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  1. I know it’s meaningless, as far as outcome, but why have Pionk and Copp in the shootout? Let the young guys have a chance.
  2. I’m a fan of Heinola, but he couldn’t have had much worse of a 1st period.
  3. @WPGMurat · 1h Projected Jets lines tonight, based on line rushes. Copp-Dubois-Ehlers Harkins-Nash-Vesalainen Toninato-Perfetti-Johnson Suess-Gustafsson-Svechnikov Dillon-Pionk Heinola-Beaulieu Stanley-Kovacevic
  4. Samberg is out 6-8 weeks with a high ankle sprain. That sucks.
  5. I hear what you’re saying and I kind of agree, but there are people that aren’t anti-vaxxers that didn’t rush to get vaccinated right away. Some people may be anxious, unsure or just simply procrastinators. Granted these are not great excuses, but it doesn’t necessarily make them against the vaccine. I couldn’t wait for my turn to get the shot, but some people may have put it off, for whatever reason.
  6. Actually, it specifically says Fanny packs are not allowed. Lol
  7. I’d just give the job to Leggs. Let him work through his yips knowing the team has faith that he can. Might take some pressure off and allow him to just go out and kick. At least he’s young and has potential. Not to mention, he was what? 92% in college?
  8. Bombers D are playing like dogshit. Time to wake up.
  9. I got engaged in Stony Plain! Good to hear. Take care and Go Blue!
  10. Ha, what are the odds? Good job planting the holding seed. Hope all is well with your daughter.
  11. Sorry, I should have been more specific… I didn’t mean for the team to bring him up here; just meet with him virtually or on the phone and discuss the mental side of the game.
  12. They should bring in Medlock to work with him for a while.
  13. Man, I would love to see Stove back for this game. Make Wilder tap out.
  14. Oh okay, that makes more sense and I don’t have a problem with that. He still stinks though. 😁
  15. Terry Ray making Pat Woodcock puke. Absolutely a play I will never forget. I was at a hotel pub in Vancouver and jumped up and yelled…. Scared the crap out of a lot of people. I apparently don’t know how to put the YouTube clip in here, so maybe someone can help me out.
  16. How the hell is a colour commentator (an absolutely horrible one) allowed to send a clip of anything from a game to anyone, regarding discipline??
  17. @CapFriendly Winnipeg #NHLJets have placed forward Joona Luoto on Unconditional Waivers for the purpose of contract termination. Luoto had 1 year remaining on his Entry Level contract which he signed back on June 15, 2019. Apparently Joona wanted to play closer to home. He wasn’t going to get a chance with the Jets, so I can understand his decision.
  18. Whoa, whoa, whoa… Let’s not get crazy wishing for stuff.
  19. You have to consider who you’re talking about. These people are complete idiots.
  20. You damn well better believe he will. Sickening.
  21. @Ted_Wyman · 3h I just got yelled at for wearing a mask in Regina by a guy holding a sign saying “healthy people don’t wear masks.” Apparently it’s ok for him to have a choice not to wear a mask but not for me to have a choice to wear one Unreal.
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