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  1. OK, that is some interesting research. However, please don’t confuse us with the facts. Especially when those facts don’t fit our victim narrative. They call us “fans“ for a reason; it is short for “fanatics“. 🙂
  2. It’s too early to draw any firm conclusions about whether we keep Zack C. around next year or not. That said IMO, if he wins anything… We keep him around to compete with the other guys. And even if he doesn’t win anything but shows reasonably well… Heck, just based on what he showed yesterday I think we probably keep him around to compete with the other guys. If he absolutely craps the bed, well, that’s another question. I would certainly say that - for me – it’s absolutely no slam dunk that Nichols or Streveler are a better option than Zach C. Neither of those guys have won anything meaningful and - in Matty’s case – he’s been around, what? About 8 or 9 years now in the league? Zach, on the other hand, has taken a team to the big game and also shown a MVP type ceiling, albeit in the past. But, again, neither of the other two guys have ever shown that yet so…
  3. Man, are we a bunch of ******* losers, or what?
  4. Be sure nice to score here and punch ‘em in the mouth.
  5. Yeah, whereas all the other OCs have been so successful in keeping their quarterbacks healthy… Your Lapo fixation really knows no bounds, does it?
  6. This is an excellent post. And it gets at the very heart of the problem. Which is Michael O’Shea. It also gets at the heart of the solution. Which is to treat pro sports, well...like pro sports. Just win, baby. Win or you’re gone. That goes for quarterback and, above all, especially for the position of head coach. Oshea has repeatedly, consistently demonstrated stubbornness, rigidity, and/or flat out stupidity. Call it what you want, but the **** he pulled last week is consistent with his historic leadership style. Leaving Streveler in gets to the core of the Winnipeg problem. Loyalty and mediocrity and/or just unbelievably crappy judgment (remember the 62 yard field goal attempt vs 3rd and 4 gamble in playoffs, anyone? and that’s after his kicker told him his very top range in the dome was 56 yards?) over appropriate risk management and the possibility of excellence. Hey, maybe Mike will surprise me and get us a birth in the Grey cup game…which would represent actual progress. Miracles do happen. If he does that, he absolutely gets another year. If he doesn’t and I am the fake GM, his ass is absolutely gone.
  7. Oshea on why he doesn't go for 2 like the other team: "Well, they're just doing that to try to get you to chase the points early...No, we've got our formula and we'll stick with that." Yeah, how'd that work out for ya, Mike?
  8. This. Once again, O'Shea demos his dumbness. So, his QB is hurt. Clearly hurt. And as a thrower, he's been unable to make reads quickly and - even when totally healthy - hasn't averaged more than about 150 passing all year, right? And - yeah - we're at a point in the game where we gotta "get big chunks of yardage in a hurry", to quote Suitor. So, you know what...let's do it anyway, cuz...cuz, well, that's just what we do as the bomber brass. Yeah, let's just leave an obviously very hurt, poor-throwing, "happy feet" QB in and see what happens. And then - lo and behold - after the game-ending sack on our seriously lamed pivot, O'Shea pulls his "disappointed dad", "aw shucks", dumbass face out. As if to say, "Oh, shoot. That's kinda disappointing." Yeah, it is. It is kinda f(*&^ing disappointing, indeed. But not for the reason you think, dumbass. Dumbass O'Shea.
  9. Well, you’re getting pretty nuanced there. But since you’re going there…🤓 It’s a timing thing; corners are going to break off coverage once it is clear – and that’s an intuitive thing – that the quarterback has moved too far to be able to get into a throwing motion and that occurs a split second or two BEFORE they cross the line of scrimmage. And that is what occurred here. QB was given a severely unfair advantage; he was allowed to break the rules at which point you can no longer blame the corner… Just my opinion. We may have to agree to disagree.
  10. Certainly agree with you about how TSN handles controversial replays that will show the incompetence of the league. However, can’t agree that the corner needs to continue to cover receiver once the quarterback has breached the line of scrimmage. Having played corner many moons ago, you’re always in a tough position once the QB has broken contain, which VA jr. had… But the job becomes impossible when the officials are incompetent and allow him to throw the ball when he’s clearly passed the line of scrimmage.
  11. Oh, I would guess that the dog would be about on par with Osh in these areas. Seriously, most successful head coaches have demonstrated that they are capable of coordinating an offence or defence successfully in a prior gig. A good number of them continue to multitask, coordinating a major area while serving as head coach at the same time. Osh has nothing like this on his resume, ergo he is incapable of providing direction in these critical areas or at critical points of a game when direction is needed. And - no - coordinating the special teams for Toronto for a few years is not on par. His lack of experience in these areas might go someway to explaining the lost look that inevitably appears on his face and as well as his tendency to go mute when the bombers are getting their asses kicked or falling apart ((you know, at the exact time of the game when other more accomplished head coaches actually kick into action and get active with teaching or redirecting or re-energizing their troops). Yep, the more I think about it the more i agree that the lab and Osh are pretty similar… Both fiercely loyal, neither too flashy, and both simply not sharp enough to be in charge of a successful football franchise.
  12. Did you read my last post? O’Shea’s record indicates that he is not better than Dave Richie. Them’s just the facts. And, despite that, Richie STILL got a much shorter leash. And even the indisputably great Cal Murphy was removed only six years after his last Cup win. And that’s really the core issue. Why should the current coach get such an extraordinarily long leash compared to any predecessor in any era on any CFL team? Are all other franchises who’ve existed in the history of the CFL simply nuts with the way they’ve gone about their business? Or is the current edition of the blue and gold leadership – “the Canadian mafia“ - simply too cozy and therefore out of step with the way a pro sports franchise is run? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. 😀 It is the latter. OK, nice chatting with you. Gotta go to work.
  13. Besides, to this point, O’Shea hasn’t even matched Dave Richie. Dave took us to a 14-4 season and to the Grey Cup. He also won multiple playoff games in convincing fashion.
  14. Wow, you’re really parsing this, eh? A “couple of decades” takes us to 1999. Cal Murphy finished in 1996. That’s 23 years ago. Again, I ask, why so eager to protect O’Shea? He’s not good enough to be compared to the greats in our history? It’s OK to compose rhetorical flourishes that talk about “the best in decades“ but 2.3 decades is… ‘No, now you’ve gone too far!?’
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