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2019-20 CFL Offseason

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Now to get Brandon Banks on an off - season program that will give him the cardio needed when he's targeted 3 times in a row...

We must never mess with the 'Rouge' - it may serve no real purpose but most importantly it is not American and it confuses the **** out of Americans... therefore it is critically important to the Cana

I still think with a different OC, Streveler could be a top tier QB in this league. 

3 hours ago, Noeller said:

I'm pretty sure he's talking about my comment where I said "if he can ever learn to read a defense, he could be one of the best QBs we've ever recruited"... 

I see how that could be interpreted as "over the top", but I stand by it. If the kid has brains and can figure out a CFL defense (and I believe that learning to process information and read a D is the thing that makes you a legitimate starting QB) then he'll be a good one... 

I'd give this post 5 stars if I could. What I saw from Streveler is a young man willing to put in the work necessary to become an elite player in this league. I believe that he will indeed work and study and develop his ability to read CFL defenses and to understand all the fine nuances of the position of QB. To me, he's a bigger, stronger, and more durable Matt Dunigan.

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3 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

We know what will happen if LaPo stays.

I saw at least two things that were different this year from last year. One, Richie Hall's defense became less predictable and more diverse as the season went on and, two, Mike O'Shea lost some of that rigid stubbornness that he is known for and handled his roster much better. It's Lapo's turn to make the adjustment.

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2 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

His style of play though, Booch. It is so physical. He won't last a season let alone have a long career taking the shots he takes. It'll take him awhile to get to lights out you speak of & then the brights will fade to blue if he has injury issues. He has to decide the kind of qb he wants to be. To continue giving out & taking shots running the ball or learn to play the qb position behind the LOS where he finds open receivers downfield. Does he want to change? That will only happen if he internalizes & changes the way he thinks of himself as a player. He has to take the next step & work hard to achieve it. The other question,  is LaPo the coach to do it for him? Working on his throwing fundamentals? Dickenson & Maas would be. Not sure about LaPo.

That's what Pierce is for and I suspect Buck will be given a larger role in the design and implementation of the offense next year. Agree with everything you've said here.

BTW, during the Grey Cup game, I saw Streveler get chased out of the pocket, roll out to his right, and drop the ball into a spot near the sideline where Lawler was working his way back to Streveler and they made a perfect throw and catch to extend a drive. I then saw Streveler stand tall in the pocket and follow that up with a perfect 25 yard strike to Andrew Harris straight down the middle of the field that was an indefensible bang-bang play that was executed to perfection. All done on a bum leg. He is well on his way to becoming exactly the kind of QB you have described even with Lapo as his OC.

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Just now, SpeedFlex27 said:

I don't want a continuation of what we did under LaPo. I'd like a different approach. It really only worked for 4 games.  

It's in Buck's nature to be a risk taker, that's how he played. I'd be intrigued to see how he'd blend what he learned from Lapo with his natural approach to offense. Could be dynamite!

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Buck is more of a gunslinger..go at em type guy..and with a Strev in his stable he will surely progress now.

As for other comments on Strev..he has already progressed and like mentioned in Grey Cup he made some throws he wouldn't have before..and its his progress made in pocket and with throwing.. mainly due to his platform..he has one now. Out of draft one of his knocks was he had next to no platform and it hampered him in some of his throws.

He was considered really good in his mid to intermediate range stuff  and consistantly put ball in a receivers catch radius and was able to throw guys open..but his deep shots needed work because he was not set..his platform..his only real knock.. that and experience which he is getting

When I was in CAli at that development camp talked with the QB coaches and we watched this and last season footage..along with his College film as we get access to it and you can see the development..and they also commented he is in a system not suited to him..and would stunt him..and I pretty sure Buck knows and sees that..but we were what we were and changes weren't being made last year

Lapos departure is the best thing for all our QBs and if Matt is back next yr..u will see a difference in him too


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1 hour ago, bigg jay said:

That's my biggest concern with Buck... that it's more of the same. We really dont know what we'd get with him though.

I can see Pierce’s tenacity and his view of the game, plus what he learned from one of the best, as valuable assets. I mean, it’s like he’s been interviewed all along.


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