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  1. How long will it take for the riders to be calling Bennett?
  2. My mom went into the bomber store years ago to buy me a jersey and Moreno was in there. She met him and said he was a good looking fella so she bought me his jersey. So pretty much I got his jersey because my mom had the hots for him.
  3. Don’t laugh....I actually have a Fred Reid AND a Zeke Moreno jersey.
  4. I was at practice and was blown away but lucky whiteheads quickness. It will be a wicked battle for the returner spot. Maxx Forde came over and chatted with us and couldn’t stop raving about the city and the organization. There will be some really really tough cuts with this team. One of the vets even joked with us that teams like sask and bc will be patiently waiting to pick through our cuts and sign them.
  5. I was told by a player(who is very knowledgeable in the negotiations)this morning that the league is wanting to make any American player who has been in the league for over 3 years count as a Canadian for the ratio. He said this will directly make 9 Americans on the bombers as nationals right off the hop.
  6. Just seen someone else posted this but ryan to the riders
  7. I drove from Alberta to watch that game live and the shock in the stadium after that catch was unreal....they showed it a bunch of times on the jumbotron and no one could figure out what happened haha
  8. I have lived in Alberta for 12 years now and the rider fans have pissed me off for the whole time. These so called “fans” go to the local co-op in sask and buy a rider tshirt and call themselves fans. The first thing I asked the rider fans before they chirp me is to name 3 players from their oline or defence. Most of them can’t so I don’t give them the time of day to get a rise out of me!
  9. Didn’t Collaros already hide one concussion this season? With his history and the way he was hit, I can’t see him not being a little concussed.
  10. Haha good night man! We are all going to sleep a little easier tonight!
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