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  1. blueingreenland

    That was painful...

    You may be right!
  2. blueingreenland

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

  3. blueingreenland

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    In fairness to Ray Jauch NO team in CFL history could have beaten the Eskimo's dynasty (with Warren Moon etc.), except maybe the Flutie-led Argos.
  4. blueingreenland

    That was painful...

    Hmmm. Not sure. Toronto is starting to win. Ottawa leads the East. Hamilton has been hot and cold. I'd say we would have a better shot of going through the East, but there might not be a cross over spot this year. Bombers need to stay ahead of SK and B.C. We could still finish in 2nd, but Nichols needs to start playing better or else 3rd or 4th is where we'll be at.
  5. blueingreenland

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    Esks might win by 50
  6. Ron Lancaster - the VERY last game he ever played in Regina - was booed off the field. The next game in Edmonton (his last), he was given a standing ovation by enemy fans. So sorry, no Rider fans should ever be lecturing anyone about the rights or wrongs of booing your own team. Personally, I don't do it. I love my team. But people have a right to do it and it often shows their passion. It would be worse if they didn't show up. But I do agree, as a player, one needs to be careful about what you say. You don't want to get on the wrong side of fans - hard to right that ship.
  7. blueingreenland

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    Never thought I'd say this...but if B.C. wins this game...Riders and B.C. not too far behind us...we might have to start worrying about just making the playoffs... never mind 2nd or 3rd in the west.
  8. blueingreenland

    Paul Lapolice

    A lot of guys on here don't understand how plays are called. You may have a primary receiver, but lots of options. Lapo doesn't just call "5 yard plays" all game. The 5 yard out is usually the 3rd or 4th option or the running back option. A lot of that is on the QB getting the time to read options (which Nichols usually gets) and then going through the proper progression. Also, the QB and receiver have to see the same thing and adjust. I know this is obvious to the knowledgeable football fan, but it is not all on the O coordinator
  9. blueingreenland

    2018 Matt Nichols

    I just read Darren Bauming's tweet (retweeted) about Nichols moving past Jack Jacobs in the all time Bomber passing yardage. You'll never guess who leads the passing efficiency rating stat? Interesting. Maybe, stepping back a bit...we need to cut the guy some slack.
  10. Well, there is that former Bomber receiver who is currently un-signed in the NFL...not sure if Walters has contacted him 😎
  11. blueingreenland

    2018 Matt Nichols

    Yes, in a lot of cases "the masses are asses."
  12. I know this is a bit of a ridiculous comment from a very frustrated fan (me), but I'm ready to start Shreveler and let him grow and improve. We have to get better. Just really frustrated. And flabbergasted that O Shea would leave Nichols in the game.
  13. Yeah. At this point I agree. Unless we get hot at the right time.
  14. Hmmm. I doubt Shreveler will be the starter next year. Not if O Shea is still here. Maybe in 2 years. Unless we go 1 and done in the playoffs...then Walters might have a bigger say of what goes on...
  15. Why is Nichols going back in? That is just stupid!!