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  1. Rich


    Found this video to be interesting
  2. Rich

    US Politics

    If this article is even close to accurate, a pretty interesting and scary read into how Trump has perceived the corona virus crisis. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/03/trump-awakens-to-the-covid-19-danger Telling quote....
  3. Thanks for the map. I know not everyone reads the General forum, but for further discussion and news on COVID-19, lets use the thread there so all info is in one place.
  4. Could affect attendance in terms of not being as high up in the news cycle.
  5. Unfortunately we are not going to find a system that appeals to everybody. If it helps, you can click on the icon next to a thread that has unread posts, and it will bring you directly to your first unread post. The software will also add a line above the first unread post as an extra visual cue as to where you left off.
  6. This is also available now at the Bomber store https://www.thebomberstore.com/107th-grey-cup-champions-melton-leather-jacket.html
  7. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mad-mike-hughes-daredevil-and-flat-earth-theorist-killed-in-rocket-crash-2020-02-22/ Now we will never know.
  8. Free agency opens up today. CFL Tracker can be found here: https://www.cfl.ca/fa20/
  9. Says a lot about the leadership and the culture built here when players keep taking less money to play here. Wasn't that long ago when players were turning down more money and not signing in Winnipeg.
  10. Jets sent this out to season ticket holders today. Sellouts aren't a guaranteed thing anymore. Game day experience is very lack lustre compared to what happens in a lot of other buildings. It used to be generated organically, but those has slowly been dying out over the last 4 - 5 years. Maybe 1 game in 10 - 15 has the atmosphere that was in the arena for the first few years. Constant ticket price increases, concession increases. Throw in a team that is struggling this year. Jets are going to have to start working to attract a fan base they've likely taken a bit for granted over the last little while. https://www.tnse.com/our-company/community-message/
  11. Half the season has gone by without paying Buff. Wouldn't that mean they could take in up to a $7.6M. AAV contract even if Buff comes back. Even if you take in a multi year deal, you have Kulikov coming off the books next year.
  12. I've noticed over time, the game day chat is used less and less. There is an expense to renew it every year and it is coming due in January, it isn't super expensive, but if people are no longer interested in using it, I would probably let it lapse. If there is enough interest, I have no problem renewing, but thought I would check to see the level of interest that is out there.
  13. Wouldn't it be a similar amount of work to create a game day thread as it is to make this post?
  14. https://www.bluebombers.com/football-operations/ryan-rigmaiden/
  15. Season is over. Lets move this over to the off season thread.
  16. Standings have been updated for the Grey Cup game. Good season all and congrats again to @bigg jay!
  17. You’ve never been banned You were suspended. If you were banned you just wouldn’t be here anymore. No one has been suspended for an opinion except when what they say is an attempt to troll or they try to push that opinion across multiple threads and derailing those conversations. If you think people that are disagreeing with you are actually attacking you, then report the post. There is a report link on each post. Or you can “not back down”, do what you did last time and get suspended again. Get suspended enough times and then you will be banned.
  18. Appreciate all the new faces who decided to stop by and check us out. Everyone is more then welcome to stay now that the other forum is back. One can NEVER have enough Bomber talk in their life!
  19. With only one game remaining, congratulations to @bigg jay for winning the Pick 'Ems this year and the recipient of a $50 gift certificate to the Bomber Store. Picks for the Grey Cup need to be in by Sunday @ 5PM. Go Bombers!
  20. It isn’t all that trivial unless you have a tool to extract , decrypt, and re-encrypt passwords into the new application. Otherwise people can’t easily access their account or need to trigger password resets, then you have to hope their registered emails are still active. That is just for accounts, let alone posting history which is what people are most concerned with. Assuming they are moving to a new software package and haven’t had some other disaster event hit, unless there is a migration tool from old to new, it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort to migrate. Keeping in mind you not only need to extract the data from the old database, but then transform it into the new one. Sites like these aren't maintained by developers dedicated to keeping it going. The effort to write and test those extractions and transformation are not worth what you get back for it, not to mention you would be delaying re-opening by days - weeks to do so. Most posters would rather have a site reopen sooner and start from new.
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