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  1. And the defense is paid to protect the lead. Next.
  2. The offense and Lapolice are to blame yes. It certainly is their job to score points and not to just sit on leads or to call a QB outside run on 3rd down that the BC defense has already seen many times before. But it's also incumbent on the defense to keep the other team out of the end zone. Fail on Richie Hall bend and break last night.
  3. USABomberfan

    Toronto @ Edmonton

    Bump it up to 4 and no one will ever do it.
  4. Not to mention this defense generating turnovers line gets old. Defenses are not measured by turnovers, they're measured by keeping other teams out of the end zone. And Richie Hall's defenses have always been the worst red zone defenses to ever set foot on CFL fields giving up a higher percentage of TDs than anyone elses.
  5. Sure you can. Edmonton's offense was awful too the other night but their defense didn't use it as an excuse.
  6. USABomberfan

    Game Day Thread- Week Five: Winnipeg @ BC July 14, 2018

    Yet he should kick it from 60 plus yards out? Tbh with you I typically like going for it on 3rd and short too, but that one was definitely a big missed opportunity he'll be talking about for a while.
  7. Well, we do have to admit that last night the offense can be blamed a little. Not getting even so much as 2 FGs in the 2nd half of that game (or any points period) does deserve a call out. But that doesn't absolve Mr Hall's defense from failing to hold the lead either.
  8. Well the main point is that the onus is on O'Shea to do it since he gets to make the call. And since it seems he's been unwilling to do it, a bit of heat/pressure coming down on him might get him more willing to make the change.
  9. USABomberfan

    Toronto @ Edmonton

    The bad dirty hits aside, I definitely gotta wonder how anyone could see this game and not agree that Richie Hall = awful. His defenses have been some of the softest over the last 15 years that I've ever seen.
  10. USABomberfan

    Toronto @ Edmonton

    Similar score to last game
  11. USABomberfan

    Toronto @ Edmonton

    I'm cool with it, I just think the MLB should do that too.
  12. USABomberfan

    Toronto @ Edmonton

    Lol of course they don't cancel, I just didn't know if they had a deadline for how late a game could start at night or if the postponed start ever had to get bumped back a day or so.
  13. USABomberfan

    Toronto @ Edmonton

    So... I'm guessing it would get rescheduled for an early slot tomorrow if it got called off for storms tonight? Or would we be looking at Sunday night?
  14. USABomberfan

    Toronto @ Edmonton

    Well, it was a winning debut for James Franklin in his inaugural start as an Argo, but I got a feeling his old team will probably take this one. They know they let opportunities slip away in the last game and following up a dramatic home win with a big road one isn't easy for a young QB. Just hopefully this game has some fireworks.
  15. USABomberfan

    Saturday: Do Bombers Win Doubleheader?

    Well, it will be .... Travis Lulay. Should be more interesting but still very winnable.