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2021/22 - CFL Offseason - Non-Back-to-Back Grey Cup Champion Thread


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10 minutes ago, blue_gold_84 said:

What a self-important ******. He can barely play tailback at this point.

But maybe this would intrigue Chris Jones.

When he said I can dominate as a LBer too, I was thinking "What else did he dominate?" because he is a mediocre RB at best. He really needs to stop attending Duron Carter's self help seminars.

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1 minute ago, Brandon said:

I don't care if people **** on my hopes here....  I hope Edmonton gets absolutely trounced this season and want them in dead last place more so then the Riders.     The sooner Jones and the knobs are gone the better.

I kind of agree with you....Chris Jones and his "I'm the smartest man in the room" shtick got old fast before, and sure it will bite him again.....and no slight on Lawler, but would love to see Ellingson produce more, and roll into Grey Cup as he misses playoffs...or at best is trounced in the semi...on the road......and I see both scenarios occurring too

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