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  1. I think the Bombers have a family season ticket package and family single game packages that work out to $15 for each child. That is a pretty good deal.
  2. Riders just had their worst attendance ever at New Mosaic last night.
  3. Maybe they thought that an NFL exhibition game sells itself.
  4. If Collaros played we would have scored 45 points and won the game!!! -Riderfans
  5. Nichols played a great game last night, easily his best of the season. He was well on his way to another score last night when he had to leave the game with an injury. More of this Nichols for the rest of the season please.
  6. Apparently there was a tweet that said only 6,000 seats have sold. Not sure of the credibility of the source but looking at the ticketmaster seating chart, it appears they are not far off the mark. Lower bowl appears to be over 80% unsold. Expect to see massive discounts soon for corner end zone and back of the end zone seats as well as the middle of the upper deck. Also, I think they will start selling blocks of seats to corporations for large discounts.
  7. Nichols' play the last season+ probably is playing a role in lower than expected attendance. Barely any games over 27,000 last season despite the team making the playoffs and having a combined record 10 games over .500 in 2016 and 2017 - the previous two seasons.. People were losing faith last year as to whether he could win a playoff game let alone the Grey Cup. Things reached a crisis point at the Banjo Bowl. Fortunately for Nichols, the defense, special teams, o-line and Andrew Harris picked up the slack for his mediocre play in the final third of 2018. Basically Nichols managed most games. Rarely, if ever, did we have a game in which Nichols was great. Not what the fans like to see in a nearly $500K QB.
  8. When the Lions come to town, they should replay that clip over and over again while playing the chicken dance song over the PA system. Have Buzz and Boomer do the dance next to the Lions bench for good measure.
  9. It was a cheap shot by Simoni no doubt about it. He went in head first and made no attempt to hold up. Yes, Collaros is more susceptible to concussions given his past history but that should in no way diminish Lawrence's actions. 2-games would be ideal but he will probably only get 1. CFLPA will probably appeal it down to a fine, but the commissioner should step in and overrule this otherwise the league looks like a joke in its stance on concussions and protecting the players. UGh, now we will have to hear from Rider fans all season, after they lose games, how they likely would have won if Collaros had been playing.
  10. Edmonton just had their lowest crowd in several years a couple nights ago. Calgary only had an announced crowd of 26,000 and that's after winning the Grey Cup and in a Grey Cup hosting season no less. Hamilton had their lowest announced crowd ever at THF too.
  11. They are actually dragging the football player into the depths of Saskatchewan....which is actually worse.
  12. I still remember all those times on here and on Riderfarts that you claimed Harris was less effective in the second half of games as he was clearly gassed due to age. You were wrong about that, as once again displayed by Harris' production in the 2nd half yesterday, as you are about Reilly's teams never running the ball.
  13. Yes, I mean his yardage was not spectacular.
  14. Charles Barkley likes him. That probably buys him a few more years in the booth. Great game by the blue and gold. Kept BC under 400 total yards offense in a dome which is good accomplishment. Nichols was steady if unspectacular...didn't make any critical mistakes. O-line appeared solid as usual. Harris was great. Hecht was a pleasant surprise..
  15. Wooooo! Is this the end of the Stamps run of greatness? Ok, I might be jumping the gun as it's one game. Let's hope it is though as they have been perennial Grey CUp contenders since 2008. It would be good for the league if they took a step back for at least a few seasons.
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