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  1. I have watched a replay of the cup at least 3 times a week since the covid started and I can’t help but get choked up every time. I was lucky enough to be able to watch the game live in Calgary with my 8 year old boy. We went on an epic road trip and it was the greatest weekend we will ever have. My son lost control of all emotions at the end of the game and was literally bawling. I ended up breaking down too because I realized right then that I had solidified him as a bomber fan for life. I still have to convince myself that a)they won the cup and b) I was there live with my boy
  2. It’s fun to drop a #2013 every now and then on social media when the rider fans have something to say
  3. I heard that the store is getting the stuff in this weekend....lucky for me that I’m flying in for my brothers social on friday!
  4. I already warned him that he might see me cry!
  5. I bought 2 tickets off of Kijiji for $500 and the year were regular price for around $900. My wife was initially pissed off but my 8 year old son is coming with me. Her tune changed when she saw the tears form in his eyes when he found out we were going on a road trip for the game. Myself and my family have been lucky enough to do a pile of traveling and he said this will be the best trip ever.
  6. 1)Streveler was a warrior that we haven’t seen the likes of in a very long times. The guy was playing very injured and they still had no answer for him when he came in. 2) the d was shut down and made bo Levi look like he was running a mid season la police offence. 3) medlock....he was perfect on the night and kept us in there when it was tight. HH to collaros. He did enough to win and put us one step closer to ending the drought. extra HH to all the beer I crushed
  7. Wow Harker wasn’t falling and buddy jumped over him. What was the defender supposed to do?
  8. Hahahaha at least they got the single point on that kick!
  9. You literally can’t touch a qb’s head and Kilgore was hit face mask to face mask.
  10. How are the announcers arguing that RTP call? It was pretty obvious from the views we were shown on the tv
  11. So true, I was wondering how Dickerson continuously whines like a small child to the refs and still gets all the breaks from the refs
  12. The Eskimos are playing dirty but they aren’t getting calls on the dirty plays by the riders. It seems like the Eskimos are losing out on calls because of the way Maas treats the refs on the sidelines
  13. There’s a power failure at the game. Would it be appropriate for the league to call the game at the half and give Edmonton the win?
  14. I just hope that lapolice doesn’t get cute and tries to prove that streveler is ok by forcing balls edit I hit send as he threw a pick
  15. The American justice system really hammers on criminals more than the Canadian system. Depending on how much he had on him, he would have maybe received a 2-3 year sentence in Canada....or possibly even far less than that. We have guys who commit some crazy murders(manslaughter) in Canada who get 1/3 of the time that Heffney got!
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