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  1. I thought I heard season tickets were only 19,000 or so last year. Even still if it is between 17 - 18k, that probably has to be our lowest season ticket count in some time...maybe the lowest since the late 90s. For it to fall off at all with our first playoff win in 8 years last season is a bit of a concern.
  2. No that is not intellectual. That is aardvarking...at least if you were on the other site.
  3. Valour FC will likely need all those revenues attributed to them to break even and even though they are owned by the Bombers they are their own entity and have to account for their own expenses and revenues. Perhaps the only additional revenue the Bombers will receive from the Valour will be rental fees for use of the stadium. This will be fairly minimal given the team will likely average 5,000 per game (hopefully more). And that would be a little strange considering they are the owners of the team...shifting around money.
  4. I thought annual payments towards the stadium debt were $4.5 million, not the $2.7 million quoted in the article. Anyone know if that is for this year only and the debt payment will revert back $4.5 million next year? As a reminder, the province wrote off the debt, but they did not forgive the debt. It's great to see the revenues rise despite no events at the stadium last year - no GNR concert, no Nitro Circus, no women's soccer. Looks like there will be no concerts or events at the stadium this summer either other then the soccer team which will not provide the Bombers with any additional revenue. Expenses increasing by $3.2 million is pretty substantial. The additional two away trips certainly would not account for such a huge increase...especially since the home team in those games has to give a substantial part of their gate revenue to the visiting team/league. I'm sure it can't be more then high five figures/low six figures for those away games anyways so why the huge increase?
  5. Many people here are not making an honest effort in doing any actual research into the Bomber players pre-1980. It shouldn't be that hard considering the research consists of looking at one CFL team, not the other 8. If you are saying it will be a hard to pick between Reaves, Roberts and Harris for the top two running backs in Bomber history, it shows a great deal laziness in researching players with respect to their peers throughout history. The correct answer is Leo Lewis is an automatic first choice with the second choice being one of Roberts, Hansen (depending on your definition of running back) and Reaves. Harris has not been here long enough to warrant discussion. Lewis is objectively viewed as the best Bomber running back in history and probably a top 5 - 8 running back in CFL history. He had a combination of longevity and elite seasons. For lessons on how to compare the greatness of pro athletes across different decades/eras, I would suggest a trip to the History of Hockey board on the Hfboards and the current top - 100 hockey players of all-time project that is nearing its conclusion - a much more difficult project considering it covers a much longer period of time, far more teams and leagues other then the NHL.
  6. Keep the ratio where it is. It dropped from 10 starters to 7 and then down to 6. It should NEVER drop any lower unless the league expanded to 12 or more teams. It is the CANADIAN Football League and it needs to have as many Canadian roster spots as possible. Most domestic leagues around the world have rules for the number of starter spots and roster spots for its players. It help promotes the sport within the country - both from a developmental and commercial perspective. It is short-sighted and lazy to lower the ratio and "let the best men play" as it will discourage participation and development of football players at the lower levels. This will in turn lead to fewer quality players being available to make the jump to the pros...in turn, this leads to demands for a lower ratio and the cycle continues...This doesn't even factor in reduced interest from the Canadian audience with fewer Canadian players in the league. Reduced TV and live attendance are likely to follow.
  7. I wonder how Drew Willy would do in this league?
  8. c- is about right. That's about where I have him right now. Could change slightly given there are a few more free agents out there. Receiver is a glaring concern.
  9. Hey Ripper, weren't the Riders supposed to sign Chungh or Goosen according to you? What happened?
  10. The Cap is over $5 million is it not...something like $5.2 - $5.5 million? Those 5 guys make about $1.5 million. I can see Elimimian shaking loose as a casualty or possibly having his salary renegotiated. Cap has yet to be determined. With the cap on coaching, I wouldn't be surprised if the cap is increased by a few hundred thousand.
  11. Reilly had a garbage gm in Dunderland who failed to provide him with enough talent up front - o-line and the most of the D. With a good GM like Hervey (who he won under in 2015) finding decent talent south of the border he will be surrounded by the talent necessary to be a playoff team year in and year out.
  12. Nichols played awful for at least half the year and the west final. He panics at the slightest sign of pressure despite having the best O-line last year. That's why I am really worried about the loss of Goosen and Chungh and the corresponding loss of national depth. Things are likely to be worse protection-wise this season for Nichols so unless he has improved mentally, we may see a lot more of those 200 yard passing games...unless the Bombers go three imports on the line...that will help. As it stands, a Qb like Harris on the Bombers would be preferable to Nichols.
  13. UGh. Hard to believe but we have actually regressed at the starting QB position relative to other teams in the west Mitchell, Reilly Gap Harris Gap Nichols Gap Whoever the Riders start.
  14. 1100 is not THAT impressive. Certainly not for $225,000. His yardage was down over 300 yards from the previous year and his yards per catch dropped nearly 4 yards. Of course, that doesn't matter now, as he signed with another team.
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