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  1. The President DOES NOT make the call of going into the bunker...the Secret Service does.
  2. Another article suggesting the problem we are creating (socioeconomic) is bigger than the problem we are trying to defeat (Covid19). https://apple.news/Ac-umTOd-QAyQcYnab3di8w
  3. This is a STUNNING U.S. study: Government Sanctioned Suicide: Study Finds Coming Economic Crisis Could Lead to 831,600 Suicides - Or 13 Times the Number of Coronavirus Deaths https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/government-sanctioned-suicide-study-finds-coming-economic-crisis-lead-831600-suicides-13-times-number-coronavirus-deaths/
  4. Abortion kills an unborn child.
  5. Milt Stegall never would have...
  6. Dave Naylor (a couple of days ago) stated that he thought Derel Walker might even wait till training camp till he signs with a team - Walker thinks teams might get desperate.
  7. Just my two cents, but I've heard Pedersen many times on Rider play-by-play - and yes he is a huge homer. I've also listened to his podcast. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and I don't either. He pumps up the Riders and puts down the Bombers - and says it's all in fun. He does a lot of work for AA - and I respect him for that. As for his feud with BLM...well, it seems BLM is taking it a lot more seriously.
  8. Let's hope he gets an early parole and can move on with the rest of his life.
  9. I kind of agree. And if they want to cap certain salaries maybe they should start with QB's!
  10. Today on Regina radio 620 the question was asked, "Which CFL non-playoff team will make the playoffs in 2020 AND which team that did make the playoffs will not make them?" Luc Mullinder answered: "B.C. will make the playoffs...(and...wait for it)...Winnipeg will NOT make the playoffs!" (I nearly choked on my sandwich upon hearing that...however Mullinder is a Bomber hater.)
  11. I think MOS is safe for awhile...but in all seriousness...the first Bomber loss and the critics will be giving it to our OC & DC!!
  12. I'd like to think he has a couple of really good years left in him...so my uneducated guess is he retires after 2021 season.
  13. You are aware that David Duke has endorsed a Democratic candidate as his next choice for President, aren't you (Tulsi Gabbard)? Or that he recently praised Ilhan Omar? (They are a bit in opposition to Trump's policies...just saying).
  14. Hmmm. Sounds a little bit similar to a certain woman in the U.S. running for leadership of the Democratic party (see: Pocahontas). Only in the case of Elizabeth Warren, I doubt her party will discipline her.
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