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I'm going to talk myself into liking this trade but I feel gutted to lose Laine. He's just special. But, fit and attitude matter. 

Congrats, Neal!

Boom!!! What a deal!!!

If the going rate for pay/points is $100,000 per point, then this deal is fair and in fact a deal. To land a 6’5” centre with decent faceoff skills, grit, and who is solid defenseivly and and draw in against a top line as a shutdown forward, this becomes a very good deal.
The only downside is that  now we can’t play the shell game in the expansion draft where he remained exposed to protect both Copp and Appleton and then did a back door free agent signing with us afterwards. We are now obliged to protect him and that good contract. Of course, no guarantee that it would play out the other way if he hit the open market. His dad coming here to coach secured his tenure here. 

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