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  1. Another guy I forgot to mention is Jenarion Grant - the guy is a threat every time he touches the ball!
  2. Could there also be a 3rd possibility that can play into things?? (That BLM is one of the most prolific, accurate passers in CFL history).
  3. Yes he is an extremely talented runner. But, at this point anyway, he lacks in being able to execute (i.e. find and hit the open receiver). That is one of the most important aspects of a successful QB. If he doesn't improve in this area he will be nothing more than a tougher, faster version of Nealon Greene.
  4. If Coach O Shea really thinks Streveler is our best shot in the playoffs...maybe they should rest him next week
  5. Because Streveler was a) hurt and b) he doesn't have the strongest arm
  6. I hope Streveler breaks the rushing record. (Having said that, as with all recent records, it is over an 18 game schedule). Anyways, This game will be a very good test for our offense and Strevelers ability to read a defense.
  7. I heard him on the radio saying in practice he once threw a wind-aided ball 100 yards.
  8. Yes, I'll say this as decently as I can...BLM is THE BIGGEST Douchebag this league has EVER seen. I've starting to think it's not his talent that kept him out of the NFL, it's his attitude. Arrogant doesn't begin to describe him.
  9. Yes. The most likely senario has us finishing 3rd and having to beat both Calgary and SK in their barns. A very tall task. ( But possible).
  10. One could also argue that every team should have every other team "figured out"...there are a number of options with every formation, but every team studies those and often plays the percentages. Like one coach said "I don't care if they know what we are doing. If we do it right, they won't stop us."
  11. LaPo started here as OC the year Milt won MVP honors...
  12. Less Browne was a tremendous talent. I couldn't believe it when we signed him as a free agent. There never was ( and probably never will be) a CB duo as good as Rod Hill & Less Browne!!
  13. Yup. Defenses have figured him out. Hopefully he responds in kind.
  14. According to reports OShea has turned down a couple of contract extension offers already...so many on this board will get their wish (I'm kind of indifferent on the matter - just hope we don't make a bad hire.)
  15. I always bet on the Bombers. However, my hunch is Calgary by a fair bit...followed by this board being lit up by criticism of our OC & DC's "calling a terrible game"!
  16. I am asking an honest question here...but what "far, far worse QB's than Streveler have won Grey Cups"? Can you name 3 please? ( And don't include Kerry Joseph as he won the cup in 2007 and was the league MVP that year). Generally you need a decent QB to win the cup. Our last 2 Grey Cup QB's were Sean Salisbury and Tom Burgess, but they certainly weren't "far, far worse".
  17. They probably realize there is no point in asking O Shea anyways.
  18. As far as the game goes, I don't like our chances in Calgary. It would be nice to at least split the back to back though so at least we'd have a chance at 2nd in West.
  19. Interesting that Collaros is practising. As a "3rd string", will he get any reps?
  20. Uh. Streveler is not the only QB in history whose receivers have dropped the ball...
  21. This. Most reasonable Bomber fans understand that Streveler needs to improve a lot. Will he? I hope so. He's still pretty inexperienced. I'm not convinced that Streveler is our best option to win in the playoffs (i.e. Collaros)....but knowing O Shea it's do or die with Big Chris. It will be an interesting off-season for the Bombers. Will they re-sign Streveler? Nichols? Or go after Masoli?
  22. Well, they need someone to play out the season there so...
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