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8 minutes ago, JCon said:

Quick, more corporate welfare. 

As a lifelong hardcore jet fan, my non critical thinking sports is awesome response is OMG give them what they want, I don't want to lose the Jets twice!

My thinking this through and placing professional sport in its appropriate pecking order response is go F yourself, see ya if you're going to play that we'll move if you (government, corporations, public) don't ante up shite. 

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Excerpt take from the Winnipeg Sun:

'Of Winnipeg’s 28 remaining games, 17 are against teams that weren’t in a playoff position on Thursday afternoon. Some, Minnesota and Nashville, for instance, are fighting for their lives. Others, like Chicago, the Jets opponent on Friday, are so far out of it they have completely different things at stake.

That, Niederreiter knows, can be tricky.

“They have no system, they try to just get points and some guys they just try to be in the lineup for next year and all that, so (try) to prove themselves,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to have been in the playoffs for a lot of years… and teams who are fighting for playoffs they play with structure. They try to do all the little things right to get into the playoffs. But then you play down the stretch, maybe even in Chicago, where they maybe cheat for offence. There are players in certain positions they shouldn’t be in.

“So it’s something that’s going to be tough to play.”

Interesting take by NN. Something I never took into consideration of how trap games can sometimes work.

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