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  1. 100% for or a team that is undefeated and atop of the leaderboard we sure ***** and moan about all the issues at QB. The board is almost at mike kelly era angst and aggression against each other. My take is the lack of jet packages deployed and all the normal posters just getting ******* old.
  2. Well I love our team and not the others so I focus mainly on our team. I don’t follow all the transactions for the other teams or break down their games or play selection. I care if we beat them or not. Im here because I’m a bomber fan and I enjoy the discussions. I like the back and forth and enjoy dissecting parts of the game or team. But don’t ever question my loyalty to the team. Keep in mind there were a lot of #IMWT followers here and OB and I hated him and expressed my displeasure (different user name then ) with him and got railed on for not being s supporter. I love the team, but I don’t have to love all the players /management to be a true fan. I would argue it’s the opposite and that a true fan will call out those that need to be called out and not blindly follow bad management.
  3. Maybe they are still under the cap now. And maybe it was the team coaching salary cap and not players? Either way they could six game a few players to stay under the cap and I thought the cap needed to be met at the end of the year. Ie cut people to stay u see it before vet contracts are guaranteed .
  4. You can be a bomber fan / backer and still talk about the weakness/weak spots on our team. To say otherwise is just kinda stupid.
  5. In 2017 no opposition lead was Safe. There were multiple times we were behind in the fourth and he marched them down the field to score and win. So. We’ve seen it before and know he can do this. So so far this year, have we ever been behind?
  6. Nichols. What a ******* bum. We should cut him. Lol at all the doubters. Sorry. But right now atleast I wouldn’t swap any other qbs in the league, healthy or otherwise. Hoping we pull him and get the other qbs some reps.
  7. I’m trying not to get to excited about the sask suckage.
  8. Farjado - 9/15 for 89 yards? maybe it was the weak competition that made him /sask look good? Sask looks horrible today
  9. It’s more that strevler isn’t able to complete a pass. So you run it.
  10. Kinda set him up to crushed. So a bit yes
  11. He was crushed on the hit from behind. Hard to hold on.
  12. What hasn’t strevler thrown for 400 yards? Wth is McGuire. Get him out there already
  13. Adams was open. That’s on strevler.
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