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  1. iHeart


    4 days of no new cases can we break our record?
  2. iHeart


    three straight days of no new cases
  3. I've heard many praises about Golf Central (I'm actually shocked they can pull off a Jolly Rancher flurry) I do take a bus around but it doesn't seem to be a bus friendly trek (I tried looking up the place and it kind of looks like it's in the middle of nowhere
  4. there is a place close to KMTS, i had tried their twisters or whatever weather phenomenon they normally call it and well, I don't think the rocks or the salts ever get dissolved or something like that I think I had sweet tops once but I don't really remember the experience, but maybe I'll give it another try I do miss BJ's ice cream though, used to be near Munroe library, I think it closed in 2000
  5. I wish they had frozen the rent for all the businesses there, maybe Arby's would still be there as well. They haven't started dismantling yet, but now I'm going to have to try and resort to other ice cream places (their main location is way too far for me), I'll be going out and doing stuff downtown and I think I'll go to Tee Yah's after I get some Bodegoes (if they still do chicken fingers) Neon Cone is a little bit closer to me but I'd have to spend alot of time at the forks, I hope Phantom Amusements is still there There are plenty of empty businesses at KP with another one already having the Store Closing banners, KP is kind of turning into Portage place but without the trouble makers (but then again I've never encountered any in the few times I went to Portage Place by myself, I mean if anything I actually once helped a woman pick stuff up off the floor after she spilled a bag of stuff that wasn't food)
  6. Why don't they reboot the Head and Maxx while they're at it https://tvline.com/2020/07/02/clone-high-reboot-new-episodes-returning-mtv/ if CTV Comedy doesn't air this Adult Swim will (because Teletoon dropped the At Night block https://tvline.com/2020/07/02/the-kominsky-method-ending-renewed-final-season-3-netflix/ hmm I thought it was renewed, well I learned something from the comments section there, apparently streaming numbers matter as well https://tvline.com/2020/07/02/katy-keene-cancelled-season-2-the-cw/
  7. I just found out that BDI won't reopen at KP.....stupid virus. they'd better replace it with something that will make me want to go there often (like a Rocky Mountain Chocolates, or a Lindt chocolatier, which actually does do ice cream something I found out when I visited the location near IKEA, or even a BR do you know how disappointed I was when that moved out of Portage Place?)
  8. It's times like this I'm glad that For Better or For Worse never brought up politics
  9. iHeart


    I wish more than anything there was a yay reaction here
  10. They're back https://tvline.com/2020/07/01/beavis-and-butt-head-reboot-comedy-central-mike-judge/ I bet it'll be paired up with the Daria Spin-off.
  11. well this was rather unexpected, what happened with Vegas
  12. https://tvline.com/2020/06/30/ozark-renewed-final-season-4-ending-last-episodes-netflix/
  13. https://people.com/tv/carl-reiner-dead-obit/?fbclid=IwAR07wBtqIo3Xgdg-rC7bSu0htgud-L3ILysi8nwq4OPMtSBm3Eo5PSCNwfE
  14. well this is kind of a bummer https://tvline.com/2020/06/29/thirtysomething-sequel-cancelled-abc-pilot-not-moving-forward/ https://tvline.com/2020/06/29/revenge-reboot-cancelled-abc-sequel-series-nolan/ https://tvline.com/2020/06/29/debris-series-order-nbc-alien-spacecraft-drama/
  15. iHeart


    let's hope we don't get any more new cases this week
  16. iHeart


    so did they discontinue the Sunday data updates?
  17. and https://deadline.com/2020/06/family-guy-voice-actor-mike-henry-stepping-down-from-cleveland-role-1202971407/
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