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The City of Winnipeg has lost the legal battle against the Manitoba Homebuilder's Association regarding Growth Fees. City now required to refund over $30m in fees to homebuilders in emerging areas col

Tough footage to get a hold of..



Residents across Texas are facing down a monster snowstorm — something rarely seen in the southern U.S. state, but for one family in the city of Austin, the inclement weather has been a breeze.

The family of CFL star Willie Jefferson has the advantage of living through even harsher extremes while in Winnipeg during the Blue Bombers football season.



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What is going on in Texas is a parallel to the Enron debacle. Apparently the gas company simply shut down gas-powered generators because the cost of natural gas rose to the point where the company was losing money on the contracts where they had to supply natural gas at fixed prices.  the governor has given them permission to renege on the contracts and now will charge exorbitant prices to customers. Capitalism at its finest.

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For any members here who own/drive a Hyundai or Kia: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/marketplace-car-recall-investigation-1.5918348


Hyundai and Kia drivers say they fear getting behind the wheel of their own cars — with the risk of engine fires and failures hanging over their heads.

The recalls on millions of these vehicles have dragged on for years — starting in 2015 with more models and years still being added.

Now, a joint Marketplace and Go Public investigation exposes flaws in the Canadian recall system — one that relies largely on automakers to identify and address their own safety issues — that allows that to happen.

Each recall names very specific models and years, often excluding cars with the exact same engine, only to add those vehicles and others months or years later. 

CBC producers interviewed drivers with sudden engine failures and fires, yet their Hyundai and Kia models were not on any recall list. Some of those interviewed said their car engines died or caught fire without warning, even after an early detection system meant to warn drivers about a possible fire or engine failure was installed.

"That is a very serious safety issue," said car safety advocate George Iny. "We need to have, I would say, a wary eye over this recall."

Sounds like there's a class action lawsuit in the works.

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1 minute ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

Various reports are saying “moderate to critical injuries” which makes little sense from a medical standpoint. It’s kind of either/or. Another report says he suffered “multiple leg injuries “ and is in surgery, so it is definitely significant. 

Im assuming there were multiple people in the car.

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