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  1. Almost time to start a tank thread. Which comes first, a big shake up or Maurice walks the plank?
  2. Man, when Helly's off, he goes all the way, really let the team down in this one.
  3. They battled hard and got the win, that is all you can ask of your team. Great way to cap off the year, Happy New Year everyone.
  4. Very frustrating to watch, yes they are talented but they are also sloppy with a bad work ethic. Is that on the coach or the players? Something needs to change.
  5. CSL couldn't get out of their own end of the rink all night so PoMo decides to start them in third...….goal, game over. I hope it was a test because if it wasn't he's a worse coach than I thought. PP and PK are killing any chance they have of winning a game. Jets need to move in a different direction and get a coach to install structure and work ethic, that's really all they are lacking to be a playoff contender and maybe even more if they get the goaltending.
  6. Too many floaters on the Jets, Maurice gets all the credit for their record, he should be getting criticized for a team that won't play 60 minutes.
  7. Thanks Z, you just ran into a hot D and team, you guys will get there with the group you have, just have to get rid of Reinbold, that guy is bad mojo.
  8. We are the Champions No time for Losers..... That is all, over and out.
  9. Thanks for reminding me sweep the leg, lucky guess.
  10. That was some kind of beautiful ugly. Congrats Bombers now go end the streak.
  11. Healthiest team this time of year usually wins, I like our chances.
  12. HC openings in both Ottawa and BC, I'm pulling for Lapo, only because he deserves a HC gig
  13. The Stamps look beatable, even at home.
  14. Two gutsy wins in a row, great job Jets. The game seemed to turn after the fight and Poolman injury, maybe they're on to something.
  15. Well if nothing else this is a good confidence boost going into the playoffs, but don't kid yourself, they still have issues on both offence and defence, passive coaching isn't going to get it done when it really matters.
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