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Game Day Thread- Week Fifteen, GAME 13: Als @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers September 2, 2018


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Just now, wanna-b-fanboy said:

Or if we lose, go full riderfans. Mind you, there are a few posters here who have gone full deadhorsebeating riderfans already.

I was teetering that way but I pulled myself back from the edge of the precipice this past week.  I may do a full swan dive though if we lose. Let's hope not. 

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6 hours ago, BomberBall said:

Pretty sure he was well over 300 yards in the playoff loss to Edmonton last season....  With 3 TD's, I think.

Weeks 2..6..7...9..11..and 14 threw for over 300...as well as in playoffs with 4 games in high 200' s sprinkled in there...and was winning

He's obvious not at 100 percent and it affecting his game..I say kudos for toughing it out to be honest

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