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It's time to hand the ball to Streveler.

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The sooner the Bombers move onto Streveler, the sooner this board can move onto ogling McGuire.   

Here’s the reality with Nichols ... he had a better than average (for him) night and tossed up three balls that were good looking - one to Lawler for a nice little gain, one to Woli that was just not

What I like about Strevler is he likes to push the ball downfield..he might not progress through all his reads but he immediately goes to the money makers and if not there he takes off as opposed to t

4 minutes ago, Goalie said:

Ill say i agree but... This will be a troubling thread. 

I get it, I'm a huge Matt fan and he turned our franchise around, and for that he'll always be a huge part of this organization for me.


But right now the guy just has something missing between his ears confidence wise. He isn't bringing enough to help us win anymore. 

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I think I agree and look Matt has been a professional, he’s been a winner, and he is a big part of our team becoming one of the best franchises in the CFL but he has not been the same since his injury and I think most of it is mental. The second the pocket breaks down instead of stepping into the pocket, or getting rid of it then and there he will put the ball down and throw it Harris for minimal gain or take the sack. Also the sign of a strong quarterback is confidence. If you hate interceptions so bad you’re unable to take a risk or stretch the field then I think it’s about time to take a seat because a confident quarterback will forget about the interception and go back to business. Now I know Lapolice is partially to blame but if you’re going to go with a run heavy conservative game you might as well put Streveler in to keep the defense honest on the run option which gives us more flexibility. 

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5 minutes ago, MOBomberFan said:

With a Matthews drop and a barely out of bounds Woli. This game was an adventure

Wasn't a drop. That ball to be over the other shoulder between the wr and the sideline. Not between the wr and the db. He put Mathews in a bad and dangerous position. 

5 minutes ago, bustamente said:

I'm not a Nichols fan, but I'm not sure that Streveler is ready to take over the team this year, might have a different opinion if we had a losing record

Agree. Streveler hasn't shown to be ready as a passer yet . And they won't make that change any time soon. 

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18/22 for 177, would have been 20/22 with 220 and TD pretty easily if Woli and Matthews catch those balls. Agree totally that Nichols needs to throw to his receivers more vs just dump offs to Harris. Lapo doing him no favours calling for run on just about every first down, leaving second in obvious passing situations every time.

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