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  1. Yes, it would be a beautiful thing if we could see Montreal beat Edmonton today...that and maybe if Jason Maas would blow up.
  2. Yes our team this year is reminding me of the Calgary teams the last few years ( minus the Grey Cup champion label but I digress). We have an injury, and its next man up, and we just keep rolling! I like it!
  3. Nichols best QB in the league at this point of the season
  4. Troy Westwood on pregame said Bombers win by 30. So far, he looks about right.
  5. They look sleepy. Fortunately this team has sooo much talent...they can still win games if one part is stuttering.
  6. One thing you can count on Jennings doing...and that is to throw it deep (it might be to the wrong team, but he will throw it deep).
  7. Yeah, he'd look good in Bomber colours.. ah nevermind...our coaches would probably just keep him on the injury list
  8. With that logic why don't the Bombers just save him for the playoffs?!?! Yikes!
  9. No, the problem was that O'Shea said he was ready to go...that's a curse right there (lol).
  10. I'm sure next week we'll hear that the Calgary player was fined an undisclosed amount (wink wink from CFL).
  11. Sure hope not. Is it too much to ask if they throw him the ball a couple of times?
  12. I don't get the CFL refs. Toronto was just called for spearing, but a minute ago on Calgary's fumble recovery for a TD a Calgary player clearly makes helmet to helmet (spearing) contact with the ball carrier. It is not called nor does the review camera call it. Kind of a big swing in points there refs!
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