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2019-20 Grey Cup Champs Off-season discussion.

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Marshall Ferguson...


I like to romanticize the ‘team of destiny’ concept but reality often brings those theories back to earth. No team of destiny would have their best offensive player suspended for two games, lose their starting quarterback and have to trade for another passer — whose 2019 resume featured four snaps.

Teams of destiny don’t lose back-to-back games on the road after a week-long road trip where players bond as dormitory roommates and they don’t lose to winless teams when leading by 20.

The 2019 Bombers were a running team in a passing league. They went against the status quo in style and relied heavily on internal confidence rather than outward bravado.

....At the end of the up and down two men deserved much of the credit — even though they’d never admit it. Bombers GM Kyle Walters and Head Coach Mike O’Shea kept the Bombers trending upwards.



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Partnering with Chicago-based Athlitacomics – the brainchild of former University of Manitoba Bison star and National Football League veteran Israel Idonije – the Bombers launched a creative and inspirational campaign that is unique to the Canadian Football League. The premise sees the team’s superhero players get transported back in time upon touching the Grey Cup to battle foes over the team’s nine decades of existence dating back to 1930. As the season unfolds, the superheroes advance through each of the decades using their various superpowers in their quest to repeat as Grey Cup champions.



In tune at all times, Drew Wolitarsky has the ability to disorient his opponents with his Vibrational Steps and shake his defenders. Every time his feet make contact with the ground, he emits a vibrational pitch. When he unlocks his maximum frequency, he can use the vibrations from his steps to increase his vertical leap, allowing him to make highlight reel catches.


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******* comic books....I can't roll my eyes hard enough. But I get it...the nerds are a demographic that isn't in to football, so if this somehow gets them to buy tickets and such, then whatever. It's the same as getting someone like Bieber to do the half time at Grey Cup...it's all about appealing to a demo that's not already there.

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