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  1. "With great power comes great responsibility." Oh wait...that's Spiderman. 😜
  2. Has the verdict in this case been announced yet? I apologize if it has, just don't recall hearing about it.
  3. Very well then. I'll admit that I just want to be slapped in the face with this info and not have to go looking for it. 😀
  4. This is where I miss the detailed daily updates: What is the TPR in Winnipeg? What is the breakdown in these new cases by region? Etc.
  5. She wanted whoever she was addressing to vote no. Please tell me they voted yes.
  6. Canada had two women's beach volleyball teams in the quarterfinals and both lost. ☹️ If both had won they would have played each other in the semis.
  7. Anyone know or have thoughts on what's up with Interlake/Eastern?
  8. You may not want to look too hard for these games. 🤭
  9. That's quite early. Normally they don't pick host cities until about 7-8 years before.
  10. Kind of disappointed that clip doesn't have the shot of Maccocia when he simultaneously barfed in his mouth and soiled himself.
  11. Watched it at home in the basement, talked about it all day at work the next day, and kept the recording on my PVR for years.
  12. Using Bomber games as an example, you'll need to bring: 1) Vaccination QR code or physical vaccination card 2) Photo ID 3) Game ticket
  13. You sure that wasn't an IQ test? 😉
  14. And we all know that adults are the leading cause of children. 😜
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