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  1. This officiating is an absolute disgrace.
  2. Come on. This post is pretty transparent.
  3. Yes, welcome back, but he didn’t touch that 2nd goal. It was off of Copp.
  4. Interesting that Stanley sits. Shows what they think about Samberg’s play so far.
  5. I can understand why they didn’t overturn the call, but taking about 30 seconds to review it is ridiculous considering how close it was.
  6. Jeeeeeezzzuuuussss…… Who gives a shiiiiiiiitttt!? Move on man. Why do you get off on this constant bickering in every thread you post in? Enough already.
  7. That really sucks. Not sure how the hell the officials missed that knee.
  8. Can’t complain too much about that period. Hit a couple posts too, so it easily could be 4-1.
  9. 4. Stop blowing sunshine up our skirts. Winnipeg has pretty knowledgeable fans overall. If the Jets aren’t playing well, say so. If they make a bad play, say so. You lose credibility when you praise a team when they’re clearly struggling. ** Not talking about tonight **
  10. Samberg has not looked out of place. The puck seems to be following Copp around… He could have 3 or 4.
  11. Agreed. And the for some reason the linesman immediately jumped in, so Dubois couldn’t clean his clock. Avs have had most of the bounces, but this has been a brutal period for the Jets.
  12. Same here. If he has athleticism, he’d be a nightmare to deal with. Stove is a freak of nature. Jerome Haywood had somewhat similar measurables… I think he was 5’8” and around 300 lbs, but a slightly different physique.
  13. I knew Sawyer sounded sick on Sunday.
  14. Saw this on the news this morning. Great story.
  15. Really sloppy 1st (not surprising considering the long layoff), but definitely showed improvement in the 2nd and 3rd. Great individual effort by Conner to end it… He had been struggling a bit IMO.
  16. Is it me or does Sawyer sound sick?
  17. It’s definitely the money. They don’t want empty arenas, so they’re postponing games in cities where restrictions don’t allow fans. Unfortunately, I’m not sure kicking the can down the road will make much difference… I don’t see this cloud suddenly lifting on Jan. 11th.
  18. I’m guessing the lines will stay the way they were at practice. I hope Lowry rolls them and the 4th line gets some decent ice. I’m anxious to see how they do…. Not just tonight, obviously, but going forward.
  19. So there was no truth or validity to tot the statements made by people who thought it was time for Maurice to go? Come on. I’m not talking about the loose cannons on social media who blow up and want a coach fired after every loss. There are fans who can, at least somewhat objectively, look at the team and see that they were stuck and new direction was needed. Maurice’s comments validates these opinions. That was a beauty.
  20. I agree that he is all class and I give him a huge amount of credit for saying he had taken the team as far as he could and that they have the talent, but need new direction. Not many guys would be able to do that. But why do you feel the need to take a shot at the people who thought his time was up? Wouldn’t him deciding to step aside show that there was some truth to their collective stance?
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