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3 stars and hh Lol'ouettes another pretender crowned.

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1 biggie 8 tackles and a pick. 

2 collaros and lawler. 280 2 tds, 7/8 for 111 yards. 7 first downs on their connections. 

3 Jake and Kongbo. combined 8 tackles 3 sacks for the guys who dont get a lot of shine. 

hh woli wide open and knifes it in for his first td of the year. 

crunch of the game biggie on winky on the sidelines. 

block of the game Neufeld had a tremendous pulling block on demskis' sweep play. 

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This is tough 

I'll go 

1. Biggie.  He was all over the place 

2. Rose- all he did was shutdown the top receiver in the league 

3. Lawler - I had to pick an O guy 

HH or whatever to Janarion Grant who has made a pretty big difference since returning 

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20 minutes ago, BBlink said:

I could be wrong but I think Rose only gave up yardage in the first quarter. Once he got comfortable he locked it down.

BTW, does anyone know if Nichols was hurt? I saw Jones out there playing half back at the end. 

They were using 6 DBs late in the 4th Q - I guess Jones was a DI. 

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The way this team is built - almost impossible to pick 3.  In no particular order:

Lawler - the go-to clutch option for Zac
Thomas - great motor, 2 sacks
Bighill - brings it every game
Jeffcoat - brings it every game
Rose - seamless re-entry back into the league
Collaros - faced more pressure than usual, but got it done
Demski - providing big plays every week

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6 hours ago, Geebrr said:

Did we ask the LOL'ouettes if we beat someone now ?

Clearly the only team that matters is Ottawa since we haven't beaten them. It makes sense though,  they are roughly 50% of the als schedule so they naturally see Ottawa as a bug challenge. 

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