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  1. I'm arriving from Vancouver Island tonight...looks like more pairs than singles for sale, if anyone is looking for tix and wants to join forces let me know. @jazzsax I'm a Bomber fan but far left of the NDP so I don't know what that means for my $50 premium!
  2. great to see the riders thoroughly stunned.. what a garbage team.
  3. things are getting heated over at esksfans http://www.esksfans.com/forum/showthread.php?32095-What-happens-next-(6-straight-losses)-Some-thoughts
  4. also: probably just the observation of a long-suffering bombers fan but i've noticed the last few games that nichols is playing with authority and never seems to have happy feet, if he gets flushed and throws it away it's a clean play. when i was in elementary school and dunigan was doing that (and sammy garza was making me cry), and a couple of years of khari, is the last time i can remember this immense feeling of ease for a few games in a row. anybody wanna bask in it with me??
  5. it's been funny because i think the prevailing narrative gives him some breathing room.. but the esks did not look elite tonight. playcalling was sluggish and it was almost like the team was going through the motions like a 13-5 stamps club biting it in the playoffs. goddamn, bombers looked coached up in comparison. it hasn't been like that every week but i'm loving it tonight.
  6. randall: esp with the post-game interview, you can see why this guy is a steady shutdown corner every game. harris: beasting, even after things tighten up he wills his way to yards and you can tell he grew up immersed in cfl ogopogo: like molasses, slow start to the season but his motor was running tonight, and supported by the d, i was loving it hh to brandon alexander for being a stud for the last couple weeks. hell yeah!!!
  7. man, it was a bit messy tonight but the team looked elite. cal and wpg are the class of the cfl. randall's pick sealed it but the d smothered things all night and our o has been balanced and unflappable every game.. i love it. clean win even when medlock was off. lline play was tight on both sides. we're gonna be cheering well into the playoffs boys!!
  8. Hard to get a read after that game. Nice to see Hurl playing with confidence but I don't know that he was properly tested with the Glenn rolls all night, no run attempts and a weak Sask team. And I want to say that I liked the pieces on D but on the other hand we gave up 40 lol. Anyway great to start the season with a W! Need to shore things up before next week.
  9. Nice get. Definitely like the academic pedigree, and he looks like a bit of a banger. We're overdue for a find in the sup draft after a couple of busts...
  10. Of note: Scheer is Jon Ryan's brother-in-law!
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