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  1. @M.O.A.B. has taken sole position of first place with @Albertabomberguy and @wayner currently tied for 2nd. Picks this week must be in before 6PM @ Thursday. Standings are below
  2. Attendance is also down league wide. There are bigger league wide problems for attendance then to blame this on location.
  3. This on going narrative about taking long to get out of IGF is for sure an issue, but it is a false narrative. They really botched things the first couple of years at IGF and now can’t shake this perception. Getting out of IGF is now faster for us then it ever was getting out of Polo. Polo wasn’t perfect either. Can’t expect traffic to be no line ups anywhere 25k people are leaving at the same time. At most it is 10 minutes for us to get out of the U of M area once we get to our car. Often less.
  4. @Albertabomberguy, @M.O.A.B., and @Mark F move into a tie for first place with 17 correct picks. Picks this week must be in by Thursday @ 8PM. Standings are below:
  5. That voice you hear yelling “Why don’t you take a knee!” is actually my brother aka @Tony Fresco here on the board. We are in different seats now, but that year we were real close to a camera.
  6. With a very unscientific check at who I see at Bomber games, would say that it is an older demographic. Getting kids in the stadium and fans of the team and league now, does wonders when they grow to adults and potential ticket buyers.
  7. Still a huge log jam at first this week as, right or wrong, there was a lot of consensus picks last week. Everyone picks Hamilton, Montreal wins. Everyone picks BC, Toronto should have brought them to overtime. Some interesting decisions to be made in the pick 'ems this week. Picks this week need to be made by Thursday @ 9PM Standings are below:
  8. Looks like you made picks on Tuesday at 11:26 AM
  9. Results are below. Will be updated after the Sask / Tor game is over. Picks need to be in by Thursday @ 6:30PM
  10. Panarin signs with the Rangers. 7 years @ 11.64M per
  11. You have to look at the penalty yards Edmonton accumulated. We gained huge amounts of field off of those penalties that don’t get reflected in offensive stats You could make the argument of Edmonton didn’t try to cheat so much, our stats would look better. Or our offensive would have sputtered and not put up the points without the penalties. One of the two.
  12. Chat issues from last week have been fixed.
  13. The schmoes are in town. Bomber home opener. Going to be Sunny and 26 for kickoff. Lets go get another win!
  14. Always wonder why people post asking where is the Game Day Thread and don't just make it. Effort is about the same. Anyone is more then welcome to kick it off.
  15. One would hope you could sign Chiarot for 2.5 - 3. And if that is what he signs for, Beaulieu should be half that. Then again in a world where Myers may get $8M and Hayes gets $7M, I have no clue what salaries are or should be anymore.
  16. It's pretty easy to accidentally click the close poll button when scrolling through on mobile. So if it is ever closed early, just give me a shout.
  17. Why is it you have such issues with this game, see these same posts from you in this game every year. Pretty sure Toronto lost .... big time.
  18. One more of these posts ... and it will have been said more times then the Riders will have wins.....
  19. Over 20 people now tied for first with 6 picks. Also 23 people went 3 /3 last week. Picks this week need to be in by Thursday @ 7:30PM for the Bombers home opener. Standings are below:
  20. Barring a trade, Jets final pick in the draft is goalie Logan Neaton
  21. https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/04/17/ville-heinola-scouting-report/ Looks like he is projected to be a top 4 defence man with possible top pairing potential.
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