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  1. 1)the whole d line but especially big willie. 2)Harris....we are lucky to be able to watch him every game because he’s one of the best ever. 3)Marcus sales....he just makes huge plays HH goes to Hansen.....I thought the global stuff was pretty gimmicky but he held his own and then some
  2. I will have my interlake flag flying 8 feet high from my golf cart this weekend at my work golf tourney....our team name is even the blue bombers and my buddy on my team will be flying his st boniface flag from his cart.
  3. I was kind of hoping for the same thing but Grant is super new to the team. If he’s anything like he is in his videos, he could very well be our go to guy by labour day
  4. I've been a law enforcement officer for close to 15 years and I've seen all kinds of officers come and go. Yeah there is some idiots who have never had an ounce of power in their lives who come in and think they are above the law and untouchable. Those idiots usually get put in their place fairly quickly by the good guys or sometimes the "job" puts them in their place and they correct their ways pretty quickly. The point of working with the same criminals over and over again can't be stressed enough. I have known some of the same criminals for my entire career and I can't see anything changing with that. Saying that, once the boys have had a few drinks I have seen it enough when the stories come out and I can believe that this guys friend told him about this incident.
  5. Awesome idea with the flags! I just picked up 3 Interlake ones for me and my buddies in Alberta! Pretty sweet to see Stonewall on a flag like this!
  6. At the end of the day the best thing to get the younger generation hooked on the sport is getting out and enjoying the same experience lots of us had as kids with our parents. My 9 year old daughter hated everything to do with the bombers and football. I kinda forced her to come to a game in Edmonton last year. The players were so interactive and great with her and since that day she loves the bombers with all her heart. Harris scored a touchdown and proceeded to run to us in the front row and personally gave her a ball and now she will be a fan for life.
  7. The free kids at the Eskimos game is great news! The plan was already in place to take my daughter and 4 of her friends to the game against the bombers for her bday party! Things just got a lot cheaper haha!
  8. I'd say we still cleaned up on that trade based on the fact that we were able to dump Willy's stupid contract.
  9. It’s clearly because Ambroisie is from winnipeg
  10. I thought cheap shots only happened to rider qbs.
  11. How long will it take for the riders to be calling Bennett?
  12. My mom went into the bomber store years ago to buy me a jersey and Moreno was in there. She met him and said he was a good looking fella so she bought me his jersey. So pretty much I got his jersey because my mom had the hots for him.
  13. Don’t laugh....I actually have a Fred Reid AND a Zeke Moreno jersey.
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