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  1. Exactly. Finding the balance between price that will be profitable but see near capacity crowds will be tough, but it's what leagues are going to have to do. Teams are slowly catching up with the reality of the time we live in though. We're even starting to see teams buck the tradition of gauging people at the concession stands. I love attending live games and I'm sure the majority on a forum like this are with me on that. But there are a lot of factors that make attending games a hassle. I can not drop an extra $100 to pay for tickets and parking to walk a mile to the stadium when I could be at home without $10 beers and a bathroom line as long as it takes me to walk over.
  2. Did I? Canadian Mafia strikes again!
  3. Hot take: Canada has dealt with Covid-19 much better than the U.S. due to being so familiar with the No Yards Radius.
  4. Y2C


    Jericho is knocking everything out of the park lately.
  5. Same here, apologies if already posted elsewhere. https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/04/05/column-look-back-ed-taits-memorable-games/
  6. I think it's the proper time? Just to keep it interesting let's call it a Second Favourite Blue Bombers Memory and not include the 2019 Grey Cup victory. But, just in case you needed a reminder, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers won the 2019 Grey Cup. 😎
  7. It's not Cuthbert or Suitor. Cuthbert has been mentioned, but Suitor is clearly saying "Oh baby!" as the catch is made. The "oh no" comment had to have been picked up from in the stands or on the sideline.
  8. He will probably sign pretty soon. The season is still months away though. Teams could easily be weighing options and considering moving things around to fit a guy like Walker in. Pretty sure it was mentioned just recently that BC was probably out. Yes, other teams are also trying to find a way to fit in a top tier receiver but need to balance their cap situations.
  9. Why hasn't he signed?! I want to know his status NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! What's he trying to get the best possible deal for himself like an idiot or something? People on a CFL message board DEMAND ANSWERS. 😫
  10. Nah, it's not "******* millennials". Nobody's saying "humph! I don't commercials!" They suck, but yes they bring in money to produce shows that are essentially free to listen to. Ads would be fine but the volume on OB is out of control and this is not new. As has been said, I haven't bothered with them in about 10 years.
  11. I don't know what you guys are on about? I'm personally grateful for the Riders media. Clearly the warmer temperatures in Winnipeg are directly connected to the takes in Saskatchewan being SO hot. 🙌
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