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The RIP 2021 Thread


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6 hours ago, JCon said:

Oh, no. He was such a character and successful manager. RIP, Tommy. 

Yes, he was one of the best.  True baseball legend.

On 2021-01-03 at 6:41 PM, tacklewasher said:

She was always one of the hottest Charlies' Angels.  Though no one could really compete with Jaclyn Smith.

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36 minutes ago, kelownabomberfan said:

Damn. That was preventable- after we reach age 50, our thirst response weakens and we can be quite dehydrated and not know it. The body signaling system is so primitive that our brain (the signal receiver) cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger. So, often the late evening hunger we experience is often thirst but we eat instead of drinking water. About 2/3 of people over 55 that come into hospitals for other reasons are significantly dehydrated.

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I know how painful it is to have the light of your life torn away and fall into an abyss of emptiness and despair. There are many for whom the life alone without their soulmate is so devoid of meaning and joy that they choose to wither away soon after their mates. It take a lot of courage and support to try to reassemble a life alone.

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