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  1. Today on Regina radio 620 the question was asked, "Which CFL non-playoff team will make the playoffs in 2020 AND which team that did make the playoffs will not make them?" Luc Mullinder answered: "B.C. will make the playoffs...(and...wait for it)...Winnipeg will NOT make the playoffs!" (I nearly choked on my sandwich upon hearing that...however Mullinder is a Bomber hater.)
  2. I think MOS is safe for awhile...but in all seriousness...the first Bomber loss and the critics will be giving it to our OC & DC!!
  3. I'd like to think he has a couple of really good years left in him...so my uneducated guess is he retires after 2021 season.
  4. You are aware that David Duke has endorsed a Democratic candidate as his next choice for President, aren't you (Tulsi Gabbard)? Or that he recently praised Ilhan Omar? (They are a bit in opposition to Trump's policies...just saying).
  5. Hmmm. Sounds a little bit similar to a certain woman in the U.S. running for leadership of the Democratic party (see: Pocahontas). Only in the case of Elizabeth Warren, I doubt her party will discipline her.
  6. Thanks Matt for bringing us back to being a very respectable team!!
  7. I like the Collaros signing. He may have been the best option we had. And remember that a lot could happen within the 2 years of his contract: he could stay healthy and we could win another Grey Cup or he could miss significant time paving the way for someone else (like McGuire).
  8. My guess is it wasn't a fluke. The guy has won 3 Grey Cups as a coach.
  9. Right! He was terrible for Collaros!! 😄
  10. You might be right...but at what point do the Bombers move on from their older and injured QB's like Nichols and Collaros and go with the younger guy? I am not saying they should...but I'm guessing it's at least in their thought processes.
  11. I hate that there are 3 bye weeks. I'd rather the league go back to 2 and move the Grey Cup up a week. I know it's in the name of player safety, but a longer season also means the players have 1 week less of off-season in order to make $ ( if they have an off-season job).
  12. Yes. One of the amazing things about Moon is he could throw a tight spiral rolling out to his right...or left!! Incredible athlete!
  13. Yeah, the truth is QB's don't often stick with one team for more than a couple of contracts. When was the last time we had a QB in Winnipeg for even 5 years? (Okay, I looked. It was Khari Jones!)
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