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  1. Sure beats the majority of the last 20 years where we tend to lose games to the bad teams. I'm ok with the concept of we're winning games against teams we're better than.
  2. Welcome to Paul Lapolice. They'll never expect this play that doesn't make any sense to call, so we'll call it and the surprise will make it work. Explains all the years of we need X yards for a first down, so they'll never expect us to run a play for X-3 yards on second down.
  3. 20 years of lapolice, this is his go to second and long play. First time I remember it not working and securing the kick he intended when he called it
  4. Grants 50 something yard return I think it was Whitehead who did some nice blocking for him too
  5. I hope about a dozen losses cost them a playoff spot
  6. I'm the same way, so thank you for reminding me I've spent my entire adult life dreading Paul Lapolice working for the bombers
  7. I could be wrong but doesn't it have to be called a TD by the refs to be reviewed. I haven't been able to watch much this year, but always thought if the refs called it incomplete/down on the 1 etc, that there was no automatic review. But if the call on the field is TD then it's reviewed.
  8. Pretty sure we're 0-4, bottom of the standings. Only team without a win, planning the rebuild around whoever is the backup to streveler once we run Nichols out of town
  9. Instead of a full page of people engaging the moron from sask, may I recommend blocking him?
  10. if you're on a laptop/desktop, hover over their name and ignore user is in the window that pops up.
  11. guess we extended it in January of this year, forgot about that, so yeah, he's probably 200+
  12. Regardless of passport, how many American RB in the league would you take over Harris? His first bombers contract was rumored to be in the 175-200 range, not sure about his extension. Honestly I can't see paying any American RB near that number, but with how important Harris (and his passport) are to the team, he's worth it. No question quality NI make a nice premium over imports of the same position
  13. At the time of the signing it was reported as being $190,000 in the Sun
  14. It might not be as bad as it looks. There are a few teams driving overall attendance. None of them had a home game in week 4. If you make a very basic model of home attendance based on the first 4 weeks and apply it the overall schedule it would predict the following for the season. It doesn't look good, however the very basic assumption i made on home cities driving attendance expected week 3 and 4 to be the worst attendance, then go back up through the season and drop again in week 10. I'm curious to see what the actual results will be. But if week 5 has poorer results than week 4, then I'd be worried. Week 1 - highest attendance week Week 2 - down 0.5% (actual up 2%) Week 3 - down 19% from week 2 (actual down 28%) Week 4 - down 20% from week 3 (actual down 32%) Week 5 - up 11% from week 4 Week 6 - up 11% from week 5 Week 7 - up 7% from week 6 Week 8 - up 4% from week 7 Week 9 - up 7% from week 8 Week 10 - down 14% from week 9
  15. One of these guys looks like an athlete. The other looks like he's been eating too many cheeseburgers. Both are rich athletes
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