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  1. The beat down a few weeks back. ...and the next one. Also Banjo Bowl 2017. I attended that one.
  2. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 9

    Duke Williams
  3. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 8

    Duke Williams
  4. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 7

    Andrew Harris
  5. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 6

    Andrew Harris
  6. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 5

    Andrew Harris
  7. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 4

    Andrew Harris
  8. Marshall

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    Can you imagine what this year's Banjo bowl would be like if Darian Durant was starting for the Riders. Not that it needs anymore hype but man that would be crazy awesome.
  9. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 3

    Drew Wolitarsky
  10. Marshall

    Lock of the Week 2

    Rolling with Darvin Adams again.
  11. Marshall

    Lock of the Week

    Darvin Adams
  12. Marshall

    TSN Panel Changes

    I don't care for Burris's attitude. May as well add Darian Durrant too... and Kent Austin
  13. Marshall

    Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Absolutely agree. LeFevour was money in short yardage. I don't recall a short yardage play that didn't work. It would have been nice to see a couple of successful passes in the plays that followed when he was left in. It seems that's all he brings. If we re-sign him and get a veteran backup like Glenn or Durant, we don't develop a future QB (not that we ever have)... Unless we find a future development project who is great in short yardage.
  14. Marshall

    CFL Schedule Change a Bad Idea

    I don't see a downside. If the Grey Cup was a few weeks earlier, it would have been a nice cool fall day instead of snow storm. Besides, I'm missing football already and would like it to start sooner next year...
  15. I'm not sure exactly who is to blame for our defensive issues. At times we were rock solid and then gave up some big plays. I don't think it's all on Hall. In the West Semi, no way Bowman should be wide open in the end zone twice or Gable running up the middle at will in the second half. Players were obviously out of position on those plays and they need to be analyzed. Was it all player mistakes or the defensive scheme. I tend to think its a combination of both. I think we have the talent on defence and I also think Hall's defence looked very good at times. Correct this and we win. This is what O'shea will try to do.