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  1. Picks this week need to be in by o. Standings below:
  2. If Gray was going to play at tackle, wouldn't they put him at RT? Is that why they are suggesting he is taking Bryant's place just for the practice reps and everyone else can stay in their position.
  3. I think there are a growing number of Canadians who don't feel represented by any party.
  4. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 7PM Current standings are below:
  5. There are still 6 weeks left in the regular season.
  6. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 6:30PM Standings are below:
  7. Saw this. Thought this was crazy when the salary cap is just over $200M. Players losing out on so much cash when you consider revenue from tickets, advertising, and sponsors.
  8. Police salaries are crazy high, especially when you consider they are getting a defined benefit pension on top of those earnings. Don't agree with publishing names with salaries unless you are an elected official. Surprised most of the names published are for people lower on the pay-scale. Wonder if it is a privacy thing where people can opt out.
  9. His original stake was because of the property, but there were also other investors that Chipman and Thompson bought out over time before buying the Jets. Don't think it is public knowledge how much of that money came from who.
  10. It is not your money. And why would you get a say as to whether he should stay or leave? You can choose whether or not you pay to support the Jets. You can choose who you elect who makes the decisions to provide subsidies or not. There is no reason for him to keep a team here when it loses money and doesn't get similar tax advantages that other cities will offer. Again, it comes down to what a majority of people want in a democratic society.
  11. As you said it is not a simple question to answer and even that report doesn't come close to painting the full picture. True North does get a tax refund from the tax charged on tickets (along with gaming revenue and tax breaks on the arena), but there is no guarantee that money would be going to the city if the Jets weren't there. The downtown is dying with many abandoned buildings. Would there be tax revenue on the block of real estate without the Jets there? Hard to say, but I suspect things are only going to continue to get worse for downtown with hybrid work models. The majority of cities now a days will give tax breaks to professional sports teams. It is a reality of todays sports climate. If enough people support it, it will continue. If enough people are against it, the team will leave. Pretty sure the Jets don't make a lot of profit on their balance sheet year to year with the economic realities of having the team in Winnipeg. You aren't really subsidizing rich peoples pockets with more money, you are subsidizing to keep the NHL entertainment in the city. Owners make money as the value of the franchise rises. They will pay taxes on that if / when they sell.
  12. It started in appreciation of bringing the Jets back. Something that meant a lot to many people in the city. Alternatively, if people don't want to pay for Jets tickets, then the team will leave again. The mediocre part comes and goes. I suppose long term we will find out if Winnipeg can field a competitive team given the challenges of a smaller market team. Probably need to give a GM a chance outside of Chevy to really find the answer though. I do pay for Jets tickets (mini pack). I don't participate in the True North chant. Don't begrudge those that do.
  13. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 8:30PM Standings below:
  14. I have no love for the monarchy, and wouldn't care if they got rid of them, but they really aren't all that different then the love and adulation that actors, rock stars, and athletes get in todays day and age. I mean the UK still votes for their parliament, so the royal family is just a figurehead.
  15. No, it is tradition to have the monarch on our currency, not a law or requirement.
  16. Time for Canada to move away from the monarchs on our currency IMO. If we have to change them all anyway, think we should move to something more representative of Canada.
  17. That article mentions this weekend is the 18th annual Banjo Bowl? Man, that makes me feel old.
  18. Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 6:30 Standings are below:
  19. NFL is also the only of the major 4 sports leagues to not have guaranteed contracts. Weaker union? Too many college players who could slip into game action as opposed to other leagues? Not sure why football is behind the other leagues in some of these areas.
  20. NHL seems more generous than the NFL. https://winnipegfinancialplanning.com/nhl-pension/
  21. Time for Labour Day weekend! Picks this week need to be in by Friday @ 6:30PM. Current standings are below:
  22. I would wager it has more to do with how poorly the team has done over the last couple of seasons than a name change. Winning solves a lot of those things.
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