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Week 16 Games: Non Champ Edition


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1 hour ago, Nolby said:

Still can't figure out how we couldn't even have played them once this year

It is pretty ridiculous.

So Hamilton gets second.

Montreal plays Ottawa 4/14  games  and finishes 3rd.



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2 hours ago, bustamente said:

I don't if Arbuckle is the answer in Edmonton but the 2 that played tonight are not

Jamie Elizondo loves Cornelius. If he's back next year as Head Coach, it seems clear to me that he'll be the starter. I think they signed Arbuckle in order to trade him in the off season. He'd be sought after as he is under contract & not a free agent.

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1 minute ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

Douchebag Rider player runs through the sideline interview with Simoni Lawrence & Rob Hitchcock & almost knocks down Matthew Scianetti who was doing his job. Totally classless & a prime example why I hate the Riders. 

I believe that was no pee Leonard, anyways who would of thought classless and Riders would go in the same sentence........................................everyone

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