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  1. Another early game next week with picks needing to be in by Tuesday @ 6:30 PM Standings are below:
  2. Rich


    People are people no matter what era. There are always going to be those that question and not believe. While disappointing, this really isn't anything new. It is unfortunately human nature. https://crosscut.com/2020/05/seattle-always-had-anti-vaxxers-even-during-smallpox
  3. Rich


    People should be getting vaccinated, but you can't compare death numbers from 100 years ago to today, especially when it comes to a pandemic. You need to compare percentage of population. In 1918 the world population was between 1.6 and 2 billion. Now it is at 7.8B.
  4. Early game next week with picks needing to be in by Wednesday @ 6:30 PM Standings are below:
  5. Would people be for or against Roberts going up on the Bombers Ring of Honour?
  6. There was talk on CJOB on the post game show after the game how Collaros was misused and unhappy in Saskatchewan. Was being forced to play in a way that didn't match his skillset. Not allowed to run outside the pocket, very much was constrained to the "system". You need to be matching both coaching and talent to succeed. It can't be just because of one.
  7. If you are saying he could have gave more by actually training and not smoking, then sure maybe you could peg that at 75%. Was it 75% on plays where he didn’t get to touch the ball. Maybe. But when he got the ball in his hands, it was 110% every time. There is no other way for him to do what he did.
  8. 9 people were able to pick 4 / 4 last week and we now have 15 people within the top 4. Picks next week need to be in by Friday @ 6PM. Standings are below:
  9. If you watch him on returns he stops and is hesitant as soon as a defender is a few yards away from him. It looks as if he doesn't want the contact. And that indecision and stutter stops any possibility of a larger return. And no, it isn't always the blocking, he could make more gains if he just went for it.
  10. This weeks picks need to be in by Friday @ 6:30 PM. Standings are below:
  11. Happy Labour Day Classic Weekend! Picks this week need to be in by Friday Sep 3rd @ 6:30PM. Standings are below
  12. Payback for a couple of years ago https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canadiens-tender-offer-sheet-hurricanes-sebastian-aho/
  13. Rich


    They claim it does work to treat but I think most effective at preventing. The problem I see with using it as an alternative to vaccines, is using it to cure means it won't stop Covid from spreading and mutating, and using it to prevent seems a logistical nightmare to implement at a societal level. Imagine if people who are against showing proof of vaccination had to show proof they were taking a pill every week.
  14. Rich


    I heard about Ivermectin and Covid a month or two back. As far as I can tell this is the origin of it. https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/fulltext/2021/06000/review_of_the_emerging_evidence_demonstrating_the.4.aspx Even if this does prevent Covid, it would need to be taken regularly (weekly I believe) by enough of the population until the virus stopped spreading and died out. Which seems more complicated and error prone then people getting a couple of shots.
  15. Rich


    To be clear I’m not an advocate for people to take Ivermectin for Covid in lieu of getting vaccinated. If you are healthy and able, go get ******* vaccinated. But Ivermectin has been used on humans for parasites for quite some time. https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/ivermectin-oral-route/proper-use/drg-20064397 It is also instrumental in treating river blindness in Africa. https://parasitesandvectors.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1756-3305-7-241 People self treating with Ivermectin and using versions and doses of the drug designed for animals and not humans because that is the only prescription they can get need to give their head a shake
  16. Locking this thread and have removed a few posts. Lets all try to be civil to each other
  17. You haven’t lost anything. The game just isn’t played.
  18. No point this week for the Edmonton / TO game. It may still be rescheduled. If it does, we will add it to that weeks games. If it is forfeited, then no one gets a point for it and it wouldn't affect the relative standings.
  19. Tough week last week with an average of 1.4 correct picks per person. Picks this week need to be in by Thursday @ 6:30PM. Current standings are below:
  20. The original debate with you on this is there is no such thing as extreme leftism. Which you still do not want to acknowledge. As for the rest of this post, yes we should always find ways to do better. But not at the expense of repeating historical atrocities. Agree there can be a balance between socialism and capitalism in a democracy. This is what I’ve been saying all along. We get in trouble with extremes. As for no form of government, never took you for a libertarian.
  21. Are you proposing that we have found a perfect, ideal form of government with no flaws? Because I have never said that. People are flawed and every form of government will have flaws because people run them. If you are suggesting socialism is perfect and not flawed, it is this exact form of thinking that is so dangerous that leads to communism. Yes, democracy led to Donald Trump. Thankfully it only lasted for 4 years. So while still flawed, I would propose it is the best form of government we've found to date, and his time in office was minimized. Extremism on either side is the problem. You seem to only think extremism on the right is an issue.
  22. But this is the exact danger that extreme left / socialism / communism leads to. You can't simply dismiss it because it isn't your vision of leftist or socialism. By that rationale any person on the right can dismiss any extreme right groups and actions because it no longer fits their definition of conservatism. That is foolish and leads to repeating history. How many examples have there been where the thought was simply "Yeah, but no one has done communism properly, but this time...." The extreme version of the left leads to centralized planning to direct and distribute the production of goods equitably to a society, which cannot be done on a mass scale, and inevitably giving that type of power to limited people will lead to at best corruption and at worse the deaths and starvation of hundreds of millions of people. I have no doubt that every communist state was started with the best of intentions. But those people were dead and killed very early. If you haven't read it, this book is an enlightening read. https://www.amazon.ca/Gulag-Archipelago-Aleksandr-Solzhenitsyn/dp/1843430851/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3C4R8YNGQT7Q7&dchild=1&keywords=alexander+solzhenitsyn&qid=1629513724&sprefix=alexander+s%2Caps%2C209&sr=8-2
  23. This is true for the majority of people though. This is human nature. All of us have said and done stupid things in our 20s but it never used to be on social media forever. “Cancelling” for something you said or did 20 years ago means as a society we no longer allow people to grow or learn. And that is sad because that should be what life is about.
  24. Rich


    I think it will be some time before we understand the full ramifications of long Covid. And yes, it is a real thing. Vaccinated people aren't 100% immune from catching Covid. That has never been advertised. This likely depends on a lot of of factors, but it has been shown that people at most risk of severe Covid ramifications are those with comorbidities. This is very true for people who are worst affected by Covid whether vaccinated or not. Full disclosure that is pure speculation on who is likely still affected. Covid isn't going anywhere. Especially with new strains coming out. We need to figure out how to live with it as a society. At this point, with where we are at and how widely it has spread, I don't expect Covid is going to be completely irradiated any time soon.
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