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  1. and the physical specimen among specimens Sam Giguere joins the esks. Not sure if that is a subtraction by addition but I suppose moves for the sake of moves is better then standing pat while your boat is sinking
  2. ** JFG had 3 TDs last year too but not 4 as you say I think Stoddard might be the last to have gotten 4 in 2001 which was also his biggest year production wise with like 526 yards on 34 catches. Next closest was probably Cory watson with 3 tds in 2014. fun fact: in 3 years Kito Poblah got 0 TDs with the bombers (tho did get 1 with BC) SOOOO... safe to say between Poblah, Waggonner and Wolitarsky, drew is hands down the best supplemental player we've ever snagged
  3. saw this on FB a few days ago but damn. Super huge fan of Pantera and always wanted to check out Hell Yeah (both as a Pantera and Mudvayne fan). They often say there must be a sick rock band in heaven based on some of the talent we've lost, but frankly it's getting to the point there's a festival going on that would kick the sweet piss out of any current line ups imaginable
  4. In a perfect world the Als sign Adams now, start him vs the Riders and he blows them out of the water. Oh Mylanta the tears that would flood the net would be at a biblical level, and taste delicious.
  5. I kinda half assedly followed the riders mini camp reports cuz I'm not sure if the bombers held any this year (seemed like there was only rookie camp and tc camp both held at IGF). Other then Luc Mullinder slobbering over everyones jock those camps 2 years in a row provided them sweet FA so don't see why it's really much of an issue. If anything the extra time to shake some off season rust on your QB should be a welcomed thing by the league
  6. makes the most sense for them to go after Adams. Any kind of trade would involve them getting bent over the barrel so I don't see that route as being the right option. Good opportunity for Adams to finally find thwe right situation and time for him to be an undisputed #1 which seems to be his biggest issue to date
  7. For myself I'd have prefered they did origins either all at once prior to episode 7 8 and 9 or did them all after, but I'm one of those ppl who binge series whenever possible as I don't like my attention/thoughts pulled and pushed back and forth. Let it flow
  8. re: blocking. while I'm sure they tried, hasnt our receiving core been a little undersized the last few years? not that it should have too much impact as a good block is a good block, but I wonder i more times then not a guy like dressler or ryan smith sized just got run over trying to stop someone downfield
  9. so Bighill is #4? thought he was gonna be #50 and weird I thought bowman was #4 last time around
  10. I had my reservations about getting a straight razor shave cuz I figured all the old geezers who actually learned how to do them were like Stan Lee old, and I'd prefer my jugular to remain intact. My dad talked me into getting a straight razor shave and hair cut at Tommy Gunns on Kenaston and while pricey (i think $70 for the combo) it was a really good shave with lots of hot toweling and stuff by some pretty easy on the eyes ladies. Been meaning to go back but I'm stuck in the middle of playoff beard and summer beard season so it'll have to wait until November.
  11. saw that halloween trailer this morning while I watched my pvr'd Fear the walking dead from last night... gotta say Jamie Lee Curtis as a "trained" silver haired old bag does absolutely nothing for me in selling this movie as something worth watching. Only reason I gave the last 2 any time of day was because Rob Zombie was directing and even then, then 2nd was just all kinds of stupid
  12. I like threads about threads. I'm gonna throw this here in hopes it comes back in style
  13. i think he was cut before his 2nd bonus in feb. I think he got one already in jan. Lots of rider fans were upset that if he wasn't part of the plans going forward why not release him prior to the first bonus paid out
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