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  1. well It's official Lapo is going to Ottawa
  2. well Laine do you still wish you could play all 82 games against the stars?
  3. it usually is in most southern US teams except for Colorado and the big three in Cali
  4. Are they sure there isn't a way for the goldeyes to share IG Field like when they used to share Winnipeg Stadium/Canad Inn Stadium....wait scratch that, they're already sharing with Valor (valour?) FC
  5. well considering that he seems to play best against the stars I don't blame him for thinking that
  6. good god and I thought Buff was one of the mature ones
  7. 5 goals....release the Andrea and there goes Sbisa
  8. 3-0 Morrissey, and there goes perreault and our shut out and Laine finally has one. So let's see if Andrea gets to come out and play tonight okay who put a make your own sundae bar in the penalty boxes
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