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  1. https://www.tmz.com/2019/03/26/ranking-roger-singer-dead-the-beat-general-public/
  2. oh wow I guess everyone has forgotten about the one time the U.S. won the grey cup
  3. really? do they consider him dead weight?
  4. wow Geragos actually got someone off.
  5. well thanks to KConn we won't be shut out tonight
  6. it's a shame that Colorado isn't playing tonight
  7. why does every single team have to make us pay for shutting out another team or winning by a huge margin we're going to be screwed if we end up playing against this team in round 1
  8. I think I've seen the PIxel 3 ad more than the sobey's ad tonight
  9. @blue_gold_84 Retro Winnipeg? he's a retro archiver he has an awesome youtube channel that includes news coverage and commercials from Winnipeg's past
  10. now that we've clinched the spot we now have to play the waiting game to see who we are facing
  11. well it took 2 seasons, but KConn has his first career hat trick and the Jets clinch their berth from Retro Winnipeg Ironic because we won't be seeing that ad during playoffs because tsn won't be airing them
  12. ugh nashville scores but it's under review no goal Kyle Connor puts us on the board Good copp 2-0 jets
  13. okay I don't have a link but you can check your dvrs, now for those of you that have the Action channel at the end of the month, it will be rebranded as the Adult Swim Network, which will air shows from Cartoon Network and Teletoon's late night block (which means farewell Teletoon at Night) I had to let my dad know this because he watches King of the Hill on Teletoon at night and I didn't want him to get confused So this basically means that both Teletoon and Cartoon network will be doing family friendly programming 24/7 as of the 31st (though to me Teletoon hasn't been watchable since 2015, and Cartoon network had come 18 years to late)
  14. man I wish they would clinch already so I can start wearing my jersey out in public (yeah I'm not planning on attending any whiteout parties this year but I'll wear my jersey to work)
  15. I said this about Big Bang and I'll say it about Supernatural, it's been on long enough, it's time https://tvline.com/2019/03/22/supernatural-final-season-15-cancelled-cw/
  16. https://tvline.com/2019/03/22/perry-mason-series-hbo-matthew-rhys-reboot/
  17. so it'll have the same menu items?
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