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  1. This is one of my favorites from Norm.
  2. Jets 5th round pick, over-ager Dmitri Rashevsky is off to a hot start to his KHL season. 7 points in his first 4 games. Here's a bit of his handiwork.
  3. Not quite. Habs got a first and a third for Kotkaniemi from Carolina. So JK and a 2nd for Dvorak and a 3rd. Not so bad now, Could be a loss down the line if KK lives up to the expectations Carolina seems to have for him.
  4. So last night, Patrick Marleau ties Mr Hockey's record for games played (1767). I'll just leave this little interesting tidbit to wrap your head around ....
  5. I just don't agree with that statement. Jets are 5-1-1 in OT this year, and are one of the most dynamic 3-on-3 teams in the format.
  6. I just hope they don't go after Pascal Vincent. I'd like him to get a shot here once Maurice eventually wears out his welcome (not that I'm advocating for it now, just that it is inevitable in their profession). #hiredtobefired
  7. I know of two people locally who had issues with their engines. A coworker’s Kia caught fire while he was driving home. Pulled over and within 30 minutes the car was a burnt shell.
  8. Don't mind that if the Dubois line is in fact"2nd"; except I might swap Appleton and Lewis.
  9. Not sure if this has been shared on here before or not but it was circulating at work. The concept of the Swiss Cheese model. Masks are one layer of defense. They alone will not protect someone, but the more layers of defense that are followed, the more someone is protected.
  10. Former Jet Eric Comrie with the victory for the Devils today. Nice to see him have some personal success after getting bounced around the last 2 years.
  11. Emotionally this may feel like the Selanne trade, but the return here is a legit 1B centre, not some prospects and pixie dust in Kilger and Tverdovsky. Selanne ended up in the HOF. We will see where Mr. Laine ends up. As was said earlier, not likely Columbus.
  12. That's three guys who wanted out and Rolso is not a top player at that. Wheeler, Scheifele Connor, Morrissey, Wheeler, Hellebuyck, Byfuglien, Little have all signed long term deals. JCon beat me to it. But every team will have some guys who are not happy with their situation. Grass isn't always greener.
  13. 3rd for Roslo / Laine for Dubois if you break it down. Was hoping a 2nd for Roslo, but meh. Wasn't progressing with us. C always carry more value than W in real life (vs fantasy) but I do think we should have got a higher pick or a prospect than we ended up with. Neither team was in a great bargaining position.
  14. Laine is best player in deal, but I think this makes us a stonger team. Plus I think Perfetti is better suited for the wing than center.
  15. Dubois' Dad is a coach on the Moose. Chevy would have inside track
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