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  1. Bite your tongue! How would I know that Brandon Banks is nicknamed "Speedy B" if I didn't hear it 800 times per game?!
  2. I think it has to be 2001 because I'm pretty sure that's when Charlie came in.
  3. Ti-Cats lineup featuring Duane Forde and one Kyle Walters. 😎
  4. I'm almost positive I have that book around somewhere.
  5. I was around for TJ Rubley, Kevin McDugall, etc. and I think Brohm was the worst quarterback I've ever seen. Dinwiddie had a cannon compared to that guy.
  6. He was a great guy. Since it was the days of local blackouts he actually mailed me (via John's sister, I believe) a VHS tape of the first Banjo Bowl. In PMs we joked about what a goof Marty York was.
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