 to lose his ****) But for me, Brown/Stegall were the players who got me into football
  2. Is the appropriate thread offseason news because it's an Argos position, or bomber offseason news because it impacts our OC? Discuss..... Side note: I considered adding a popcorn emoji, then I clicked the emoji button on here that I've never clicked because I don't really use them, and holy **** are there way too may. I'm old and i miss the 1999 MSN messenger Emoticon (as they were called then) selection. Second Side note: I say I'm old, but man a lot of the people I have blocked on this site for being crotchety old men are at least 25 years older than me, so I guess I'm a young guy in an old white guys league as speedflex/iso would say
  3. brett_c_b

    This Regime

    It's hard to evaluate Dickenson, he took over a winning team. He had to sustain what was already in place. O'Shea has had to redefine a culture and build something. I loved Dickenson the QB, every time I hear Dickenson the coach on the sidelines I lose more and more respect for him. I wouldn't want Dickenson, Maas or Jones over O'Shea.
  4. Will be on my couch in Edmonton. Drinks are free (Courtesy of a Rider fan who lost a bet), couch is comfy, TV is large, and my backup is in Hawaii so I can't get out of Monday work.
  5. yet most on here want O'Shea gone based on the last few months.....
  6. brett_c_b

    Go Conservative or Go for the Throat?

    It's Lapo's wifes name
  7. I've never understood this logic. I won't dispute that who the coaches are may matter to some of the more hardcore fans (who will likely continue to ***** but still go to games). For the casual fan I don't necessarily agree that it matters. I didn't grow up a football fan, there were no options to play football in the small town I grew up in. I became a fan because of Milt Stegall, Charles Roberts, Doug Brown. Even a guy like Jamie Stoddard had a bigger impact on me than Dave Ritchie. In the years since I've been on the fire Paul Lapolice bandwagon (on that bandwagon for the 3rd time). I've never considered not watching a game because Lapolice sucks at his job, although I have turned a few off early in frustration at the playcalling. I like Mike O'Shea, while also thinking he has made some pretty bad decisions. I've watched the Bombers play in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa. I wondered if traveling to those games was worth it sometimes when key players have been hurt and not playing. I never wondered if it was worth it because of who the coach was. I could be wrong, but I don't foresee a severe negative or positive reaction in regards to ticket sales because of who the head coach is. The win/loss record perhaps, but not who the coach is. If O'shea wants to bring both coordinators back next season, then I'll light my pitchfork and march with everyone else. If he's going to switch up the coordinators, I'd gamble another season on him. But regardless I'll be watching the games.
  8. brett_c_b

    Matt Nichols is the worst starting QB in the CFL

    I've never thought Lapo is the right OC for any offense. This was confirmed by trying to look at something of his on twitter and finding out he has me blocked, so I must have pissed him off during one of his previous stints here.
  9. brett_c_b

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    how many times did Cahoon get drilled on a first down conversion on a crossing route from calvillo. I seem to remember Cahoon catching suicide passes being a big part of that offense
  10. brett_c_b

    Who is the incumbent DC?

    The incumbent is Richie Hall.......
  11. brett_c_b

    The Collapse

    wasn't he our safety his first season here? *edit* and top d player nominee as safety https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/blue-bombers-sign-safety-maurice-leggett-to-contract-extension-1.2864329
  12. brett_c_b

    Going for 2

    So what you're saying is, 8 is more than 7?
  13. brett_c_b

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    You'd appreciate my comment more if you grew up in the 90's playing Oregon Trail. God damn dysentery always gets you. Was a tongue in cheek joke about the computer game
  14. brett_c_b

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    I don't know about that, dysentery left many bodies along the oregon trail.......
  15. brett_c_b

    Practise Observations Aug 13

    this is what Bowman was preparing us for