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  1. Yes, interesting isn't it! We had a bad offense that year, led by Sean Salisbury, and yet we won the Grey Cup with a lights out defense. If we are a top 3 team in each category this year (offense, defense, special teams), which I think is quite attainable, we will be very successful (so says Captain Obvious).
  2. Yup! We probably shouldn't even bother to play the games this season. I guess the only team we might have a chance against is Montreal. 1 or 2 wins then?? I guess it's easier in life to be an all out pessimist, that way if your team stumbles you can say, "Look, I told you guys!"
  3. I think we have at least as good of a chance at winning the cup as Calgary does this year. Winnipeg needs to finish 1st in the west.
  4. I think his point is that they oppose everything people on the right support - even if they proposed the very same thing only a few months or years ago.
  5. Getting off topic, but I agree. B.C. people don't understand what we like about the Prairies. Other than the weather being better there (Vancouver area) for 6 months a year, they don't have anything on us. The traffic is better here, the cost of housing is way better...and the people (IMO) are generally more neighborly. Heh, just my 2 cents.
  6. I have heard he does want to be a head coach again though.
  7. On second thought...if the NFL were running a Golden Corral restaurant in the stadium...I would definitely go!!
  8. I might watch the game on T.V....but only because it's in Winnipeg.
  9. You obviously have never referred before...or else if you did, you were perfect. Yes, the refs in the CFL do get it wrong sometimes...at times even ***** stupid calls. But heh, NFL refs make some really bad calls and they are full time. If I'm a player, I'd feel like cussing out a ref sometimes too, but I'd expect a penalty for it.
  10. Really looking forward to seeing Jeffcoat and Jefferson go after QB's. I'd expect big seasons from both of them.
  11. I'm sure they'd have a system where, if you don't sign with a team by such and such a date, you go back in the pool of undrafted/unprotected players
  12. Had a territorial rule in the NHL for the Montreal Canadiens until 1972. There should be an asterisk beside all their Stanley Cups up to that point.
  13. Yeah, like a 50 per cent reduction in pay. Heh, I'm only half kidding. Not sure guaranteed contracts would ever become a thing in the CFL. They could probably tinker with guaranteed contracts for vets and say the cut off point is earlier in the season. But you would still have to make the team, of course. The CFL teams can't afford to pay dead weight salaries of players who aren't contributing (like NHL or NBA can). But I do agree with a lot of what the article says, especially in reference to players who speak out getting cut and getting no compensation.
  14. Who holds the Bomber record in this category? Isn't it Paul Bennet in punt return yardage? The guy was never fancy, he went straight forward, but got the job done. Anyways, my vote would go to Fritz Hanson and Leo Lewis. (My personal favorite was Mack Herron -he played for the Bombers when I first started watching them. Dynamic in CFL and NFL but sadly could never exorcise his demons.).
  15. I'd never count out a Calgary team led by Hufnagel, Dickinson, and BLM. Until someone knocks them down a notch, they're still #1 in my books.
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