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  1. Ok since we got the jargon police going, I'll say coach up. All that to say too early to know on either Dinwiddie or Pierce. I'd potentially give either one a shot, though perhaps I'd be a little more inclined to Pierce because he's likely be more knowledgeable on our players' strengths and know how to utilize them better.
  2. I don't know if that's good or bad though. I am all for the Riders getting embarrassed by us like they did in this playoff game and if his staying there does that, then good. On the other hand, his bush league twist the rules roster management tactics and unstable personality look bad on the league, and him leaving Regina would be a win for the league IMO.
  3. Except maybe with the Jacksonville Jaguars where Milanovich is
  4. Richie Hall had certainly better hope so to or the mob will be coming after him again
  5. I saw that too, wondering who the hell contacted him though? As a Packer fan I sure as hell hope it wasn't us.
  6. Possibly, but I would want to see him rear up another QB besides Bo Levi first.
  7. Good news too if he gets a HC because while I certainly was disappointed by his play calling down the stretch, I really don't want to fire him. Promotion to HC I like. Having said that, if we need a new OC, please no more Bellefeuilles here, I don't want to go through those dark days again. Wonder if Buck Pierce is ready to take on the job
  8. I'm more than certain this team had Grey Cup level talent on it. Lapolice is a good OC, but I certainly don't think he's a great OC. He still has no cups in his case.
  9. I don't necessarily hate Lapolice, and certainly I would be concerned about getting stuck with another Crowton or Bellefeuille here if he was gone. I think he is a mostly good OC, but he seems to have trouble forming good plans for big games. This happened in the 2011 Grey Cup when his offense kept sputtering, and it seemed to rear its ugly head around again in Calgary. Stamps have a good defense, but Lapolice seemed to do very little to try and catch em off guard. Nichols may never be a great QB, but I feel like Lapo could have done more to give him big play throws out there.
  10. Hopefully he will take the Toronto HC job so we can promote Buck Pierce to his job.
  11. I don't feel that's quite the right comparison. The Als management has been too much of a disaster which is why their QB problems have suffered continually over the years. We have a stable enough front office where I feel a QB change wouldn't totally disrupt the team. Now, having said that, I would not move on from Nichols just yet. I know everyone says he's not a big enough play maker and can't get it done in a Ricky Ray manner. But elite QBs like that are tough to find, and I believe in Streveler, but don't think it's time to say start him from here on out yet. Now, if Nichols is in a bad funk or has any worse injury problems over the course of this next season, then I'm all for starting the Streveler era. But only if that's indeed the case. I think a better idea might be to hope Lapolice leaves for a HC job in Toronto and promote Buck Pierce into his job. The offense needs a play calling shakeup.
  12. Run up the middle while late in the game and down 10. Ridiculous!
  13. Showing way too much of his hand to Claybrooks and not using enough motions to catch the defense off guard or any play action. Nichols may be struggling but Lapolice is calling nothing to help the receivers bust open or draw the defense off of Harris. New OC needed anyone?
  14. All of which fall on Lapolice and Hall. MOS needs two new coordinators if he wants to get to the GC. I'm worried he's going to call another fake punt or fake FG gamble in this one.
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