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5 hours ago, JCon said:

Taylor came in last year and fit like a glove into that D. It's crazy that we were able to add him during the year. I'm glad he's back. 


And Miller? Best special teams player ever? Certainly in the conversation, I believe. This is such a lowkey re-signing to the average fan but it's means so much. 

No these are the best kind of signings,  high quality depth players that I will assume didn't cost us an arm and a leg.   Signing 10 of these types of players will get us much further then making a couple of splashy high price free agent signings.  


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per CFL.ca transaction page, looks like we signed some of our 2020 draft class

2021-01-07  WPG  BOCKRU, Mathias  WR 

2021-01-07  WPG  LIEGGHIO, Marc  K 

2021-01-07  WPG  HOUGHRON, Zach  DT 

2021-01-07  WPG  HALLETT, Noah  DB  

2021-01-07  WPG  DHEILLY, Nicholas  DL  

2021-01-07  WPG  GASKILL-CADWALLADER, Tanner  LB

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I'm excited about Gray. Not because he's shown a lot on the field, as he hasn't had much of an opportunity, but rather as a test of the process. He could have walked into the starting line-up of another team and, probably, got more money. But, he obviously believes in management and the coaches. Helps that he's at home, no doubt. 

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On 2021-01-05 at 12:10 PM, Eternal optimist said:

I've always viewed the Bryant signing as the inflection point when our offensive line really started to actually become a force. Others have come and gone, but he's been a staple throughout the rebuilding process.

As a rideran they are a great tackle combo. But Bryant is on a totally different level then Hardwick and possibly anyone in the league. He is a guy you can put into any scheme and will be dominant. Where I think Hardwick struggles in pass pro. The scheme he plays in Winnipeg really allows him to succeed. 

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16 minutes ago, JCon said:

Another great signing! 

It's the Jeff-ends that will bring opposing QBs to tears!


I hate these one year deals though. 

I think that is going to be the norm this year. Next season is going to be vey interesting.

Just now, Bubba Zanetti said:

I think that is going to be the norm this year. Next season is going to be very interesting.


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19 hours ago, 17to85 said:

Or giving big money to Cody fajardo.

Just curious what are we giving ZC? I imagine it's pretty close... while id say ZC is the superior qb at this point in there careers id also argue that he's still quite injury prone.

Fajardo is no superstar but id take him over Nichols, maybe even over Collaros next year if Fajardo can repeat his success.

All the hate for the riders I get it, but you know. Don't want us to be eating crow at the end of next year.

Side note, nice to see our guys getting locked up but wow am I worried that there will even be a season. Also frustrated because I feel our best chance to repeat would have been 2020

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