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What does one have to do with the other?

Well, nothing really, but....

I was trying to figure out why Twitter links aren't embedding (no answer on this yet), but while doing so I stumbled upon a feature I didn't know existed and enabled it.   In the tool bar when creating a post, there is now a GIF button.   This is an integration into https://giphy.com and provides a quick way to search for and embed GIFs.

Right in time for the new season and the game day GIF thread (if we decide to resurrect those).

Facebook GIF by adampizurny

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2 minutes ago, Bigblue204 said:

I thought the GIF thing had been around for a while already?randy marsh chair GIF by South Park

It wasn't turned on when I found it, and to get it working I had to sign up for an account and create a key, so if it was around before, it had probably stopped working at some point.

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58 minutes ago, Geebrr said:

I’ve been using it for many months!


57 minutes ago, Rich said:

When was the last time you used it?

@Geebrr do you have your own giphy log in? I wonder if that could be why it worked for you and wasn’t enabled for the forum.

@Rich this is a fun add on, I quite enjoy it on Teams at work.

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Update on the twitter embeds.  In the support forums for the board software, there are many other communities experiencing similar issues, though it isn't affecting everyone.   The consensus seems to be that Twitter is blocking a range of IP addresses, which the server for this board got included in (anyone's guess into how they determined what those ranges would be).  It is likely caught up in something similar to this.

Will continue to monitor, but not much more I can do on my end at this point.

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4 hours ago, TBURGESS said:

I quit twitter a week after Musk took over. Thought it would be a big problem. Turns out it wasn't. 

It's not a problem per say, but I would no longer see commentary or news links that I currently enjoy seeing/reading.

Edited by Jesse
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