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  1. Jim Pattison is originally from Saskatchewan (just fyi)
  2. James Murphy had a couple of huge catches in that game and Trevor Kennerd was a star as well, but it was our defense that was stellar...James West, Rod Hill, Mike Gray etc. Gray caught that pass but I think it was deflected a couple of times. Not sure who tipped it at the line.
  3. Is there a library thread where I can get an update on the Hamilton/Calgary game?
  4. CFL's greatest punter ever. Period. Welcome, Bob, to the ring of honour!!
  5. Yes, this issue alone may be THE issue of whether we can handle the Stamps this year. Will we be able to put pressure on BLM and disrupt his timing or will we give him all day to throw?
  6. Yes, he's been deliberately injuring himself since he joined the CFL. 😉
  7. That's crazy! I know we were in the East for a lot of years...but that's still crazy.
  8. Yes our best shot at a Grey Cup appearance is to finish 1st. Anyone know when the last time the Bombers finished 1st in the West and made it to the Grey Cup?? I don't know, but I think it's way back in the '60's!
  9. I understand your point, but WHO IS an MOP candidate in the league at this point? The 2 leading candidates up until 2 weeks ago were Trevor Harris and Andrew Harris. Well Trevor H's team is tanking, he is now injured, and he seems to throw for a lot of yardage, but that's it. And Andrew, well, not a lot of votes are going his way, rightly or wrongly.
  10. 3 Stars? Chris Streveler Paul LaPolice Ritchie Hall
  11. Booing a Rider fan should never, ever be done in fun. This is serious stuff.
  12. So...no Whitehead, but Demski looks to be a go.
  13. Not always. He went on the other day about how that hit on Rempel was dirty and needed to be penalized.
  14. Good question. It might depend on what the Bombers do with Nichols. My uneducated guess is this is what Walters is thinking, "If we don't win the Grey Cup this year, we will move on without Nichols next year." If Nichols is gone Streveler might sign here, but then again the Bombers may bring in another QB that shakes loose...i.e. Arbuckle type.
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