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  1. Well Snak Trap is now closed I'll miss the stuff they had so now I'll have to make trips to WPF whenever I have a chance to get there
  2. oh yikes https://deadline.com/2024/05/when-calls-the-heart-mamie-laverock-life-support-fall-balcony-1235942536/
  3. Paywall I don't think it has been in years btw do they still change the news boxes I've been seeing the same paper in the Sun box for weeks on Graham near Tim's
  4. the menu for jimmy johns, it doesn't look underwhelming but it doesn't look like they're anything that special and looking at Press'd again, well they have Smoothies that's different, but they have a Freshii and a Booster Juice steps away
  5. And Frosty was right https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/remembering-disney-legend-richard-m-sherman/ he also made a screen appearance in the end credits of Christopher Robin he did also make one more contribution for Disney last year he was brought in to play a bit of Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins in a short bit of Once Upon a Studio (and that short scene did make me teary eyed hell the whole short made me cry) Disney animation re-posted something from when they did Once Upon a Studio.....and if you've clicked on the Christopher Robin credits video, he had been kind of sounding like Winnie the Pooh for years)
  6. but didn't they also do that during Trotz Watch?
  7. I don't think I've told this story before, but I actually met Arniel 25 years ago back when was playing for the Moose, I don't know what was going on that February (I checked with my mother it had to do with Children's Rehabilitation) but I was brought onto the ice, he gave me a pennant autographed by the team (they actually won that game think it was in OT)
  8. so I've been meaning to do this for awhile but I finally got to try avocado toast, but I feel that I should try it plain because I got it from Ben and Florentine it had Bacon and Goat Cheese on it. It's actually not bad but I don't think it really has a taste
  9. well there was a dvd extra where he tracked how long the food would last comparing a normal restaurant vs McD's (but he should have used the meat rather than the bun because wouldn't that go bad faster than the meat? I know the fries lasted awhile before he accidentally threw them out)
  10. damn, I know Supersize me was 20 years ago but what if the effects of that did him in long term, I have seen the Doc but honestly it hasn't turned me off of McD's.....I don't think it would have taken a documentary to do that, the chicken nuggets kind of suck these days I don't care if there is white meat in it, and don't get me started on the Happy Meals they were way better when they were promoting something with Disney, hell I miss the days when McD's promoted movies (I haven't seen Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden or Supersize Me 2, oh but I did watch that Simpsons Documentary he did that commemorated it's 20th anniversary) https://people.com/morgan-spurlock-dead-53-8653586?utm_campaign=peoplemagazine&utm_content=photo&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_term={{.ShareRef}}
  11. well film crews are kind of a normal sight here, and usually it's Hallmark Holiday Hash (hell I caught them filming or putting stuff together in that tunnel near Red River Bookstore))
  12. https://tvline.com/news/walker-cancelled-season-5-the-cw-1235202749/ https://deadline.com/2024/05/canadian-drama-the-spencer-sisters-canceled-no-season-2-ctv-1235926166/
  13. https://deadline.com/2024/05/ivan-boesky-dead-1235924688/
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