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  1. if you're on a laptop/desktop, hover over their name and ignore user is in the window that pops up.
  2. guess we extended it in January of this year, forgot about that, so yeah, he's probably 200+
  3. Regardless of passport, how many American RB in the league would you take over Harris? His first bombers contract was rumored to be in the 175-200 range, not sure about his extension. Honestly I can't see paying any American RB near that number, but with how important Harris (and his passport) are to the team, he's worth it. No question quality NI make a nice premium over imports of the same position
  4. At the time of the signing it was reported as being $190,000 in the Sun
  5. It might not be as bad as it looks. There are a few teams driving overall attendance. None of them had a home game in week 4. If you make a very basic model of home attendance based on the first 4 weeks and apply it the overall schedule it would predict the following for the season. It doesn't look good, however the very basic assumption i made on home cities driving attendance expected week 3 and 4 to be the worst attendance, then go back up through the season and drop again in week 10. I'm curious to see what the actual results will be. But if week 5 has poorer results than week 4, then I'd be worried. Week 1 - highest attendance week Week 2 - down 0.5% (actual up 2%) Week 3 - down 19% from week 2 (actual down 28%) Week 4 - down 20% from week 3 (actual down 32%) Week 5 - up 11% from week 4 Week 6 - up 11% from week 5 Week 7 - up 7% from week 6 Week 8 - up 4% from week 7 Week 9 - up 7% from week 8 Week 10 - down 14% from week 9
  6. One of these guys looks like an athlete. The other looks like he's been eating too many cheeseburgers. Both are rich athletes
  7. extended alexander, bighill, bryant, hardrick, jeffcoat, medlock. If we signed those calibre of player in free agency people would be building a shrine to walters
  8. I think Kevin Glenn should finish his career by making bomber fans happy one more time. That's right, sign a deal in Saskatchewan, with a big signing bonus, then retire.
  9. I was right in the center of town, with like 5 churches within a 5 minute walk
  10. Melsted rings no bells. Grimolfsons absolutely. We used to watch a Grimolfsons dog when they'd go away. Duecks, Johnson, Gubjartson, Kornelsen, Erickson, Zagozewski, Einarson. Lots of names that would ring bells, I honestly can't place a single Melsted.
  11. I've been gone too long. From Riverton and don't get either reference
  12. Interesting thread. I'll observe more than participate. I got into football in the Milt era, so I know I don't have the knowledge to contribute. However I'm interested to see how the thread goes and how some of my favorites rank. Doug Brown - one of the guys who got me into football other than Milt, how does he rank? Charles Roberts/Mike Sellers - loved watching those guys in action, curious how they do all time for the bombers Stegall - ok this one isn't a discussion Khari Jones - just kidding, I hated him (waits for 17to85 to lose his ****) But for me, Brown/Stegall were the players who got me into football
  13. Is the appropriate thread offseason news because it's an Argos position, or bomber offseason news because it impacts our OC? Discuss..... Side note: I considered adding a popcorn emoji, then I clicked the emoji button on here that I've never clicked because I don't really use them, and holy **** are there way too may. I'm old and i miss the 1999 MSN messenger Emoticon (as they were called then) selection. Second Side note: I say I'm old, but man a lot of the people I have blocked on this site for being crotchety old men are at least 25 years older than me, so I guess I'm a young guy in an old white guys league as speedflex/iso would say
  14. It's hard to evaluate Dickenson, he took over a winning team. He had to sustain what was already in place. O'Shea has had to redefine a culture and build something. I loved Dickenson the QB, every time I hear Dickenson the coach on the sidelines I lose more and more respect for him. I wouldn't want Dickenson, Maas or Jones over O'Shea.
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