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Hot off the Press: future CFL book titles

Mark H.

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Prairie Poutine - producing the pre-game meal of the next generation


A Hole in the Trenches by Doug Brown

Staying off the Injured List by Nik Lewis

Praise for the CFL by Joe Lobendahn

Coming out of Retirement by Matt Dunnigan 

The CFL Grind by Sean Millington & Wade Miller

Warmth in the Locker Room by Matt Coates & Jackson Jeffcoat

Hunny - I made the Team by Bear Woods

This Game was made for Me by Taylor Loffler

The Gift of Football by Adarius Bowman

A Stroll down Football Lane by Derrell Walker

Frozen at the Western Final by Glen January

Staying Loose by Poop Johnson & Wally Buono

At my Apex by Rod Hill

The Amazing Race to the Grey Cup by Moe Leggett

Secrets of the Game by Kevin Fogg


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6 minutes ago, kelownabomberfan said:

Aristotle was a fraud - Euclid Cummings

You sir - are really good

14 minutes ago, kelownabomberfan said:

Thousand Yard Stare - the art of making your mind go completely blank in high stress situations - Tim Burke

How about a lumber reference: Falling Rapidly from High Places by Tim Burke

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