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  1. The American justice system really hammers on criminals more than the Canadian system. Depending on how much he had on him, he would have maybe received a 2-3 year sentence in Canada....or possibly even far less than that. We have guys who commit some crazy murders(manslaughter) in Canada who get 1/3 of the time that Heffney got!
  2. The ref clearly saw an infraction and threw a penalty because he was clearly watching the incident. I’m curious why he would be able to see enough to call a penalty but conveniently not see the helmet being swung. Did the ref stop watching half way and assume it was done? I have extensive experience reffing hockey and I can speak from my experience that a ref doesn’t usually miss this unless he was afraid to make a call that would set a team back as badly as this would have.
  3. That was an incredibly dirty play. I posted here almost instantly that he swung the helmet and should have been gone. That is literally an assault with a potential weapon and it is disgusting that it went uncalled regardless of the outcome of the game. The ref clearly saw it because he threw a flag on the play but let Adams stay in the game. There should be a suspension for this bs because this went way too far
  4. I’m disgusted by this game but I’m also concerned about the health of Streveler. Did he run the ball once after he had his foot twisted up?
  5. Harris doubles stanbecks yards for the game and black announces that he got stuffed
  6. Adams should be tossed for what he did to bighill. He ripped his helmet off by the face mask and then it looked like he swung the helmet at him
  7. 4 touches for 5 yards? We have three players with more rushing yards haha
  8. I hope to see a very creative and aggressive run game in the second half....kill the clock and protect the ball. Montreal has given up a shocking amount of rushing yards so stick to it!
  9. It was close to a flag but it could have gone either way. We’ve had a similar call go our way this year
  10. I might have to call the wife down to the basement if this keeps up
  11. This run game is unstoppable....creative play calling and elite talent
  12. Wow there was a blatant face mask on Streveler on the short yardage play
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