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The RIP 2021 Thread

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well betty white is the last one standing....again. Carl's been reunited with Ellie

his last tweet before passing 

I wonder if MTM made a bigger impression than I would have thought, how many people went into journalism because of this show?

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Just now, TrueBlue4ever said:

Anne Oake, wife of local HNIC broadcaster Scott Oake, mother of magician Darcy Oake, and founder of the Bruce Oake addiction centre , passed away last night. 

Oh, no. That's very sad. I'm glad she got to see the opening of the clinic. 

16 hours ago, iHeart said:

He was amazing as Omar. Truly iconic character. Rest in power, Mike. 

I have never watched Boardwalk Empire but should. He was apparently great as Chalky White. 

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18 minutes ago, JCon said:

e was amazing as Omar. T

Hap and Leonard, excellent series,nhe was one of the two leads.


really well done set in poor rural Texas after vietnam. adventures of two returned vets scraping by. 

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Normy was one of my favorite comedians. So glad I got see his show a few years back at Rumors. It was supposed to be about 50 minutes or so but he wanted to keep on going and ended up performing for an extra 45 minutes. 

I watch his clips on YouTube everyday. There is one site - I'm not Norm - that posts something everything day, so that normally sends me down another Norm rabbit hole.

A few of my favorite Norm stuff is his visits with Conan and his interactions with Super Dave.



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