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  1. Course this will mean more fans snatching up tickets and selling out IGF on a regular will be a significant raise of expectations on the team. I mean, not that that's a bad thing necessarily, but you always hope against a letdown plus just hoping that we finally cracked the code to being as much perennial contenders as the Stampeders have been over the last decade.
  2. I actually do believe you're onto something with this because it definitely is possible when a departure happens to underestimate the value of said player. This is why in my earlier posts I've been a bit down on the Esks because I'm not sure Duke Williams and co are quite as replaceable as they might be getting made out to be. Within our defense I got kind of mixed feelings about who we're replacing. I do believe Randle, Fogg and Leggett have important value that may be a bit tougher to replace. Loffler was both praised and criticized. Praised for when he came in and lowered the boom, but tacked on when he was trying to defend deep balls. If we get a S who's got some verticals on him we should have that area covered. The other part is coaching. If we don't have nearly the talent level we had on D last year, I do believe the coaches will need to adjust the scheme to do more with less. Course now I could go down that rabbit trail but I won't. But still, there are reasons the expectations are even higher this season.
  3. Edmonton didn't only lose Reilly, they also lost Duke Williams their biggest receiving threat. I'm curious as to how you see them improved because I just don't. I don't think Trevor Harris is bad, but he won't be hitting home run deep balls in the regularity that Reilly did. Like I said, I can't figure SSK to finish above 4th, particularly if Collaros is an injury liability again, but at full strength I'd still stick em above EDM.
  4. Little bit of a stretch I think to assume that scenario, unless no longer having Dressler out there throws off Nichols's timing and confidence with our current slot guys. But also gotta hope Lapo makes a few adjustments and doesn't have West Final hangover because I do think at times he has had some ineffective plays for beating man coverage as we saw in that game. I'm certainly interested in Streveler's play and hope the progression and good things I saw from him as a rookie translate into an even more polished QB ready to take the reins in year 3. But I really think there's a good chance Nichols will have a bounce back year this year and do enough to bring home the Cup. If not, then I think yes the Streveler talk ramps up.
  5. Well, I been having to go back and do a lot of reading and catch-up to get up to date with where this offseason is leading the league into 2019, and ultimately there ended up being a few more coaching and roster changes around the league than I originally anticipated. Good riddance to Chris Jones for one. So with things in their current state, have things opened up in the West? Where will we be in the grand scheme of things? So first off, I'll say Calgary will lose its iron grip on the West. Disappointingly BLM decided to stick around I know, but with Claybrooks now the BC head coach, Alex Singleton and Micah Johnson no longer there, their defense is likely to decline and even more pressure will be put on the offense to win games for them. The race for number one at least at the moment I think will involve us competing against them and BC given the roster additions the Lions made and a somewhat favorable schedule. The Riders I have finishing 4th because while they got a decent roster, Collaros became an injury liability last year, and unlike then I don't think they have an adequate backup QB on that roster atm particularly with Bridge gone now. I don't see anything getting better for Maas in Edmonton either with Mike Reilly gone now and the bringing in of the decent but much more limited Trevor Harris. Things are just not looking like they're going to go back to the glory days of the last 4-5 years or so in this city, and while I would still put the Esks in a better spot than a couple dumpster fire teams in the East, in our highly competitive division I see them still being last. In the East, well Hamilton has to be the logical winner here in particular due to the return of Steinhauer and just having the most stable roster overall. Ottawa just went from being championship level to the cellar with their roster moves, and they've not even gotten their new OC yet. Things are going pretty bad there and I could see both Marcel Desjardins and Rick Campbell being on extremely hot seats after this season. Toronto did themselves no favors by simply promoting Chamblin who won't have Darrian Durant's coattails to ride this time, and right now is leading a team and seems to be setup for QB by committee. I do believe the surprise team this year will be Montreal. No, they won't win the east or be heading to the Grey Cup, but I think they'll eclipse 7 wins and make the playoffs as number 2 in the East. And if for no other reason because I believe both TOR and OTT are in much worse shape than they are. Main things I'm looking for with us on offense, will we get adequate enough production in the slot to make up for Dressler's absence? And which RB will emerge as the best no. 2 to fill in when Harris needs a breather? On defense, can Alexander or Sayles step up to replace Randle enough, and can they be effective in one-on-one coverage so we don't have to see Richie Hall revert back to his awful soft zone scheme that plagued us from 2015 up until mid season last year? If those needs are answered and Lapolice gets back to being creative with his play calls, I believe this year can be our year.
  6. Possibly, but it doesn't even launch until 2020, which would mean if he came back it would then be 2021 when he did so under that scenario. Assuming the Als have brought in a new owner or are owned by a large group of shareholders with a board of directors by then, there's no telling what kind of direction they'll have taken by then. Plus Trestman will be 65, which isn't terribly old but certainly puts him much closer to retiring at that point than coming back here to try and reinvent himself again, and after what happened in Toronto idk how eager he'd be to get back into it.
  7. Hopefully whoever buys them kicks Kavis Reed's butt out of there
  8. Ok since we got the jargon police going, I'll say coach up. All that to say too early to know on either Dinwiddie or Pierce. I'd potentially give either one a shot, though perhaps I'd be a little more inclined to Pierce because he's likely be more knowledgeable on our players' strengths and know how to utilize them better.
  9. I don't know if that's good or bad though. I am all for the Riders getting embarrassed by us like they did in this playoff game and if his staying there does that, then good. On the other hand, his bush league twist the rules roster management tactics and unstable personality look bad on the league, and him leaving Regina would be a win for the league IMO.
  10. Except maybe with the Jacksonville Jaguars where Milanovich is
  11. Richie Hall had certainly better hope so to or the mob will be coming after him again
  12. I saw that too, wondering who the hell contacted him though? As a Packer fan I sure as hell hope it wasn't us.
  13. Possibly, but I would want to see him rear up another QB besides Bo Levi first.
  14. Good news too if he gets a HC because while I certainly was disappointed by his play calling down the stretch, I really don't want to fire him. Promotion to HC I like. Having said that, if we need a new OC, please no more Bellefeuilles here, I don't want to go through those dark days again. Wonder if Buck Pierce is ready to take on the job
  15. I'm more than certain this team had Grey Cup level talent on it. Lapolice is a good OC, but I certainly don't think he's a great OC. He still has no cups in his case.
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