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  1. That Arbuckle guy he holds onto the ball too long. I know, I think he's as shell shocked as Drew Willy
  2. There's another 2 and out for that game manager Matt Nichols .... Oh wait
  3. Hmm, Rod Smith and Davis Sanchez maybe? They're not on the panel atm
  4. Wonder who's on the call tonight and if we're going to hear Rod Black start up his Roberson man crush again?
  5. Either way, I'm still going to stick to my bet that Lapolice will be HC in Toronto in 2020, especially if we win the Grey Cup. They'll be offering him a gigantic sum of money. Only job opening too with BC and SSK guaranteeing Claybrooks and Dickenson two full years.
  6. Off the back of Ricky Ray rendering that accomplishment useless
  7. Well then they'd better get ready for a rebuild taking longer than four years
  8. Also, I wonder where I should set the goal posts at tonight for Awful Arbuckle the game manager? Maybe I should require him to throw 5 TDs and 4 deep ball completions of balls traveling super deep to lose the game manager label. At least that way the passing yards are meaningless goal post stays deep rooted in the ground, LOL
  9. A loss is a loss though, and it's just about at a point now where moral victories aren't going to stop the nail from getting driven in his coffin.
  10. Yup, that trend keeps up and Corey Chamblin will see the nail in his coffin driven shut tonight.
  11. Well, at least they put this one on Thursday perhaps knowing as usual the worst goes first and best comes last ... Well if the best isn't SSK lol. Expect TSN's ratings to be bad for this one, but I might fall asleep watching it since I already am ready for football. We know one thing, and Corey Chamblin is on borrowed time. It's not a matter of if but when he gets thrown out the door. Borrowed time about to go 0-5. I'll say this, no coach ever survives going 0-8, and he himself got fired once he hit 0-7 last time. We just might see him go to the locker r at halftime, but inst
  12. Seems to be a trend that even if you see a guy running around in practice he doesn't come back till one week later.
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