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  1. great signing! still lots more to do but heading in the right direction.
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Bomber Fans out there - and I would also like to Wish a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my buddies that are Rider Fans too! - it's the holiday season and I feel charitable toward those less informed folks!
  3. Man i forgot about Ken Pleon. I probably mentioned this previously but I grew up in Des Moines Iowa and delivered papers for the Des Moines Register. If we sold enough papers (subscriptions etc.) we got free tickets and a bus ride to Iowa City to see the Hawkeyes play. That would be in the late 1957's as we moved to Dallas early 1960's. Ken was the Iowa QB and I can remember him to this day. Even now (I am in my 70's) I still remember those trips to Iowa City and the the Hawkeye teams from those days. He had long retired when I ended up in the Peg in 1981 but I still remember him on CJOB back in those days.
  4. Actually a number of schools in the late 50's and early 60's ran the Single Wing - I think Ohio State ran it at times. I know that Iowa State ran it and had an All American Half Back (Dave Hopkins I think was his name). But you are right Wing T did exist but Iowa ran the Double Wing as they had two great half backs. I am actually looking for old film on the Single Wing just to refresh my memory.
  5. Great Read - on now to create my Winnipeg Blue Bomber Formation Controversy. Everyone points to Bud Grant as the creator of the Wing-T Formation ( Classic Wing-T Formation (100 / 900, Right / Left) ... This formations uses a halfback (or diveback) in the backfield behind the weak side tackle, and a wingback off the tight end. The fullback is in his normal position, 4 yards back from the ball directly behind the quarterback who is under center.) Bud used it very successfully and ran it all the time. HOWEVER he did not invent it. Bud actually copied it from Forest Evashevski when Forest was the head coach at Iowa. Man what a team he had. Randy Duncan, Willie Fleming, Bobby Jeter, Ray Rauch etc. They just ran over teams. Won the Rose Bowl if I remember correctly. When I was playing ball all the schools ran the Wing-T and some even ran what was called a Single Wing Formation with a "Spinning Back" etc.
  6. OK going to get this started. I live in Calgary and have had business corporate season tickets for a number of years. Part of my marketing budget - not a Stamps Fan by any stretch of the imagination! However I do rub elbows with a number of folks that are true die hard Stamps fans (we still are friends for some reason). So chatting after the cup at lunch today and rumor (and I did see this over on the Riders site) is that their DC - Devone Claybrooks has some interest down south with one or two NFL teams. Just rumor and speculation but these guys I am talking to seem to know a few things around the internal workings with the Stamps. Maybe he is afraid of the Winnipeg Canadian Mafia?
  7. Lyle E. Style or good ol Nasty Nate - brings back memories that's for sure. Wonder if he still posts somewhere? He pretty much has been run off most fan sites. Lived over on Riderfans.com for awhile until he got punted there. What is Lyle Bauer doing these days anyone know?
  8. Why is this a classless act by Jones? Not quite sure I follow the logic. The guy was released and according to what I read is eligible to sign with another team for the balance of the year. Whether he make a difference for the Riders is unknown but at least if he gets on the game day roster he will get a paycheck. Not sure I see where Jones did anything wrong here.
  9. So I guess you are not fond of Saskatchewan or the Riders? A little strong language comparing them to Alabama - what has Saskatchewan done to you to compare them to a place like Alabama? That's just not fair!
  10. If I had a choice I think I would rather go into Regina and face their offense. On the other hand not sure which of the Stamps receivers will be back for the playoffs. I just think a Rider-Bomber SF would be fun and create lots of interesting comments on both teams fan forums. I visit the Calgary Fan Forum and no one seems to want to post there so doubt there will be much interest there.
  11. Boy been a long time since I purchased a beer at any stadium. How much is a beer normally?
  12. Thanks for the info regarding Neil Hughes - I can not remember who he was and why was chosen. Can you fill in the blanks for me? The name sounds familiar just can not place it.
  13. Riders Record 11-6 Bombers Record 9-7 Good has nothing to do with it - win and loss records tell the story. And yet you continue to be embarrassing with your comments.
  14. Hate to break this to you - but I have been in their stadium and it is very nice.
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