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  1. Off the back of Ricky Ray rendering that accomplishment useless
  2. Well then they'd better get ready for a rebuild taking longer than four years
  3. Also, I wonder where I should set the goal posts at tonight for Awful Arbuckle the game manager? Maybe I should require him to throw 5 TDs and 4 deep ball completions of balls traveling super deep to lose the game manager label. At least that way the passing yards are meaningless goal post stays deep rooted in the ground, LOL
  4. A loss is a loss though, and it's just about at a point now where moral victories aren't going to stop the nail from getting driven in his coffin.
  5. Yup, that trend keeps up and Corey Chamblin will see the nail in his coffin driven shut tonight.
  6. Well, at least they put this one on Thursday perhaps knowing as usual the worst goes first and best comes last ... Well if the best isn't SSK lol. Expect TSN's ratings to be bad for this one, but I might fall asleep watching it since I already am ready for football. We know one thing, and Corey Chamblin is on borrowed time. It's not a matter of if but when he gets thrown out the door. Borrowed time about to go 0-5. I'll say this, no coach ever survives going 0-8, and he himself got fired once he hit 0-7 last time. We just might see him go to the locker r at halftime, but instead of him coming out in the second half it will be Jim Popp.
  7. Seems to be a trend that even if you see a guy running around in practice he doesn't come back till one week later.
  8. We definitely need him for the TiCats game for sure
  9. Well, playing through different scenarios in my mind on how this game could shape up, could be one of the two: 1. Best case: Whitehead or Nelson's special teams play or Nichols deep ball sends this team roaring out to another big early lead with an Argo smoke finish 2. Worst case: I could see where maybe the script changes a little for us and maybe we start out slow this time. It's not always easy to start every week on fire and a slow one will come sooner or later. But, Redblacks after changing the QB get a false sense of hope. Jennings comes out with a few good throws early hitting some passes to RJ Harris or Caleb Holley. Game is close at halftime and Ottawa thinks they have a chance. BUT .... Then as the second half gets going and Jennings has a chance to get a lead or tying drive, he throws a big pick to Winston Rose or Jeff Hecht. Bomber defense once again steals all momentum and from there on out, the 2015-2016 Jennings that everyone thought was back disappears, and the bad one of the last two years is back again. My take anyway.
  10. He can have the win for all I care, but doesn't matter. I've permanently taken my position on the Nichols deep balls and I'm not going to change my mind NOT NOW NOT EVER!
  11. Well, this should earn post of the week right here, a ton of useful information. I'm very curious about the deep ball completion thing though and wondering who is leading the league in it? Either way he has been hitting TDs off of it. As for the 2 and outs, I think it's just a bit too early yet to get too worked up over those. I'd guess a good portion have come after we've had some fairly comfortable leads. If they get worse as the season goes on and we become defective at moving the football in critical moments in September and October with the West on the line, then we can hit panic. But right now, if we keep on building the leads like we are, those are absolutely not a big deal.
  12. But I also think it even further solidifies the case against Lapo because if Strev is in there and ball movement through the air is still very non-existent, that means Lapolice is both going conservative and refusing to take the training wheels off the offense for Strev. Even if he is in development, he needs to allow that 2nd year guy who to cut loose and sling it around the field.
  13. This pretty much brings home a point, and that is that the season for much of this year has been us leading in the late quarters, and hence lower offensive production in those periods. Now no one is saying it's all good. I think the offense should be more assertive and go picking up chunks of first downs at a time beyond the explosion plays. I do think yes we should try to get more of a game killer offense out there rather than let the defense handle everything. But I think the reason Lapolice is more to blame is because it's not like Nichols just suddenly or purposefully forgets how to complete passes to cause this. I do think in situations like last week where he was knocked out temporarily it took him out of rhythm. But Lapolice's play selection can also take the rhythm out of the O and it's been a factor we've not really corrected. I'd suspect as the season goes on and games get closer and more competitive, the stats in different quarters are going to flip around.
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