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  1. Moose play their next 17 at home? 😂
  2. Freakin Alberta getting all the bubble action.
  3. Anyone seen evidence of new Costco north Main just inside perim? Also... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-new-tallest-building-300-main-1.5936363
  4. Can always blame Trudeau if it does not. Gotta have that backup blame plan.
  5. Time : Saturday 6, SN/CBC Stats : 15-7-1 @ 10-6-6 Streaks : W2 @ L2 Notes :
  6. Ha! It did make the highlights. To set it up 14 seconds left score tied. Just a bit wide
  7. I was just saying to someone tonight Calgary should fire their coach. This should turn them around. Sutter has such a dour look on him though. His he winning? His he losing?
  8. If you looking for a shot on goal by DeMelo it won't be in the highlights :@
  9. I was ready to call out PLD for being lazy tonight too.
  10. https://illegalcurve.com/winnipeg-jets-have-reassigned-forwards-david-gustafsson-and-kristian-vesalainen-to-the-moose/
  11. Looks like we gonna top out at 1k. Damn shame.
  12. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-super-channel-owner-moves-to-block-sale-of-devices-it-says-are-used-to/
  13. For some reason they not saying how the SA variant came in. Thanks gov.mb.ca!
  14. Time : Thursday 6, TSN3 Stats : 14-7-1 @ 10-6-5 Streaks : W1 @ W1 Notes : 12 of the next 14 games are on the road.
  15. We score late in the period, they score late in the period. VAN 2-3 WPG [E2]
  16. Pionk does the Johnny Cash 😂 Perreault makes it 2-1.
  17. Lewis, Harkins, Perreault are your best players for a 4th line. Hark's injury to start the season sure has put a damper on his season. Pretty much gotta earn that good will all over.
  18. Tru dat but you didn't have to go so far in the analogy. A box of wine would have sufficed
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