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Round 1 - Game 1 : @ Edmonton

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Well, for one game at least a one-man team does not mean more than 4 line depth.  

And although I would not recommend 9 minutes of zero shots and dump outs after taking the lead, I will take the result. And just a casual observance, but the Jets showed some determination tonight, no? 😉

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19 minutes ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

A road win is great but seems less significant this year knowing we don’t have the whiteout at home waiting to carry the Jets and suck the life out of the Oilers. 

I think they covered the seats in white?


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Helle stole one.... Team played generally well defensively. At some point McJesus is gonna take over and this is gonna be a long series, but Goddamit this was fun to watch. I'd hoped for OT... 7 games of multiple OTs is what these two great teams deserve.... But it was a fun game. Refs kept the whistles tucked... Just how I like it. Playoff hockey... Great goaltending on both sides. Bounces went Jets way tonight. 

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On 2021-05-18 at 9:40 AM, Noeller said:

the short answer is you can't......you just have to try and limit him as much as possible. And be disciplined...don't give him any extra chances.

Ahhh we just did. (Fingers crossed no jinx.) 🙂

10 hours ago, M.O.A.B. said:

These sports netwok has a bias for Matthews vs McDavid for the next round because they think it will garner more viewership.

I hope the Jets will crush their dreams.

Cherry on the top would be the Habs taking the Leafs. 🙂

19 hours ago, HardCoreBlue said:

Wondering what tone the Refs will set? Will they let them play or will they call 2 minutes for looking at McDavid inappropriately? 

One of the best reffed games I've seen for a while. They let them play. I hope this continues.

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