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  1. I lean towards that too unfortunately. Let's hope Bomber management proves us wrong with the signing of Masoli or Arbuckle.
  2. We drafted a complete bust in Ekakatie so we actually made a worse pick than Vandervoort. Saskatchewan drafted Judge behind us who looks like quite the player up to this point.
  3. Bad coaches can win championships, never mind winning 10+games a season. See former head coach Dan Byslma of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I wouldn't say O'Shea is a bad coach but winning 10+ games for four years in a row certainly doesn't indicate he is a good or great coach. He has been provided with quite a bit of talent and good Canadian depth.
  4. The team seems to have peaked under this regime in 2017. 12-6 record. While the team did finally win a playoff game in 2018 it was against the worst starting QB in recent playoff history...and that Bomber team was 10-8 in the regular season and clearly inferior to the one from the preceding season.
  5. The D wasn't good...I will start by saying that. But the offense was pretty bad as well. The defense basically gifted the offense 14 points. 1 on a turnover returned for a TD and another deep in Calgary territory where the offense only had to move the ball 25 yards for the TD. Without those plays by the defense, the offense probably only scores 19-22 points...not particularly good. Bottom line- both the offense and defense were not good. Special teams was the best aspect of the game for the Bombers.
  6. Bighill has been a bust this season for what the Bombers are paying him.
  7. Implosion may be a strong word, but the team is 5-8 in the second half of the season with two huge leads lost in that time frame. The offense is near the bottom of the league in that span and the defense is too inconsistent to be called anything more than average. Edit: 5-7
  8. The defense wasn't very good...and yet they practically scored 14 points for the team. The offense was nearly as bad...without the 2 turnovers by the D and the Bomber ) likely scores less than 20 points which is not good enough vs. Calgary. Didn't help when the offense turned the ball over 3 times in the second half.
  9. Streveler is a warrior out there, no doubt about it. However, it is frustrating watching a QB who is, for the most part, incapable of throwing it down the field with any accuracy on a consistent basis. Less than 150 yards passing...you simply can't win with that performance which is what Streveler provides week in and week out. 2 more picks by Strev so he now has 16 ints this season. Based on his passing attempts, he throws a pick every 14 attempts...you can't win with that type of quarterbacking. Looking at the final numbers, Strev had more rushing attempts than Harris which is inexcusable.
  10. Ticket sales are dropping. The season ticket base dropped to 17 - 18,000 this year. Outside the Banjo Bowl, the Bombers did not draw one crowd over 25,000 this year - that is the first time that has happened in the new stadium. I think many people have given up on the idea this team will win a Grey Cup or even finish first with this coaching staff and management group in place.
  11. Don't be myopic. Buck was an injury-prone QB when he came and had underwhelming results when he came here from BC...it was the reason they released him. That continued with the BOmbers...it didn't help that the GM surrounded him with garbage on the o-line, but it was clear as time went along especially in 2012 and 2013 Buck was done. He was failing to go through his progressions by that point and his arm wasn't as strong either.
  12. I would be fine with Lapo leaving as I think he is an over-rated OC, but you are wrong. With Khari and Durant, Lapo let his quarterbacks sling it down the field with long and intermediate passes. Neither Streveller nor Nichols have the talent to do that on a consistent basis. A clean slate (new head coach and new coordinators) to go along with a new quality QB would be just what the doctor ordered in 2020, assuming this team is one and done in the playoffs.
  13. Yes, Buck was a warrior and he was mediocre for most of his games he played here...and the Bombers were mostly awful from 2010-2013.
  14. I think it would have required a first round pick from the Bombers to complete that deal...with a small addition possibly. Argos would be dealing from a position of strength. Walters probably a little gun shy to pull that off.
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