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2021 Blue Bombers Season

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3 minutes ago, rebusrankin said:

Derek Taylor also thinks there are better guards than Neufeld and Desjarlais. Felt Leonard over Jefferson on overall impact. Taylor is a Rider Hack now. 

Derek Taylor is a stats guy...he wouldn't know how to measure a player's impact on the field if it hit him over the head.

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3 minutes ago, Geebrr said:

TSN Derek Taylor would not be saying this.


TSN Derek Taylor wouldn't be saying anything at all other than a 30s video once a week measuring obscure stats. He's a great numbers guy but he is a football accountant not a football analyst. If I want to know how many times DE's in the league push off with their left leg, he's the guy I call but if I want an assessment on their play.....well his comments on all of this speak for themselves.

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5 minutes ago, Wideleft said:

Unless he has a different account, he's been quiet on twitter for 2 years.

Today, 12:38 PM

"Purifoy going off on twitter right now at the CFL.

Can't be posted here due to language"


Says a RF mod.


Also apparently AC Leonard would have made it if he didn't skip the piss test.

They actually believe his horrible lie.

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20 minutes ago, Geebrr said:

Apparently Purifoy is melting down on Twitter. Can anyone confirm?

I love it 😄

I think it is Instagram he is blowing his stack on. Cody Fajardo's crying has rubbed off on him I guess.

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Bottom line is our starting lineup went 11-1 this season. The last two games were exhibition games really. Not sure why anyone is surprised that we dominated the all star balloting. This was not a team that won a bunch of games in there by the skin of our teeth either....the vast majority of them were garbage time by half time.

1 minute ago, Bigblue204 said:

Purifoy didn't really say anything outrageous. Can't find anything on Twitter so he either deleted it, or it never happened. Instagram he's just saying usual stuff for players that feel like they got rejected. 

Typical garbage from a certain Riderfan mod I guess. 

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3 minutes ago, Noeller said:

Yeah, I searched Twitter and didn't find anything from Purifoy...could definitely be Insta, but I'm not a 12 year old girl, so I'm never on there...

One thing you DINKS lack is a connection to the youth of today. Go yell at the snow, old man!



Riders got absolutely demolished when they faced us and now are complaining they don't get enough respect?

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