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  1. On a positive note, I will say that me and a buddy had a great experience at the game. The Rider fans were, as a whole, very respectful. A few reminded us of our Grey Cup drought - and we reminded them they only have 4 cups in 100 years. Only 1 rider fan was a complete jerk and pushed people to the side as he went to the front of the bathroom line - then proceeded to curse out an older Bomber fan who had done nothing. If I had seen the guy coming up in the line, I would have laid a body check his way (but its probably best not to get into a fight.) Anyways, lots of Rider fans congratulated us on the victory and wished us luck after the game, so kudos to them!
  2. My guess is because he has played for both teams (and just to let you guys know - Abou stated that he was cheering for the Bombers)
  3. Uh, buddy, our own Matt Dunigan hit the crossbar against Baltimore many years ago in the playoffs...careful what you say
  4. My advice? Don't bother going over there... (you don't have to stick your head in a garbage can to know it stinks!).
  5. Yeah Clements was quiet. But I don't remember fans getting snarly when he said nothing. (I just forgot, I guess.)All I remember is him dissecting defenses. Yes, we should have beaten T.O. in 1987, but they had a good defense too. It was Brock who was run out of here in '83...Clements retired before the '88 season. Fans and media called him "Tom Terrific". Anyways...carry on...
  6. Craig Dickinson was just asked if he thinks Fajardo can start on Sunday...his response, "I'm not sure." (Well, that's definitely a different answer then O Shea would have given).
  7. Heh man, technology is not my thing. I only replaced the cassette deck in my car with a C.D. player last summer!!
  8. Oh...and moderators...all these people coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden starting new threads is getting annoying...just saying
  9. Right. And we have a dual threat Collaros pass - Streveler run to boot. Riders need a healthy Fajardo. Last year I went to WSF and a number of Rider fans told me before the game they were going to lose. They might be in tough again, QB-wise.
  10. I assume you're half-joking. I doubt Craig will lean on Dave for any info...I think he'll just watch the tape. But Craig was asked who he'd rather face- Calgary or Winnipeg - he said he was cheering for his brother. Well, you got the Bombers!!
  11. Yeah Fajardo has some sort of Oblique injury. He says he'll play. Craig Dickinson says he'll need to be practicing by Wednesday. Even if he does play I can't see him being 100%. He would have limited mobility...but then again I didn't think Streveler would play today either.
  12. I would just love to lay the best down on the Riders. Luc Mullinder on 620 radio never misses a chance to diss the Bombers. I'd love to slap it back in his face!
  13. And I'll tell you guys...from the media out here in SK, the Riders are not all that confident in playing a Bomber team with Collaros & Streveler...and to make matters worse their QB is banged up.
  14. This times 2!! I thought we had a chance, but the Bombers blew me away!!
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