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  1. Sure!!! And I use to date Joey Heatherton too (and I bet we are probably the few who know who Jill St. John and Joey Heatherton are!
  2. Have to agree with that comment - the "D" won it for us IMHO. However the offense did what it had to do to keep drives going etc. Total Team Effort IMHO. As for next year's starting QB - really hard to say however I would think MN would be considered the front runner going into training camp.
  3. Can not help but agree! Really is upsetting me that I have to fly out to the "Excited States" tomorrow around noon time here in Calgary. Our company has 4 tickets and I would have gotten 2 of them but had to give them up! I will be in Denver prior to the game starting but doubt I will be able to pick it up on any of the channels in the Hotel (Marriott has poor selection of channels if memory serves me correctly). And it Sunday so every channel will have NFL on I would think. In any event taping the game and will watch just as soon as I can get back home. Best of luck to the Bombers - Hope they pull this one out for all the long time fans in the Peg!
  4. Oh Snap! come on if you do not play well with others I will talk Nasty Nate into coming back!
  5. Goldie first of all it BBRT vs. BBRRT! You must have been shaking while typing this. I do live in Calgary but not a Stamps fan and of course can not afford Flames Tickets! My confidence in the team is built around the fact that I do not believe Richie Hall is the answer as the DC for the team. I do have limited confidence in the team simply because they have not accomplished all that much over the past number of years. I try to be realistic in my opinions (and remember they are just opinions - same as yours). I do believe that the game tomorrow is a toss up. Either team could pull out the win - it is just that close. For the record I do have season tickets to the Stamps but it is a business write-off and even at that could not justify season tickets to the Flames. Hopefully my confidence will be improved after Sunday but at the moment too close to call IMHO. And at the end of the day we can all agree to disagree - that is what I love about forums such as this.
  6. Hard to see Edmonton doing all that well in against that Tiger Cat Defense and conversely not sure that the Edmonton Defense will be able to shut down the weapons that the Tiger Cats have. Thinking it will not be all that close.
  7. It would be bad form if this were the case. Any one that has even a fundamental understanding of BTB or BTC and how a web presences plays an important role in generating interest etc. would understand that you never ever want to take you site down when maximum exposure is almost a guarantee (which as in the case of the playoff traffic) etc. But on the other hand maybe the Bomber organization is still back in the 1960's (Fax anyone?).
  8. I got the same type of email more or less - I translated my response to say that while they think the site is important - not really a priority at the moment.
  9. Many Thanks - I have now had my first cup and am back to semi human at the moment!
  10. Ok its Tues morning and I have not had my first coffee but what does "TEP" stand for? Maybe my brain has not woken up yet out here in Cal Town.
  11. Aards is here - to quote a line from Grease "The whole gang is back!" - now if only Nasty Nate was posting (note that was intended as a joke!)
  12. never thought of that! Thought all organizations had a web team. Ours is small - 3 folks but they do a great job! We do outsource content to a professional writer but everything else is inhouse. - Even today a stat holiday here in Alberta one of them is working on bug fixes to 1 of our sites. Hope the Bomber site comes up soon as I know lots of folks post there and here both. Heck Mookie (Colin Unger) was a one man shop and his site was very seldom down when he had OurBombers going.
  13. Folks I did get an email from someone in the Bomber organization yesterday (prior to game time) that they were working on the issue. I had asked for a contact person to chat with and of course that was not provided. I have been a long time poster here and over there and even back in the days of Colin's site and prior to that the original TotalCFL site when it first started. I am somewhat pissed at the Bomber organization for not providing anyone with at least a "Flash Page" when you go to the site that would indicate the site was down etc. etc. My company has 3 sites that we depend on for info and product orders at times, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt if any of them were down as long as the Bomber Site has been down without some form of notice - We would be replacing the web team rather quickly.
  14. problem is that Noeller is 21 years old! - just kidding have no idea how old Noeller is - however in his defense I am somewhat crusty but I get the right to be - as I am over 21! (by 635 months).
  15. I agree - I have been hard on Lapo and Hall all year and today I want to give them props for a job well done. Now on to Regina for what I hope is more of the same.
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