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  1. Not one that really anyone else would know, but years ago I worked at Shaw, and near the end of camp had a player who had just made the team call up to get services installed because he was just told he made the team. I want to say his name was Bryan Guebert or something like that? I think he mostly played on special teams for one, maybe two years. Hope that moment is obscure enough for you!
  2. He got his bell rung pretty good when the back of his head smacked the turf on the Jefferson/Thomas sack, I don't think it was even up to him if he wanted to come back or not, pulled for concussion protocol at minimum.
  3. I have a metal horn, think the air horn off a semi tuck, that I used to bring to games. Throws spit pretty bad when I blow it, so I'm leaving it at home for now. It's loud as ******* hell though.
  4. Used to work with a guy like polar bear at Convergys. Other people kept track of the **** that came out of his mouth in a text file on a network drive, I think they straight up called it "shit_he_said.txt" all kinds of fun stuff, like his uncle was going to get him a job that paid $30/hour to be a plumber, he was driving his car at 100km/hour down Bishop and popped it into reverse to do a burn out. There was something about distilling his own alcohol to 100% I think too? Just didn't stop, every day was an adventure with that kid.
  5. This thread got a bit off the rails, wasn't intended to focus on people that made their mind up about never getting the covid vaccine. Rather, it was just some awareness for the "wait and see" folks to let them know, if you didn't have your first shot yet, well, now you won't be going to the bomber home opener. "Wait and see" will cost everyone, some people just don't see it until they lose out on something fun they wanted to do.....
  6. Based on the wording out of the province this morning, it sounds like proof of having 2 shots will be required to attend games. "Large-scale, outdoor professional sports or performing arts events may also allow fully immunized Manitobans to attend, subject to approval by Manitoba Public Health. The province will work with sports and arts organization to implement proof of vaccination protocols for these events." If you haven't had your first jab yet, and are on the fence, go get your first jab today or tomorrow. There is just enough time if you go right now to get in a 28 day period, get your second jab, and have the 14 day period before you can get your proof of vaccination before the home opener!
  7. Isn't that why they fired Kavis?
  8. I think the weakest part of BC right now has to be the coaching. HC and OC.
  9. I've been into Tipsy Cow right on Portage a few times. Bit of a hole in the wall as far as decor, but food was great, prices fair, and lots of beers available.
  10. I, for one, appreciate the separate thread for a headline like this.
  11. Not sure if he followed through with it, but the last time I talked with him, he wanted to travel to Australia and work there for a few years.
  12. The team's webstore is a good place to start shopping: https://www.thebomberstore.com/collections/mens/T-Shirts
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