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  1. I recall reading somewhere that there had to be at least 22 hours between the start times of back-to-back games, so that makes sense.
  2. I watched a little and also found the football itself to be meh. It seems like the things most people are talking about in a positive way are the open mic between the refs and replay booth and the fact that all players have coaches mics in their helmets. Those don't really seem like things that would draw big TV audiences. Let's see what the numbers are after Week 3.
  3. A little late for that considering they start playing tomorrow, no?
  4. To me one of the most frustrating things is how sloppy the Jets are with the puck, especially in their own end. So often you see someone stop the puck just inside our blue line and then either try to make a blind pass in the middle or send it back in instead of chipping it out to neutral ice. Even if you turn it over at that point it should temporarily relieve some pressure and might even allow for a line change if needed.
  5. Going to put on my "Get off my lawn!" old man hat for a second: I am starting to find the Jets on TSN broadcasts difficult to watch. Not because they're playing like crap, but because whoever is directing it has decided to use all of the available camera angles at all the wrong times during the game. To me the centre ice-facing the benches end to end shot is best for live play. Save the corner handheld camera, or the above the net camera, or the camera up in the rafters, or the ice level behind the goal camera for the replays. Someone is coming out of the penalty box or the goalie is getting pulled? Great. Just tell me that, I don't need to see them skating over to the bench while the play is going on. OK, rant over. And for the record I have felt this way for a while but it just seems to be getting worse.
  6. Canadian North, flight number 5T9041, scheduled to arrive at 3pm on the nose.
  7. The Moose streak is good, but they're only 10-8 overall meaning they started the season out 1-7. Kudos to them for getting out of that hole.
  8. Two words... Jet Sweep. In both playoff games we've faked that 99% of the time and then run Streveler up the gut with mixed success, but there is usually tons of room on the outside if we actually decide to hand the ball off.
  9. Awesome... "Olding, Amilton number fifty tree".
  10. I am aware, but Matt's teammates weren't a bunch of clowns that hung a stupid chain around someone's neck every time they had a 3 yard run.
  11. Cody still has it. An average QB would have thrown the ball over the crossbar, but he boycotted that. 😀
  12. Didn't Manny come up with the "big play chain" that looks like it's from a gumball machine? That's his big contribution.
  13. Once they get away from the Rider O-Lineman that's holding them.
  14. Getting back to the original question, it's close to (if not already) a week since the other forum went down and nothing yet. Very odd...
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