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  1. Quebec adopts Bill 96 French language reforms amid concerns for anglophone, Indigenous rights
  2. Knowing Texas they will push to allow students to bring their guns to school.
  3. And some people saw it 6 months ago in a tweet
  4. Good luck to the Better Call Saul viewers who are not caught up going through the day without last nights show being spoiled.
  5. Im not saying was involved when i posted that but...
  6. May 23 FLA 0-2 TPA : Lightning win series 4-0 COL 6-3 STL : Av's lead series 3-1
  7. Still the advantage should be CAL with Smith in net.
  8. Technically not slander but yes the only way to shut people up is to take them to court. Why Biden not done it.
  9. And if Pitts not get Lemieux or Crosby we would be talking about another city.
  10. Yeah, im about to unsub them for this bs. Unless it's true 🤔
  11. The franchise that gets better with age? (If we don’t include #2). Major call back to the first one.
  12. May 22 FLA 1-5 TPA : Lightning lead series 3-0 CAR 1-3 NYR : Canes lead series 2-1 CAL 1-4 EDM : Oilers lead series 2-1. Kane hat trick. ******* Oilers 🤬
  13. MAY 21 COL 5- 2 STL : Av's lead series 2-1 and if you thought that was bad as a Blues fan it gets worse... https://www.nhl.com/news/jordan-binnington-out-for-series-with-lower-body-injury/c-334243442?tid=333941000
  14. Well the bar at failed first round pick is Vesa. I wonder if someone will take a chance on him tho aka Svetch.
  15. Could have almost given the Jets special Cup consideration for how they dealt with him a year ago. May 20 NYR 0-2 CAR : Hurricanes lead series 2-0. Come on extra 1st round pick! EDM 5-3 CAL : Series tied at 1 🤬
  16. McCrimmon, Stone, Lawless calling Barry to Winnipeg South. I suspect that's the way it will go.
  17. ‘Daredevil’ Disney+ Series in the Works With Matt Corman, Chris Ord Set to Write
  18. Canada bans Chinese tech giant Huawei from 5G network
  19. https://variety.com/2022/music/news/vangelis-dead-chariots-of-fire-blade-runner-1235272061/
  20. Manitoba's COVID-19 death toll jumps 66 in most recent weekly update
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