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Time knows no master and we cannot halt or delay it. My mother in law died a few years ago at age 99- two months short of her 100th birthday. She often said that everyone she knew in her adult life as

Schultz’s death is gutting news to me. Always liked his approach on the TSN panel, and he was one of the originals who helped create the TSN football brand and build the Friday Night Football panel an

It took me a while but eventually, I learned to appreciate Schultz' analysis. It was actually his weekly spot on 1290 that helped.  RIP. 

oh dear, how much longer will the goldbergs go on for?



his last episode is scheduled to air on April 7th. I've learned all the episodes had been written for the season, so they'll likely open the next one with Pops's passing.....I'm probably guessing that the Goldbergs will be renewed for a final season (the shows been on for nearly a decade)

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My kids are on Season 2 of Dinosaurs right now. 


She was stellar in all her roles but, I will always remember her as Lucille Booth. Just perfectly cast and acted. RIP. 

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