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  1. In this case it got him a 3-point night, so I say keep it up.
  2. Anyone else notice during the past two games that when they showed Wheeler on the bench he had a stick with Scheifele's name on it? Don't see that very often.
  3. Respectfully disagree with "as much distance as possible at all times". Why go outside then? Yes these are extreme examples that I gave but they happen. I'm not expecting a complete stranger walking by to give me a hug (and I hope they don't expect it from me), but c'mon...crossing the street instead of passing by someone? That's just being socially moronic. As far as future flu seasons, the fundamentals of staying home when you're sick and frequently sanitizing your hands should be done anyway. Maintaining that physical distance is just extra insurance.
  4. A good idea, however the problem is that it was initially referred to as social distancing instead of physical distancing. A number of people take it as "avoid coming anywhere near other people at all costs". I'm out and about walking in my neighbourhood daily (with or without dog) and have had people 1) stop when they see me coming, turn around and walk back the way they came, 2) move over to give about 15' of distancing (even after I've moved over a few feet), 3) cross the street when they see me approaching, and 4) move from the sidewalk to walk on the street when they see me approaching.
  5. That's like saying the Pope is "a little religious".
  6. But you have to pretend it's being read in a condescending, petulant voice (his).
  7. Challenge him? They can barely keep up with him. Yeezus that guy is fast and has crazy good hands.
  8. Only 404,948 ahead of me, so 😛
  9. Although dashboard has been updated. Looks like 133 new cases, 8.7% provincial TPR, 8 deaths.
  10. Second of four. Also have one more 8:00pm home game start. Not as big a deal, but still unusual.
  11. Agreements for up to almost 400 million does for a country that needs about 76 million (based on a population of 38 million). Really good sales reps at those companies.
  12. "Crowding" in that situation should be minimal IF stores enforce the defined capacity limits. Hopefully it just means more waiting to get in.
  13. Please God yes. They shut them down Nov 12th @ 12:01am, I had an appointment for the 13th @ noon.
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