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9 hours ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

Again, catering to the networks. The Toronto-Montreal series starts Thursday so they get the prime Saturday night HNIC spot for game 2. And both series have back-to-back games for games 3 and 4 so that Toronto-Montreal gets the next Saturday night if game 6 happens, and the best possible time to go back-to-back would be consecutive home games, and it seems that games 3 and 4 were chosen over games 1 and 2. Just answering the questions since you keep asking “why?”. So yes it is avoidable and yes it caters to the Toronto-Montreal TV markets more than Winnipeg because of demographics and it may suck on a personal emotional level to be treated as a lesser market, but the cold hard reality is that is exactly what Winnipeg is. 

Yes but how do you explain the Leafs sucking?

Yes I know, it's an unhealthy grudge.

Go Habs.

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I'm going to talk myself into liking this trade but I feel gutted to lose Laine. He's just special. But, fit and attitude matter. 

Congrats, Neal!

Laine after 3 years of playing for Tortorella...

17 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Has it been determined yet whether hes eligible for another year @ OHL?

Undetermined at this point, as far as I can tell. The NHL/CHL need to figure out a few things. 

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