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  1. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-news/sinbad-wins-april-fools-day-with-real-footage-of-fake-shazaam-film-193284/
  2. yeah I'm aware that he's been gone for a decade, but the nostalgia still remains, CJOB had been playing them for as long as I can remember
  3. whatever I'm only listening to CFRY right now because they have the rights to Gipp Forster's It Feels Like Christmas (I will admit I wish it was still on CJOB because that jingle is just not the same without "On CJOB" add-on)
  4. https://vancouversunandprovince.remembering.ca/obituary/chad-allan-1089111079 Chad Allan original lead singer of the Guess Who, host of the CBC program Let's Go
  5. https://www.bruinsinsider.com/BREAKING-The-Boston-Bruins-Have-Officially-Demoted-Brad-Marchand-305902
  6. Oh that NOW so according to a very observant member of the RadioWest message board, once Country 99 launches there will be a grand total of 8 Country music stations in Manitoba CFRY - 920 - Portage CKMW - 88.9 - Winkler (COUNTRY 88) CHPO - 93.1 - Portage (COUNTRY 93.1) CFPG - 99.1 - Winnipeg (COUNTRY 99) CFQX - 104.1 - Selkirk (QX 104) CIUR - 104.7 -Winnipeg (NOW COUNTRY) CICY - 105.5 - Selkirk (NCI) (Indigenous.....but primarily Country) CJXR - 107.7 - Steinbach (COUNTRY 107.7)
  7. So update on Peggy they're going to be playing Christmas music til the 26th and then they are going to be Country 99 (found out via CJOB)
  8. https://deadline.com/2023/12/sandra-day-oconnor-dead-first-female-supreme-court-justice-1235647630/
  9. what kind of stupid penalty is holding the stick anyway?
  10. no change in the score after 2 even though we got two satisfying power plays seeing Kane and McDavid in the box
  11. for those that don't have Hulu https://tvline.com/news/only-murders-in-the-building-abc-premiere-date-season-1-episodes-1235091130/
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