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  1. Easy now Joe US deploying B-1 bombers to Norway to send a message to Russia (msn.com)
  2. Pot meet kettle N.Y. Rep. Brindisi concedes to Republican Claudia Tenney, ending country’s last open congressional race (msn.com)
  3. Sounds like fantasy to me, everyone knows that Trump supporters are uneducated red necks.
  4. Of course it was all bullshit.
  5. The only evidence was circumstantial which is why Rudy had try to make a case out of a couple hundred dead people voting. But hey at 20 grand a day why not. Probably why he was juiced every day.
  6. You don't understand and I'm not going to explain it to you. Read the link if you want to know what happened.
  7. True or not it's funny as hell. Bravo.
  8. It's about the lawyers,especially Rudy, not the circumstantial evidence, try to keep up. Yup, mentioned in link I posted 300m at least.
  9. Just go to the legal parts, skip the rest, it's worth it just for the parts about Rudy, you won't be disappointed.
  10. I'm giving you fair warning, this not for the snowflakes on here so move along. Anyone else who wants a look inside Trumps legal team after the election should read this. Very unflattering for Rudy, lol. How Donald J. Trump Lost the White House, Preface (1.1) – Deep Capture
  11. Because I take you out of your comfort zone regardless of the topic.
  12. Rex Murphy has been a Liberal fan boy all his life. He only changed his tune when Trudeau Jr came along because he saw right through his sunny ways crap. I'm a career Liberal as well who happens to agree with him, get it.
  13. Rex Murphy not me. But you just proved my point.
  14. Lol, say anything negative or highlight his hypocrisy and you are an alt-right mouthpiece.
  15. Takes one to know one I guess, nice pick PM. Serious new allegations against former Governor General (msn.com) The corruption never stops with this PM Senior bureaucrats managing problem-plagued Phoenix pay system received nearly $2M in bonuses (msn.com) And they continue to eat their own, Brampton MP Ramesh Sangha dropped from Liberal caucus, accused of spreading 'baseless and dangerous' claims | CBC News
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