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  1. Congratulations to the Celtics. Now Doncic can spend the whole summer working on his whining to the refs. (He's a great player but that is becoming his calling card).
  2. Saw in a tweet from John Lu today that Bowness called him last night and was told he was "nauseous because he hadn't eaten since the accident occurred & wasn't feeling great".
  3. Projected lines I've seen have Toffoli on the 4th line, Perfetti on 2nd. Gustaffson in, AJF and Namestnikov out.
  4. And so that Sportscentre reverts back to its normal format (instead of being a Leafs pre-game show).
  5. I would like to see the Jets play a solid defensive game for 60 minutes. Not 40, not 55. 60.
  6. Well, that pretty much sums it up. Time to shut this thread down. 😀
  7. I will not be responsible for any comments I post in the event that you've jinxed them. 😜
  8. Is Goony McGoonerson (Ryan Hartman) still suspended for this game?
  9. Whadda ya mean? Are the Jets wearing Maple Leaf jerseys tonight?
  10. Did it look to anyone else like he was actually passing it to someone standing at the side of the net (Scheif?) for a tip instead of shooting it? The way these guys overpass sometimes it feels like that could've been the case.
  11. And of course Colorado comes back to win in OT. ☹️
  12. That’s not out of the question. Don’t look now but Nashville is only 5 points behind the Jets (although they’ve played one more game).
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