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Blue Bomber Free Agent List

sweep the leg

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Just now, sweep the leg said:

I think just about every team will have a list like this now that one year contracts are being signed.

yuppers.  this is a big reason why and a lot of teams will see some movement in FA this year with the 1 + option contracts..


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23 minutes ago, rebusrankin said:

I think you let Wild and Nevis go to use their $ elsewhere. Maybe Medlock too. Neufeld perhaps due to cost or he takes a paycut. Let Knox walk. Let Hurl walk.

I think Wild is a guy you can get back at a lower salary just because of his injury troubles, and I think that's the best way to go about that. They haven't been so strong at recruiting linebackers that you just let a talent like Wild walk away. 

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52 minutes ago, sweep the leg said:


The list below is who I would like back, and who I think the bombers have a legit shot at getting back. The others I think are replaceable either via draft or FA or just don't think they are good enough. Bombers won't sign them all.

















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16 minutes ago, rebusrankin said:

Wild missed 13 games this year and 6 in 2016. I think its time to move on and use his $ elsewhere. Especially since you seem to have his replacement in JSK.

Yup. If they can get the starting O-line and  DB’s under contract along with Dress and Flanders I’ll be a happy camper.

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Wasn't sure if a thread for other teams' free agents was needed, but here's the Redblacks list. Some big names here too:

Receiver Brad Sinopoli

Receiver/returner Diontae Spencer 

Receiver Jake Harty

Running back William Powell 

Running back Brendan Gillanders

Linebacker Taylor Reed

Defensive back Jonathan Rose

Defensive back Jerrell Gavins

Defensive lineman Zack Evans 

Defensive lineman Arnaud Gascon-Nadon

Offensive lineman Alex Mateas 

Offensive lineman Nolan MacMillan


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I'd be okay with moving on from a lot of these guys.. I'd love to see Hardick and Bryant back on offence, and the trio of Randle, Heath, and Leggett (assuming he is healthy) I'd also bring back Wild, Dressler, Medlock, and Westerman only if they decided to take paycuts because quite frankly they weren't worth their salary this season. Everyone else on this list I'm in different about. I wouldn't mind have Flanders back either but he may be looking for a starting position on another team and I wouldn't blame him for wanting the opportunity to start.. I didn't even include Bond because i assume he's NFL bound. 

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