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  1. Canada had two women's beach volleyball teams in the quarterfinals and both lost. ☹️ If both had won they would have played each other in the semis.
  2. Anyone know or have thoughts on what's up with Interlake/Eastern?
  3. You may not want to look too hard for these games. 🤭
  4. That's quite early. Normally they don't pick host cities until about 7-8 years before.
  5. Kind of disappointed that clip doesn't have the shot of Maccocia when he simultaneously barfed in his mouth and soiled himself.
  6. Watched it at home in the basement, talked about it all day at work the next day, and kept the recording on my PVR for years.
  7. Using Bomber games as an example, you'll need to bring: 1) Vaccination QR code or physical vaccination card 2) Photo ID 3) Game ticket
  8. You sure that wasn't an IQ test? 😉
  9. And we all know that adults are the leading cause of children. 😜
  10. You knew that the plaintiffs in this case would appeal if (or hopefully when) they lose the case, but this will just give them an additional reason. They’ll claim that the judge wasn’t impartial because of this incident.
  11. Donald Trump is your father?
  12. C'mon Arash, tell us how you REALLY feel.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the current orders are technically in place until August 2nd. If they wanted the next changes to come into effect sooner they would repeal (not sure if that's the right political term to use) the current ones effective whenever they choose.
  14. https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/vaccine/index.html
  15. For September long wknd, yes - goal is 80% first dose and 75% second dose. August long target is 75% and 50%.
  16. As of today: One dose - 74.2% Two doses - 46%
  17. I’m impressed by the fact that he had an official Twitter page.
  18. This reminds me, has there been a decision in that case between the various churches and the MB govt?
  19. Similar deal with the Northern health region, but at least they have a semi-decent vaccination rate.
  20. That's the thing about loosened restrictions: just because you now CAN do something (e.g. go out to a restaurant, have 10 people over in your backyard) doesn't mean you SHOULD. Unfortunately most people will react like they're at the mall on Boxing Day morning.
  21. 100% agree. Not only should you get a ticket for being a moron, but you should also have your licence taken away.
  22. Just became eligible for my 2nd Pfizer dose today but there was nothing available at RBC, Leila, or Steinbach. For Moderna at RBC you could get in as early as Wednesday afternoon (June 23rd).
  23. https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/vaccine/eligibility-criteria.html Eligibility Criteria: First and Second Doses Last updated: June 16, 2021 All Manitobans aged 12 years and older are eligible to schedule a first dose vaccine appointment. Manitoba has identified priority populations to have access to a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine first. The following people are eligible to schedule a second dose mRNA appointment, regardless of which vaccine they received for their first dose - Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD:
  24. Or vice versa as I recall.
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