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  1. Yes, unfortunately O Shea saying someone is "good to go" means nothing...until you actually see the guy on the field. sigh...
  2. Oh. And I thought this game counted for 2 points...silly me.
  3. Lucky Whitehead reminds me of a mix of Charles Roberts and Mac Heron. He is the most electrifying guy in the league, bar none.
  4. I meant Bombers by at least 20...in the 1st quarter. 😉
  5. We know Reilly is a great QB. He's a perennial star. But if this was his 1st season in the league, what we be saying about him? Probably that he sucks and has no future in the CFL. Hmmm. Maybe QB's need a lot of talent around them to succeed. Maybe some of those QB's we had come and go in Bomber camp for the last 20 years or so weren't so bad...maybe our surrounding talent wasn't good enough. Maybe no one should be paying a QB in this league $700,000 a year. And maybe it's time (once again?) for a cap on QB salaries. Just my thoughts.
  6. Got an easy day of work today...and then home to watch the Bombers play. Bombers by (at least) 20. Okay, I'll go further, 45-15.
  7. Passing yards wise, maybe not. But he is efficient. Yes, I would rather have BLM or Reilly here (at a lesser salary), but Nicholls doesn't throw too many picks and fits our system. I'm saying he throws at least 4 TD's on Friday...
  8. I've heard ads for it over here on Saskatchewan radio.
  9. Any know what the Vegas Odds/Spread is for this game? Rumour was it could be the most one-sided of any game this year!
  10. If you kids get too out-of-hand us old timers are gonna half to take you out to the woodshed.
  11. It might be reasonable to hope that Nichols passes for 300 + against Argos and Streveler passes/runs for 50 or more. (But passing yards are meaningless)
  12. Knowing how O'Shea/LaPolice roll, they will probably just stop throwing the ball when they get to 30 points.
  13. If it's been 4 weeks already, I'd think I'd fire Bell!
  14. Calgary's O line owned the Riders D line...and Calgary's D line owned the Riders Oline. They say the game is won in the trenches.
  15. Calgary is back. Winnipeg better keep winning because if we have to go into Calgary for a Western Final in November, I don't like our chances. We need to finish first!
  16. Yes, sadly. I've said all along that the stamps are STILL the team to beat in the west.
  17. No way am I cheering for the Stamps. No way. Calgary is a FAR greater threat to the Bombers chances of finishing first. Think Dickinson, Hufnagel, and yes, BLM/Arbuckle.
  18. B.C. is playing so bad, they are almost making Toronto look competent...and that is hard to do. This game may end in a 6-6 tie ( we'll give each team a field goal in the 2nd half too).
  19. Yes, this jives with what I heard out of Regina last year too.
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