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  1. I drove from Alberta to watch that game live and the shock in the stadium after that catch was unreal....they showed it a bunch of times on the jumbotron and no one could figure out what happened haha
  2. I have lived in Alberta for 12 years now and the rider fans have pissed me off for the whole time. These so called “fans” go to the local co-op in sask and buy a rider tshirt and call themselves fans. The first thing I asked the rider fans before they chirp me is to name 3 players from their oline or defence. Most of them can’t so I don’t give them the time of day to get a rise out of me!
  3. Didn’t Collaros already hide one concussion this season? With his history and the way he was hit, I can’t see him not being a little concussed.
  4. Haha good night man! We are all going to sleep a little easier tonight!
  5. You’re ripping Dressler off...he hit 10,000 yards!
  6. As a law enforcement officer I am disgusted to hear this attitude. Hughes screwed up badly and put lives in danger just so he could get hammered and thought he was above the law and decided to drive. It’s 2018 and the education on drinking and has made some serious gains over the last couple of decades. One of the bombers players lost a family member a few weeks ago to a drunk driver and I seen first hand how badly is rocked there family and how much was taken away because of a stupid decision.
  7. It’s fine to cheer for the Eskimos to lose but never cheer for the riders to win!
  8. Chris Matthews signs in calgary....this could be interesting
  9. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/okpalaugo-plans-on-giving-mike-reilly-a-rough-winnipeg-welcome-in-west-semi/article36925281/
  10. Spooner has been suspended for 2 games for testing positive for banned substances
  11. Over the last few games I’ve made a point of watching how “nasty and mean” the oline is playing and it’s unreal. They are a mean group who are looking to crush anyone in their way. Right now, I’d say Hardrick is a legit front runner to win the most outstanding oline man In the league and the rest of the boys on the line aren’t far behind him for the award.
  12. why would Evans get up a celebrate a first down when they are getting thumped so badly....
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