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  1. 26 years and counting, welp I guess I'm done with Hockey til September Guess we can always root for the raptors while waiting for Soccer season to start (I mean we might as well the raps advanced)
  2. I actually watched that episode when it originally aired 14 years ago, at least back then the show was still watchable to me
  3. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/sabres-bogosian-sidelined-5-6-months-hip-surgery/sn-amp/?fbclid=IwAR1oRwDGZwjpheYDmRbTADEdQuIB5ST_W0R7zn0k2NEDvfqIUbO2enTOA0U
  4. okay this is actually kind of awesome and I don't really care for the MCU
  5. https://deadline.com/2019/04/better-call-saul-could-wrap-after-six-seasons-says-co-star-1202600047/
  6. would it be too much to trade for a D man that won't break easily?
  7. ouch, get better dude https://winnipegsun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/winnipeg-jets/laine-among-injured-tanev-went-under-the-knife and I was just thinking about how that he managed to survive the season without an injury
  8. well so much for being "Open to resigning" on Hayes part
  9. https://tvline.com/2019/04/22/ncis-los-angeles-renewed-season-11-cbs-2/
  10. so here's what FotWJ has to say about contracts coming up: These are the Jets RFA's & UFA's Among the RFA's Trouba is the big question mark. The Jets are not going to allow him to walk away after next season and it seems the Jets and Trouba's agent have until the draft to work out a long term deal. if not, a trade is very likely. With the UFA's many will be gone. Unlikely the Jets can afford Myers & Hayes next season. Tanev and Chiarot will be at the top of the list to resign but both could opt for free agency and get more from another team. Of the other NHL experienced UFA's Lindholm is a possibility to resign. With serious cap issues next season, the Jets need players still on ELC's. Poolman, Niku, Vesalainen and Appleton fit that bill. Roslovic should get a regular spot in the lineup Mathieu Perreault while having a modified no trade clause, may still be on the trade block as they look to save on his 4.25 million salary. It will be an interesting off season and the benefit of being out early is more time to negotiate with the free agents. RFA's and UFA's bummer, I'd hate to have to retire this GIF though
  11. wait aren't there CFL negotiations going on or was that settled?
  12. whoa, little just scored, ah well at if we had to lose at least it wasn't by a huge margin
  13. so you think Scheif or Buff should be captain?
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