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Ottawa Redblacks In Town Part 2

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Well, on to the next one and the Rod Blacks errr Redblacks face us part two.

I was right that Jonathon Jennings would be seeing the field soon if Davis didn't pick his game up, but ... Wow even sooner than I thought.

Throw Long Bananatyne was just bringing up some of Jennings's past games in the other thread in which he did well against us, but I figured in dissecting the game as a whole things have greatly changed since the 2016 and 2017 years.  Last time he came here early last year he was atrocious, and our defense has only gotten better since.

My take ... We've been jumping out to early leads here just about every week, if we continue that trend I suspect we'll be in control for most of the time once more.  Just gonna need to use a little more unpredictable stuff in the 2nd half and maybe use the Streveler package some more - talking to you Lapolice.


I suspect Winston Rose, the underrated CB who I will go so far as to say is better than Tre Roberson will come down with a couple more picks on Friday.  I would bet Hardrick will be fine, Bighill back, but what about Jeff Hecht? Derek Jones is a concern out there.

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21 minutes ago, sweep the leg said:

Rose and Pruneau out for the Redblacks. Also, a guest (didn't catch his name) on 1290 just said Randle will been benched for this game.

I don't see the point in benching Randle. You know he is working hard. He is just not good enough anymore. Release him or play him but benching him isn't going to change anything. 

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I just hope our special teams doesn't decide this game early again.... they can save their fancy heroic stuff to seal the game late in the third if it's needed.  Which I know we all doubt. Lol...... I'm hoping we go up 14 - 0 based on two long drives from Matt and the offence in the first...lots of intermediate throws....spreadin the ball around.  Not letting Harris beat himself up too much helping but he still gets his yards when warranted.  Would love to see him win a rushing title and the cup the same year. ...to go 5 - 0 would start demanding more respect from the media.  

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2 hours ago, USABomberfan said:

I'd be willing to bet AKAChip will be complaining in the game thread well before he does



for or a team that is undefeated and atop of the leaderboard we sure ***** and moan about all the issues at QB. 

The board is almost at mike kelly era angst and aggression against each other.  My take is the lack of jet packages deployed and all the normal posters just getting ******* old. 

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I am admittedly not a fan of Nichols but I can separate my personal feelings about him as a player and give him credit for good or great performances. That’s what I did last game and the game before. I named him one of the three stars of the game, not sure what sort of praise beyond that is warranted. There are those that are huge Nichols fans that won’t acknowledge a single bad performance. The WF last year, for example.

We’re winning and Nichols is playing well right now. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I criticized him after a poor performance and praised him after the good ones. Simple as that.  

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