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  1. Yeah, take those rankings for what they are worth. THN called it a ranking of where your team is "right now". Jets out in round 1. Moose missed the playoffs. At best, they should have maybe stopped there, but they then went to the prospect stable and looked at how far those players' teams are in the playoffs in their respective leagues to come up with a ranking. So a skilled prospect on a weak team, you are dinged - like Vesalainen out early. Granted our prospect pool is not as deep as it used to be, but there is no way our organization is 30th in terms of skill and/or potential. The bottom three teams are Pittsburgh, Winnipeg and Columbus. Meanwhile in the top 10 are the Ducks and the Kings.
  2. Mrazek was pulled in the second period I believe due to injury (looked like groin maybe). McElhinney actually stopped all 17 shots he faced in relief.
  3. Those numbers are scary. Interesting that Copp is our best, most consistent player based on those stats.
  4. NY Times with a visual depiction of the Boeing MCAS challenges ... https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/03/29/business/boeing-737-max-8-flaws.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur
  5. I agree that Petan has little value at this stage, but not sure why you keep saying Lindholm is another Petan. Is it because you're expecting him to be in the press box or based on play? Stylistically, Petan is an offensive player who wasn't trusted by the coach defensively, while Lindholm seems to be trusted defensively (based on PK time and d-zone starts) but hasn't put up any offense to speak of. And while his ice-time appears to be have dwindled for the Leafs more recently, he hasn't been a regular scratch. I also don't mind Lindholm as a depth piece and he might even provide some value in the playoffs in case of injury. He can play both Wing and Center, was just over 50% in the face-off dot and can kill penalties. Plus he is UFA so his contract comes off the books for next year. And even though he is 27, because this is his first NHL contract, he is waivers exempt while Petan wasn't so there is roster flexibility if needed. Plus Chevy moved him to get Petan a fresh start - getting a usable depth piece for a playoff run is gravy.
  6. Interesting rebranding for the Als ... But their team is still a mess. I like the unique approach with the logo on the helmet. https://alsternative.com/2019/02/02/an-alsternative-look-at-the-new-montreals-identity/ Wonder what the switch to New Era might mean for other teams (particularly the Blue and Gold).
  7. The kid is a freak. This bounce pass to Boeser is unreal.
  8. The total includes a small signing bonus each season plus potential performance bonuses of over $500K per year in the cap hit. See CapFriendly for details https://www.capfriendly.com/players/kristian-vesalainen
  9. Bombers still on the hook for their share. Thread title is very misleading.
  10. Yeah and Leafs fans are flooding the net too. No coverage from TSN. Capfriendly unresponsive at the moment. Who else is getting signed in the mean time? We still need a backup goalie.
  11. Don't know much about Bourque. LHD - 6'0, 185 lbs This was his draft year scouting report courtesy of Future Considerations: Haven't watched him at all, but had a rough year stats wise in Laval lat year. Both he and Luke Green spent parts of 2016-17 in Saint John. Not sure if there was overlap, but perhaps Jets would have had opportunity to get familiar with?
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