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  1. Magnitude 5.8 earthquake in New Zealand about 100 km from the capitol, Wellington. Here is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the middle of an interview when the earthquake happened. Similar shaking at our place.
  2. I think I was at that game too. I remember my brother and I going to a game against Calgary around that time where the Bombers were down big late in the game and we left early. Leaving the stadium we heard the crowd cheering and cannon go off. Then soon after, before we got to the car, cheering and the cannon again. So we raced to the car to put on the radio and find out what was going on!
  3. bb.king


    Ex-pat Winnipeger, lived seven years on Vancouver Island, and the last 13 years in New Zealand. Starting tomorrow we are moving to our highest alert level for the whole country which means people instructed to stay home, schools closed, all businesses except essential services (e.g. supermarkets, pharmacies, medical services), and major limits on travel. This is expected to last at least four weeks. I’m a research scientist (non-academic) and we are now all working from home indefinitely, aside from a few exceptions. Our prime minister gave a very encouraging and well-received press conference to the country yesterday outlining what the plan is. Seeing the s***-show that’s going on in certain other countries, it’s really nice being in a country that has a plan, even if it will be a difficult few weeks.
  4. I finally got a chance to see the movie and now scrolling through this thread. I won’t make any comments, but just something that went through my mind at the end. I was a kid when A New Hope came out, so I was part of the generation that grew up with it from the start. Back then I remember Lucas talking about how he had nine movies planned. Then, after ROTJ when Lucas said he was done with it, I always thought “OK, we got three movies out of it”, and didn’t think there would be anymore. Then in the late 90's he announced the prequel trilogy, and after those it seemed like that was it. And now we finally got nine movies. The whole series has its ups and downs, good and bad, would have been nice if it had been planned from start to finish to make it more coherent. But I sat there during the closing credits and thought “wow – I never thought I would actually see nine Star Wars movies". It took 42 years to get there. Regardless of the quality of the whole series, I’m so glad that I got to see the end one way or the other.
  5. I remember the cups in 1984, 1988, 1990, and how the team was always a serious contender in those days. I was at a Grey Cup party in 1990 and only half-paid attention to the game. When they won it was like "cool, they won again", just assuming it would continue to be a regular occurrence. Never thought it would be 29 years until it happened again. Since then I moved to the west coast, and then further west to New Zealand. Still follow the team though and ecstatic they finally won. Congratulations Bombers!!
  6. The 1984 Grey Cup was magical, but I think the most memorable win for me was the 1984 western semi-final. The Bombers lost in Vancouver the week before to finish second to the Lions. I was there for the semi-final and the Bombers slaughtered Edmonton. The last few minutes of the game the crowd was chanting “B.C. sucks” and “we want B.C.”, and even though the Bombers lost the week before it seemed like destiny that they would beat the Lions the next week and go on to the cup. 2001 Grey Cup - the less said, the better.
  7. I disagree - he was 20 feet tall if he was a foot. Arms like tree trunks. And on top of his head a shock of hair - red as the fires of Hell.
  8. bb.king


    Always one of my favourites as both heel and face.
  9. bb.king


    One thing for certain is that Ed Boulder, Dizzy Hogan, The Disciple, Brutus Beefcake, The Booty Man, The Man With No Name, The Zodiac, and The Butcher were all different people.
  10. Stumbled across this song recently and loved it!
  11. bb.king


    I was always a fan of the DDT, back in the day of Jake Roberts when it was a finishing move and not just another move in the middle of a match. When I first saw Jake Roberts perform the move it looked devastating, and it was one of those moves that didn't require an elaborate setup, although he always added a few theatrics.
  12. https://twitter.com/RVAwonk/status/1041459753803829250 Sounds like he's wavering, although it is Jeff Flake so we have to wait and see if he follows through.
  13. bb.king


    Sad one - one of my all-time favourites from the 1990's.
  14. I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, but for the Blues Brothers fans out there a sad one... https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/blues-brothers-guitarist-matt-guitar-murphy-dead-at-88-w521611 He had a long career, and wasn't as famous as other blues legends, but still a great guitar player.
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