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  1. Lawlor look good down the stretch last year, he should continue to develop.
  2. Huawei buys their computer chips from the USA, lol.
  3. They have gone crazy down south,
  4. pigseye


    We won't know until the second wave hits in the fall so keep your shorts on.
  5. Good lord did that buffoon even bother to look at the numbers, At a Glance Population: 5,813,600 Governor: Tony Evers Median Household Income: $62,054 Job Growth (2019): 0.4% Cost of Doing Business: 2% above nat'l avg College Attainment: 30.4% Net Migration (2018): 5,500 Moody's Bond Rating: Aa1
  6. I posted a great link on it, you should read it.
  7. You know which one, no need to play dumb.
  8. Only after he exposes the hoax.
  9. Your just proving my point, no need to apologize.
  10. Except I'm not the one editing other peoples posts to make them say what I want them to mean, now am I?
  11. You need this more than I do, https://www.visualcapitalist.com/11-cognitive-biases-influence-politics/
  12. pigseye


    Great article in Calgary Herald https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/nelson-let-s-cut-young-canadians-some-coronavirus-slack/ar-BB14HTQl?ocid=msedgntp
  13. Why would it be trolling? It's news, and pretty big news for anyone paying attention. Of course the Fox thing is irony too.
  14. pigseye


    17to85 of course.
  15. pigseye


    Still in denial about the facts? No hope for you I'm afraid.
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