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Every once in a while you get a real gem in a player. The Bombers scored real high in that department when they went after and brought Bryant to Winnipeg.

He has started every game since signing in Winnipeg in 2015. Think about that.
He’s a 5 time CFL all-star and has played in 3 Grey Cups..and we got him back.



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6 minutes ago, TBURGESS said:

Neuf is a good place to save SMS and we need to cut down.

Unless Neuf is willing to re-sign on a lower contract.

I imagine Speller will want a starter money and (I think) he deserves it. There's a rumor before that Toronto will make a run to sign Speller if he hits free agency. 

Hope Walters can bring both but won't be surprised if he only sign one of them. 


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8 minutes ago, Mr Dee said:

Went back over the numbers to see how much a monster Bryant is:

2019: fewest pressures allowed among LTs
2018: T-fewest
2017: 2nd (by tiny margin)
2016: 2nd 

And he started all 18 each season. Confirmed monster. - Derek Taylor

thats why him losing the award last year was such a joke...and was so apparent in the Grey Cupo...One guy locked **** down...had his team rush for almost 200 yards, and the other looked like a turnstyle and had his offence dominated...well in the end Bryant got the trophy he wanted more anyway...with his boys along with him

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there's an argument to be made that Big Stan is the best OL in CFL history. Also, while a huge Pat Neufeld fan, it's tough for me to say he's better overall than Hardrick, because Hardrick is the best RT in the league. RT is a lot tougher to play than RG. Neufeld is extremely versatile and can play multiple positions, but I don't believe he plays RT better than Hardrick, so my vote goes to Yoshi. I personally think SB/JH are the best tandem tackles in the league and among the best of all time. And that's saying something, because we previously had the consensus best tackle tandem of all time, in Walby/Gorell...

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