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  1. Does the 12 in a row 2001 team count as dominant? Or the subsequent Sellers teams? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. First thought was the 97 Argos as well. As has been said they were leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the league.
  3. Love all of these. Keep in mind it isn't restricted to this last playoff run. How about Roberts' run up the gut to set up Westwood's winning FG in the '07 west semi or Terrence Edwards' over the shoulder grab that set up Milt for the all-time TD tying score in Edmonton?
  4. I'm thinking of these as non-scoring or turnover plays that don't get talked about much but could have been huge momentum swings in games. The thread idea came to me watching the West Final highlights (and the 10 Plays That Make a Champion articles). Late in the 1st half the Riders force a fumble, Collaros has no idea where it is, spins around and by sheer luck it's right underneath him and he drops on it. When that football starts bouncing around on the turf it's very unpredictable. The Bombers ended up with a punt single on a bad decision by Thigpen on the drive, if the Riders took
  5. Well yeah, because he can actually throw. He can make things happen on the ground when called for though.
  6. Bo can run around pretty good. Not as much anymore due to age, but he was efficient enough.
  7. I bet it was! After 11 freakin' years I had my arms in the air on my couch. Being there must have shurely been special. Especially if you'd made the trip over that whole time. There had been every possible result. A good Bomber team losing to a good Rider team. A bad Bomber team losing to a good Rider team. A bad bomber team losing to a bad Rider team. And maybe the most traditional way the weekend can go, a good Bomber team losing to a bad Rider team. 🙂
  8. Ed Tait covered the 2003 Classic on BB.com. What a game. The opening drive is burned in my mind. Short kick to Harold Nash to start around the 50 or so. Sideline pass to Milt for a first down. Long pass to Sellers for a huge gain. Dump it off to Charlie for another nice chunk. Play action and Khari strolls in for the TD with the ball high in the air. I think I have that game around on VHS. I should figure out a way to get that beauty up on youtube.
  9. Earliest Bomber related memory I have is going to fan day and the massive line up for Dunigan's tent. Matty was the king of Winnipeg while he was here. In game would be some time in the Kerwin Bell era when the team was trash. Not a lot of winning went on here back then, but I somehow recall one game a ball getting lobbed downfield in the dying minutes and batted by an Argo DB right into a Bomber receiver in stride for a touchdown and I'm pretty sure a win.
  10. Favourite: Khari Jones. Loved the guy and still wish him success even though he's with the greasy Als. Least Favourite: Nate Davis. Hated the signing the whole way. Luckily only played one game for Winnipeg. Still one game too many.
  11. Exactly. Finding the balance between price that will be profitable but see near capacity crowds will be tough, but it's what leagues are going to have to do. Teams are slowly catching up with the reality of the time we live in though. We're even starting to see teams buck the tradition of gauging people at the concession stands. I love attending live games and I'm sure the majority on a forum like this are with me on that. But there are a lot of factors that make attending games a hassle. I can not drop an extra $100 to pay for tickets and parking to walk a mile to the stadium
  12. Did I? Canadian Mafia strikes again!
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