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  1. This be true - the back to back in Regina will be what it is all about. Going to be a slobber knocker slug fest for sure! Can't wait. I live in Calgary but have tickets (from my client) for the Regina game. Room's booked and ready to go!
  2. Got to agree with you on this one Mookie! Great to hear from you again. IMHO this year was a make or break year for him and if he is lost for the season I think it would be best in the long term to move on.
  3. I agree with what you are saying. My major grievance is that despite our record with is great I have great concerns as it relates to our ability to not only win the Cup but just to get there. I do not believe that we will be able to get their unless we can prove we can thrown downfield and stretch the defense. Failing to do that IMHO will doom us when it counts. I also do not believe we will achieve what we all are wanting ( A Grey Cup Victory) with our current QB. This is solely my opinion and I do not expect everyone to agree with it. And as one of my old bosses use to say "Exception Noted".
  4. I disagree with your post. I am over on the Rider site quite often and while there were 1 or maybe 2 that said what you imply the majority of them just said it was the rule and they would take the win. Just as we bomber fans would. Are there delusional fans on that board - heck yes - are there delusional fans on this site - heck yes. You will find these folks on any fan board. It was not post after post as you imply.
  5. How do you figure that? Maybe Calgary D does not come out for the second half? Would be nice but not something I would hang my hat on that's for sure.
  6. Well maybe they can adjust by having Matty Thin Ice go downfield. Doubt he has 50 yards in the first half
  7. Boy I would like to have what you're smoking or ingesting etc. I see it Stamps 28-27 over the Bombers. Matty "Thin Ice" has the chance to pull off a win but yet again can not deliver.
  8. Here is how I see it - Calgary has a short week. They also have some injuries (as we do). We are at home. But and this is the difference to me. Calgary has a far better coaching and management team. They always seem to fill the holes when they lose folks and have injuries. Bombers not at that level. Calgary wins in a close game. We have the chance to pull out the win but MN yet again fails to take the team to a victory. Calgary 28 Bombers 27.
  9. I think the Esk at Calgary game today will make the next week game very interesting. If the Esk beat the Stamps - the Stamps will be looking for get even in the Peg. Now the same could be said about the Bombers losing two in a row out east and coming home. However I think the Bombers will be so up tight that they will be in self destruct mode if they fall behind. I actually hope for a Stamps win over Edmonton and maybe they will come in a little over confident etc. If the game comes down to a last minute drive for a win - we are toast - not in MN or POP's playbook.
  10. And that is the sad truth - Fajardo looking up - Nichols is as good as he ever will be - which is not all that good IMHO.
  11. Can't help but agree with you. When the rubber hits the road and you need that 1st and Ten or a game winning drive I really don't like our chances with MN at the helm. We may make the playoffs (maybe) but with MN at the controls it will be a quick one and done.
  12. Starting to agree with you. And he can take MN with him. All we needed to seal the win was to get 1 first down after the TO punt - MN can not lead this team to a first down when they need one.
  13. I put this loss strictly on MN. All we needed after the TO punt was 1 first down. He went 2 and out quickly. MN will not win the tough games for us. Never has never will.
  14. Just hoping for a Bomber Win. If the Bombers lose or squeak out a win by a field goal or so - there will be lots of questions asked. However the Argos are due to get better at some point in time - at least one would think they can only get better as they probably could not get any worse. They have played a few good games against some of the teams so can not count them as a free spot that's for sure.
  15. Guess it is because he no longer plays for the Big Blue - See it over on RiderFans.com all the time. If the player is part of the Rider Organization he is the best thing since sliced bread. Once he leaves, he is garbage. I had thought we had a better class of people on this site. Guess I was mistaken.
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